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  1. Hi Andy, sorry, not very good at this.  Got your message.  How do I  PM you??? Kaz
  2. Hi, is anyone with a van/lorry with space going to the Deux Sevres region, preferably between 20th - 26th February, or if not then, any other time?  We have a bed frame, flat packed, to get to our house near Melle and it won't fit in the car!  We will be there between 20th-26th Feb so that would be ideal, but if someone is going at another time we could arrange with some friends to have it dropped at their place.  Any replies/ideas gratefully received! Kaz
  3. I have just returned from a mega trip, with very full trailer, to our house near Melle only for my brother-in-law to very kindly give us 2 more sofas! Is there anyone going to Deux Sevres in the next few months, either to collect something and needing to fill up for the outward trip, or who may be only partly loaded and would like to fill up, who may have space for 2 sofas? Happy to pay/contribute to cost as we really don't want to have to take very slow landrover and trailer again, just for 2 sofas!! Our house is in a hamlet near St Vincent la Chatre, near Melle in Deux Sevres. Look forward to any replies...... Karen
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