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  1. We have just moved to the area (just outside Magnac Laval) and would be interested to know if there is anywhere we could go for french lessons. We know only the very basics and are keen to ingraciate ourselves with the locals. What are your experiences of picking it up as you go along? We're confident of our children (aged 2&4)picking it up when they start school/nursery but we are two 30 somethings and we have a little less faith in ourselves!!! Thanks.
  2. We are moving to the Magnac Laval area in January and will need to get a Left Hand Drive car (and diesel we guess...). Can anyone recommend any good places in the area (Limoges?) to go car hunting? Doesn't have to be brand new, up to a couple of years old is fine. In terms of manufacturers we are particularly interested in Audi, VW & Ford but not exclusively. We guess we should consider French makes as well....
  3. Does anyone know of any good electricians & plasterers? We are specifically looking for work to be done in the Magnac Laval area. We would like to be able to book someone to start work in January. Thanks.
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