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  1. We are thinking of buying a used car in France on our next visit very soon. This we will use for the duration of our stay of 32 days and then we will fly back to the UK and leave the car there. What are the correct procedures for buying a vehicle from a private seller? What documentation do you need from the seller? The advert for the vehicle says "CT OK", what does that mean? Can we arrange insurance with a french company on the day of purchase and drive it away immediately and do we also need to register it with anyone? I'm sure these questions have been asked and answered before before I can't find the link. Time is running out and we desperately need to get this sorted this coming week if possible. Thanks
  2. Well...er thanks..I think. It is now as clear as mud. Obviously I didn't stress the word "SIMPLE" strongly enough in my original question but thanks anyway for taking the time to reply. I have another 101 questions to ask but dare not in fear of getting even more confused.
  3. After advice from this fine forum that chauffe-eau's are the way to go for all our hot water needs, does anyone know of a web site that offers simple instructions on how to fit them? Is it just a cold water feed from the mains and then run hot water off? and can this hot water connection feed all the showers, baths and sinks in one run? We are turning a three storey town house into three seperate apartments so do we need three seperate chauffe-eaus? Each apartment will have two bathrooms,one with shower and hand basin and one with shower and bath and two hand basins as well as a kitchen sink.Will probably use the 300 litre capacity unit and these we are hoping, will be sited in the cellar. There is space on the top floor for it's own seperate chauffe-eau, but would the others still pumped the water up to the first floor level? Would much appreciate any advice
  4. Does anyone know of a building supplies outlet near to Brioude. Clermont Ferrand is about an hour's drive north from where we are and we know of a Brico Depot there but I don't think they deliver materials. We need plaster boards, timber, breeze blocks and flooring, as well as roofing materials. The alternative is to hire a van, so next question..does anyone know of a van hire place near to Brioude that does not cost a fortune. We have seen that some of the supermarkets hire vans out at 29euro's per day, is this a option?
  5. Thank you all for all that. I think I will go with the metal fittings. Another obvious question though. Where is the most competitive place to buy all my plasterboard from? Are Brico Depots as good as a regular builders merchants or is there a price difference. I shall be using both the 13mm "grey board" and the 13mm hydro "green board"
  6. Does anyone have experience of using the French metal studding instead of wood for building stud walls. I'm interested in using the metal variety if it is easier or cheaper than the wood. I've checked out several web sites and it does look relatively simple but also a little bit flimsy. Also, what is the correct French term for multi finish plaster? I've been told several things and don't want to appear stupid at the Brico Depot
  7. Thanks for that. I'm sure you are right about there being a charge soon. I shall take my chances this time and look for a better solution later. Does anyone know if Ryanair or any other air line are flying into Clermont Ferrand from the UK?
  8. Does anyone know if it is possible to leave a car parked free of charge Limoges, St Etienne or Rodez airport? We know of someone who leaves his car at Poitiers for weeks at a time without any bother or cost and wondered if we could do the same at these other airports. Also, we are looking at buying a pre-owned LHD car whilst over on our next trip. Does anyone know of any reliable sources or web sites we could use. Thanks
  9. This forum is fantastic and thank you all those who have taken the trouble to reply to my request. We are converting a small section of the roof (not attached to main roof) into a terrace and have applied for the relevant permis. Does anyone have any experience of doing this and what are the best materials to use. I'm considering a slightly sloping woodden floor with bitumen covering. On top of this I will install decking on top.Does anyone know of other ways to make it waterproof? Thanks
  10. Thanks for that. I was told that it is the EDF responsibility to install the new unit and the metre and this was also true for the water supply. Is this not the case
  11. We have started renovating our house in region 43 and would like some information on the following please. The water connection seems to come straight in from the road and terminates about a metre inside the cellar of the property. This just seems to be a plastic pipe. What do we need to do to get the water turned on? Do they need to come and fit a metre? and how much does it cost? There also seems to be a new electricity connection to the outside of the house but we still have very old fuse boxes inside. Again, what do we need to do to get it turned on? Do EDF fit some sort of metre nad again, how much does it cost? Thanks
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    Thank you all so much for the advice. We are currently looking at the different options but I think you have made my mind up for me. The chauffe-eau sounds great and just what we need. We are going over this weekend for 2 weeks to start some of the initial work like clearing 15 years of dust and spider webs. We also noticed on our last visit last week that we have small lodgers in the shape of woodworm (small holes and little piles of dust) Does anyone know if they can be treated with a fungicide or something and can we do it ourselves?
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    Thank you for that. Please forgive my ignorance but can you help with the following. The house has no heating apart from the open fire. What is the best and least expensive method of heating the house and generating hot water. There will be two showers to run as well as sinks etc.We need a way to heat the water during the summer months and do we need central heating in the winter.
  14. The house we have is in a small hamlet in the Cruese region and is just two rooms downstairs, two up and an attic. It has a big open fireplace and the chimney goes up the centre of the house and through what will be two bedrooms. We are not sure what sort of heating we will install but will have the usual kitchen , bathroom and en-suit to supply hot water with. Are electric showers an option and is some kind of water heater available. I would be very interested in finding out what other people have done. We have heard that the temperature can fall below freezing in the winter.
  15. Hi. I'm a new user to this site and have just purchased houses in the Cruese and the haute loire.Please forgive my ignorance but could anyone inform me what sort of water heating is the best. We are thinking along the lines of an electric emersion type along with electric showers. Is that the best? Also, we are thinking of installinga wood burning stove in one property and would this heat the rest of the house through vents?
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