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  1. in the UK the GP sends them off for analysis and he gets the results. For my regular test, it's under the Consultant Haematologist at the hospital . I get the sample taken, and 30-40 mins later he calls out my name and I go in and he tells me what's what. Part of the test takes longer, and if there's something he's concerned about on that he calls me back in. This time, because he knows I am in France and has my e-mail, he asked me to have a retest before doin so. X-rays are done at the same local hospital, and often you can just walk in and they do them on the spot. The one thing about france is that you get your own copy of a blood test as well as the medecin, and you also get your own X-rays from the X-Ray centre (you don't get them from the hospital) The hospital in France sent me a complete report on some tests (emergency) to take back to my UK GP (who luckily was fluent in French - most of it very much the same Latin-based terms though)
  2. okay, thanks all I found the laboratory, walked in, showed them my consultant's e-mail (in english) . The woman took my details, charged me 13.77€ then took me into a sideroom, took the blood sample and said it would be analysed then and they would post the results to me the same day.  It was one specific test very efficient - and faster than my regular blood test in the UK.
  3. the last time I had one was many years ago - you could walk in, or the nurse came to the house - I think it cost 8€. results came in the post the next day. I have a spec from my Consultant. when I have this test in england, I don't have to do anything special (ie not eat etc) I shall go and find them ... big town is close enough. thanks (interestingly, the same place used to analyse our dog's blood test)
  4. Can anyone tell me how to get a blood test in France - what is the laboratory called? (I've had them in the past but forgotten) My consultant in the UK has asked me to have one done and send him the results. G
  5. I'm always amazed at the ability of the French to simply ignore letters. The tax office at Parthenay sent me the bills, and I made payment to them. I had three bills, for 300, 50 and 8 euros. When I asked for a receipt, they sent me one for 8 euros. I then asked for the other two, twice, and received no reply at all. Although I have a record of the bills, the cashing of cheques for the exact sums, the NHS will not reimburse me without the receipts.
  6. I have been writing off and on to my tax office to get receipts for the bills I paid for a hospital stay - which I can claim from the NHS (I'm not a French resident) - after about three tries over a long, long time, I've never even had a reply! I'd like to write to the boss, and send it recorded delivery. My main office (to which the bills were paid) is at the Tresor of Parthenay. Anyone know what the boss's title is? (Directeur, Chef de ....) or even how to find their name .... G
  7. I only just got round to advertising it a couple of weeks ago  - haven't talked to the garage yet. Let you know here when I do. (had a few other priorities).
  8. What kind of costs apply to a finished (doors, plastered, tiled, electrics plumbing etc but no fittings or decoration) single story extension to an existing house (around 8m2) ?
  9. Thanks for that. Anyway, I just realised that the original question has been rather forgotten. Regardless of the individual case (and why I posted here for general interest) is what I asked: Have I any redress via the registration authorities to lodge a formal complaint, or to my local mairie?  I (doh!) explored the forums here a bit and found some info here : http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/465587/ShowPost.aspx
  10. I want my leak fixed - that is what I asked for. The man advertises as a roofing expert. Anyway, I have asked a couple of new blokes, telling them the story about the failed repair, and I shall spread the word locally on the grapevine about the man. My problem, you understand, is while I understand how he might have got the diagnosis wrong (as the flashing was old anyway) not to have the pride or professional attitude to come back and try to fix the leak is unforgiveable. Shoddy. And that is no different in the UK or France, whatever excuses might be paraded. I'm quite used to French ways. Several years ago I had a battle with a French car insurer, which after two years I won, after involving the French Commission for Insurers (whose French was so complex I could hardly understand it!) and who the MD was unfortunate enough to misquote in writing to me. The NEW MD of the company wrote to me personally and apologised, and they paid all the money owed, plus the two years' interest. However, let it be said, the majority of the time, in fifteen years we have had good service and good relationships with various artisans. I find no difference between France and the UK in that - but there are bad 'uns on both sides of the channel. :-)
  11. as I said. I told him we had a leak, and showed it to him. He went up and inspected it, said it was the flashing around the chimney, and I agreed he should replace it. But it leaks as bad as ever (which we only found out  months later when we had heavy rain). HE is the expert on roofs, not me, and it was his diagnosis. We've told him it leaks, but he hasn't come back to look at it even. Either it wasn't the cause of the leak, or it was, but he's fitted the new one badly - no other explanation. You seem to be saying that if I took my car to a garage with a funny noise, and the bloke said 'it's the shock absorber causing that noise' and I agreed to have it replaced, then picked it up and the noise was still there, that would be somehow okay? Not in my book. :-(    
  12. he 'repaired' a leak in the roof. he told me what (he thought) the problem was, and I think he did do the work to fix that, but  when the rains came again sometime later, it leaked just the same, and now my ceiling is cracking and crumbling. Bottom line - he was supposed to 'fix the leak' - and he hasn't.
  13. well, I'd like to know the form before I wander in and discuss it - understand what is normal. Then I can tell if what they say is okay. Just getting clued-up so we are on the same wavelength. It's something the French do that usually doesn't happen in the UK.
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