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  1. [quote user="Théière"] I like the bluetooth capability of the Garmin, TomTom normally has that feature too, some digging needs to be done, what happens at 4pm? [/quote] 4pm is the cut-off for guaranteed delivery for my timings, I'm veering toward the Garmin just to spite TomTom for their entrenched take on overpriced map updates. [quote user="Pickles"]  I do not get any "pop-up adverts" at all. I am however also about to try out the Navfree application for Android smartphones which uses the Open Streetmap system and can preload all the maps that you need over WiFi so you don't need data on the move. I recently purchased a Huawei smartphone with a 4" screen - they are around £100 - and at first glance it seems to be OK. [/quote] I believe the pop-ups come with 'free map updates'; I've tried using my HTC for sat nav (though not with Navfree) but found battery life to be a problem, I'm sure this is the way to go next year when I update my phone, but in the meantime like the safety of a dedicated device for sat nav,
  2. I have two Web quotes for repairing my old TT, one in London while I wait for £30 and another via courier both ways from Tunbridge Wells @£60! (won't be happening). Having got used to my old TT the only real bugbear is the number of leads it wears out and the ridiculous charge for updating maps, having said that the Garmin free map updates are essentially paid for pop-up adverts! I don't need simcard based traffic stuff et al, just show me the route . . . after a wearing route I've ended up at http://www.gpscompared.net/tomtom-start-60-europe-vs-garmin-nuvi-2595lmt/ still undecided, I like the idea of a new processor with a 6inch screen but I also like the idea of free map updates, even if there is a little popout occasionally! Have to decide by 4pm!
  3. Thanks T, will look at the site later, My main requirement with some complicated junctions is speed of processing and uptodate maps, less concerned with connectivity, another is whether the memory card from my TT730 is interchangeable with any of the new models. Problem no 1, Garmin supplied by amazon are from Germany, extra four days which I don't have, I noticed that the TT XXL seems to be one of the cheaper models, but with lots good recommendations, I have no problem with being a bit behind the cutting edge as long as it's quicker to process the route and slower to make my blood rise [;-)]  
  4. Just as I was cogitating which sat nav to replace my Tomtom with, the pcd terminal watsit has come loose and stopped charging the wretched thing so my decision has to be sooner rather than later, I had fancied the Garmin NuLink 1695 for a change against a TomTom 1005inch but checking Amazons reviews they both get poor reviews on software probs, postcodes, etc. Has anyone else done the research and made a happy choice?  
  5. He bist a Bristol boy, and Bristol commemorated his achievements by naming a school in his honour.
  6. The quoins at the corners of traditional stone built houses are commonly applied to new houses as in limestone plaques cut to size and stuck on or by using prefabricated reconstituted stone corners commonly available at any decent quarry or builders yard; then when rendered up to is a reasonably professional finish (as in the pics)  
  7. I never thought that I'd be half in agreement with Morrisey  Olympics-have-made-England-foul-with-patriotism-says-Morrissey or Samuel Johnson (aka Normy), but,  Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel . . .  
  8. Such controversy, [:(] I thought the Games were about athletes not national achievements, not just about the winning but taking part. I just love Usain Bolt striking a pose, like something between an archer and a javelin, and that smile, cool guy.  Usain-Bolt-win-mens-100m-final-  
  9.  [quote user="NormanH"]I think Clair (that paragon of French rationality combined with perfect English) summed this up in a related thread [/quote] Indeed she has [quote user="cooperlola"]  I cannot take the jingoistic commentary any more. [/quote] Nor I, It's worse than religious fervour, and about as valid.[+o(]  
  10. Hi Fred, perhaps this post should have been called IOC arrogance drives visitors away;[:P] The writing was on the wall months ago when traffic chaos was brought to Weymouth with the comprehensive (and crazy) traffic light controlled road works, people stayed away. Then it was announced that the beachfront and town would be closed to traffic all day and evening, carparks converted to busparks and Park & ride charges tripled, boat moorings likewise, [I]This is not how to encourage visitors! they voted with their feet and stayed away. Accommodation wasn't swamped by olympic visitors (more accommodation available now than for years, some hotels empty). The sad tale is that the acts weren't top line, and footfall wasn't there with local numbers not enough to support the festival. Maybe, maybe not, people will return next year to what Weymouth is, a seaside port, not an expensive theme park!
  11. [quote user="Chancer"] Whilst the pattern moulded in the glass will conform to left or right hand drive its not that which creates the cut off, in fact the main purpose is guidelines for using black masking tape for removing the kick up. The kick up is created by the angular position of the dipped beam element shield, the fresnel lense pattern moulded into the glass if any sharpens up the diffused edge of the dipped beam pattern. I have modified all my vehicles and many others over the ages by rotating the bulbs within the housing, its the only difference on vehicles with clear glasses like my Skoda, many older Fiats and Lancias had indexed rotatable bulbholders for continental/UK use. A headlight modified as above has a flat beam with the correct kick up on either the left or right but the cut off edge will be more wooly if there were fresnel lenses moulded into the glass, you can just make it out on the headlight testers much less so on the road. [/quote] Thanks for the enlightenment Chance, how does it work on sealed beams?
