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  1. Hi, I worked as a nanny here in France for 7 months and my contract finished at the end of October 2007 (it was a seasonal contract).  I have since been unable to find work and therefore have been "au chomage" and claiming "allocations". Does anybody know what would happen to these "allocations" if I were to fall pregnant?  Would I still be classed as a job seeker? Thanks in advance. Heather.
  2. Hello, I have a house in North Aveyron which I wish to sell, possibly in an auction.  Does anybody know of any good auction houses, either English that deal with property abroad, or French? Thanks in advance, Heather.
  3. Hello, I know you don't need a full driving licence to drive a "sans permis" vehicle, hence the name, but does anybody know whether you have to pass any kind of highway code exam before you can drive one? Thanks, Heather.  
  4. Hi, I'm working as a nanny in the Aveyron.  There's a part of my contract of employment which I'm not too sure about.  Can anybody tell me who I can speak to about this? I've spoken to my employer and she assures me that it's correct, but I feel that she's mis-interpreted the wording. Thanks in advance. Heather.
  5. Hi, I'm a tiler living in the Aveyron and have been offered some work by a guy who runs a plumbing enterprise.  Can anybody give me an idea of what the going rate per metre is for ceramic tiling?  The work will generally be bathroom walls and floors. Thanks in advance. Jon.
  6. Hi, My E106 is valid until January 2008 but my husband's has just run out.  Does anybody know whether he's covered by mine? Many thanks, Heather.
  7. Thanks all for your replies. Do you all think that I should expect to earn about the minimum wage? I take it that the parents are legally obliged to pay me at least that amount? Thanks, Heather.
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyone could give me an idea of how much I could expect to earn per hour as a Child Minder in the Aveyron? I have been offered a position with a family, I wouldn't be living with them but I would be looking after their two young children in their home.  I would also be expected to do some light housework and ironing.  Meals would be included if I was there at meal-times. Also, does anybody know how seriously French employers take the minimum wage?  I've read in David Hampshire's 'Living and Working in France 2006' that the minimum wage is 7.61 Euros per hour. Many thanks for any info. Heather.    
  9. O.k. thanks everyone.  So who do I have to inform that I own a television? Regards, Heather.
  10. Hello Everybody, Can anybody tell me whether I need a French TV licence if I'm living in France but only receiving UK freeview channels? Thanks in advance, Heather.
  11. Hi Everyone, We have registered our car in France and of course our controle technique certificate now shows the wrong registration number and address.  Do we need to get this changed? Regards, Jon & Heather.
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm renovating a house in the Aveyron (12).  Most of the roofs here are tiled with either lauzes or ardoises (especially old houses like mine).  Can anybody give me any info regarding lauzes and ardoises, eg. where's the best place to buy them, do they come pre-cut, how do you fix them, what are the differences between the two etc? Any info would be much appreciated. Best regards, Jon.
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm renovating a house in the Aveyron (12).  Most of the roofs here are tiled with either lauzes or ardoises (especially old houses like mine).  Can anybody give me any info regarding lauzes and ardoises, eg. where's the best place to buy them, do they come pre-cut, how do you fix them, what are the differences between the two etc? Any info would be much appreciated. Best regards, Jon.
  14. O.k. thanks I'll try asking there. I am currently studying a course in French with the OU but I don't find that distance learning works too well with language courses. I was taking private lessons in the UK which were really good as they could be tailored to my needs.  I also got a lot of speaking practice. Best regards, Heather.
  15. Hi Everyone, I have just received my E106 from Newcastle.  Can anybody tell me what I do now?  I live in the Aveyron. Thanks, Heather.
  16. Hi, Does anybody watch TV via the internet?  I've been looking at some of the websites that offer it for a one off fee but would like a recommendation before I try it.  Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jon Grant.
  17. Hi Everyone, I'm living in the Aveyron and wondered where would be the best place to contact regarding getting some lessons in French?  I would probably class myself as intermediate and would like some lessons to reinforce the language I'm learning whilst living here day-to-day.  I would really prefer a private tutor but any info would help. Thanks in advance. Heather.
  18. Hi, Thanks for your post.  Yes, our old France Telecom number still works when people call from the UK. Best regards, Heather.
  19. Hello Everybody, I've recently installed a Livebox which gives me broadband internet access and cheaper calls to the UK.  I have been given a new telephone number (beginning 08) and I am able to make calls (to the UK and France) with my telephone plugged into the Livebox.  I am also able to receive calls from my French mobile and my UK mobile.  However I am unable to receive calls from my father in the UK (BT landline) and my husband is unable to call the 08 number from his UK mobile. Has anybody experienced similar problems and can anybody tell me how I can fix it? Thanks in advance, Heather.
  20. Hi Everyone, I'm sure this has been covered on the forum before, but to save me searching.... My husband and I will shortly be completing on our house purchase (hopefully!) in the Aveyron and if all goes well, will be moving to France at the end of March. Does anybody know whether we will be able to open a French bank account just with proof that we own the property plus our passports?  Obviously we don't have any utility bills as we don't live there yet. Many thanks, Heather & Jon. 
  21. [quote user="Ron Avery"] There are courses in Villefranche for immigrant workers at the centre sociale, I don't know of any others in 12 and as people come from as far away as Caussade, Cahors and Figeac, so  I doubt that there are many similar courses in the area.  He might be able to get in quickly as he is working, but at the moment there is a year's waiting list for the debutante classes. [/quote] Hi All, Thank you for your info.  Ron, from your post quoted above it sounds like there are two different courses? We are learning French and do hope to become fluent, however at this stage neither of us would be ready to attend a government run course on setting up a business in French. Thanks again, Heather.
  22. Hi, We're moving to the Aveyron soon and are not sure whether the village we're moving to has broadband.  We've heard that it may be possible to obtain broadband internet access via a satelite dish.  Does anybody know whether this is correct, and if so can you point us in the right direction? Many thanks, Heather & Jon.
  23. Hello Everyone, Will we need one of these to travel to France with our dogs as well as an EU Pet Passport? Also, I've read in several places that you have to wait for six months after a successful rabies blood test before you can travel.  Is this correct?  Probably not going by one of the replies to my previous posting about vaccinations which said that it's not even necessary to have a blood test to get a passport issued!  We don't intend to re-enter the UK with our dogs (certainly not in the near future anyway) as we are moving to France permenantly. Many thanks, Heather & Jon.
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