  12. [quote user="cooperlola"] Dear lord it's a watch, ffs.  [/quote] I'm sure you know this is not just a watch, it's an Ikon's watch; After all, for that money, clearly the buyer could afford a barn full of classics, or 200 new  Tag+Heuer+automatic+chronograph+monaco but it does seem slightly nouveau that this kind of dosh is just disposable income!, and the film had it's cheesy moments. I'm sure even the thrill of hanging a real 917 on the wall would pall after a while (which driver hung his F1 car on his apartment wall?) but hell if you have the l'argent pourquoi ne pas?![kiss]  
  13. Mork calling Dave21478 surely we're due for the latest in the Restaurant Saga?[:D]
  14. [quote user="Pommier"]Will it soon be Sir Bradley Wiggins, sportsman of the year?[/quote] not to mention Minister for Cyclists -  /bradley-wiggins-i-did-not-call-for-compulsory-helmets-for-cyclists- [8-)]
  15. I haven't got the heart to shoot you Chance, especially since your hands are now as soft as your face, but this is very very sad, what is your world coming to[:P]  
  16. The LHD/ or RHD set up is in the pattern moulded in the glass, so any adjustment may move the light across to the right but will still dip to the left. Dependent on which model you have, but on the 7inch round sealed beam lamps as fitted to old jags, LHD were fitted to many cars supplied to Europe, most common of which is the mini (and Land rover etc) and should be easy enough to obtain in France and make a proper job of converting to LHD, if it's not this unit then still LHD Jaguar units may be available from factors or even breakers. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RTC3863-Classic-Car-Land-Rover-Mini-BMC-Sealed-Beam-Unit-7-inch-LHD-NEW-/251119819481?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3a77e85ad9
  17. Absolutely Classic . . .  Steve-McQueens-iconic-Tag-Heuer-watch-motor-racing-movie-Le-Mans-sells-$800-000  
  18. [quote user="Frederick"] Many will be glad when the Olympics are out of town [/quote] Amend that to most, Local cafe owner saying that it's her worst trade for three years, normal visitors have voted with their feet to avoid the town and it's restrictions ' park and ride triple normal price, and less users
  19. I would think you of all people would appreciate freedom of movement Wools[:P], especially having had access all areas, it's doubly frustrating when it is curtailed. As for Weymouth, ('Georgian and glamorous'), well, any port in a storm, (and I have weathered a few storms), even the one that imported the black death to England, then provided the place for Thomas Hardy to write his first novel; you might appreciate the title 'The Poor Man and the Lady' [:D] not to mention playing theme park to some people messing about in boats for the Oimlypcs- (am I allowed to say that?)  
  20. [quote user="fromage"] I should be grateful for any advice or recommendations.[/quote] Don't sell up, or if you do, buy a little bolt hole, ask those trying to move back . . .  
  21. Sore point, saw a few sails on the horizon, and   weymouth.Pelican was in the bay, but most of the town and harbour is cut off so a drive through as is our want is not currently possible, unless you jostle with the crowd of grockles, the Nothe park was restricted to tickets only and ''failed to reach it's anticipated capacity . . !'' neither is it possible to park at the Nothe Arms since that has also been taken over by the comiiteeee.[:@] but in all honesty we were too busy playing housey and went to the pub where we could park; jaundiced? who me? give us our town back!!
  22. Where there's a will, there's a way, I think I might buy one!  Badly-drawn-ploy-Clothing-stores-novel-attempt-tries-round-strict-Olympic-merchandising-rules. I stand to be converted, since I missed Mr Bean, still waiting to hear what the Volley team wore, hope it's sealskin[Www]  
  23. What/Where-ever you decide to live, things change. I have few regrets about choice of where and what the house is, though it's had it's share of challenges, but two things have become a bit of a pain.  The local village had a very good cafe/bar, 1k away, almost within rolling distance, but that closed, and then an excellent restaurant, though very expensive, opened up, tempting occasionally but not frequently. Whilst we usually have our own transport and can even cycle to a goodly range of shops 5k and restaurants 12k, a car is essential to get to and from the airport, public transport is non-existant, even the local train station is 20k away and here's the rub, Taxi's here are like hen's teeth and extremely expensive.  
  24. [quote user="Sc"] Similar nose though..... Steve [/quote] Another saucer of milk Steve?[:P], Kiera Knightthingy, just another young flippityjibbit of a thing, Kristen at least has a certain je ne sais quoi and Patsy, well there's character[;-)]
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