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  1. Not a problem. I really appreciate you just listening. Is it really a problem that someone else knows my name/address/email?? I was stumped this afternoon as I didn't know where to go next, then, I had a call from Macif. It seems that one is not communicating with the other. I thought I had to fight it out for myself with EDF but I actually missed the call (from Macif) as I was in the kitchen. However they followed up with an email. I called them back and understood that they wanted me to email all the info that I had left at their office in Agen yesterday. No problem! Why I get a call from a Macif office somewhere up north, I don't know but the office here could have sent my info up to them??? So they now have the info and I'm hoping for some action now.......... It may seem strange but I'm single and have lived here alone for the last 14 years, since my old friend died, and struggled for each one but I'm now getting lots of maintenance problems along with ill-health. I hardly know anyone, live like a hermit and do my own thing, running the gite every summer. I'm ashamed of my lack of French, having lived here for so long but I now have memory problems so it's a struggle to learn. I know it's easier if you can afford a better insurance but I'm just Brit. pensioner! As always, I really apprecite you overseeing all this! I've still not heard from the FiF people.............
  2. Getting nowhere fast!! I've got your message via FiF but cannot reply to it. It's still in my Outbox. I've written to Admin as I still don't know if I have been accepted as a member. Probably don't like me as I have so many problems ?. I've tried to contact the Breakdown number but didn't understand much. They need to talk to someone who is actually in the house and in front of the fuse box. I went back to EDF (english) and they transferred me again to the Breakdown number. We got so far then I just gave up. My neighbours are french and don't know the situation. I'll have to contact a friend but I have to pay for her time and travel. I can't help feeling this is hopeless Iin the meantime, I'm going to send you my letters to Macif. First upload failed so hope you got the second? Gite Sinistre 16 May 2022.docxGite Sinistre 16 May 2022.dGite Sinistre 16 May 2022.docx Gite Sinistre 16 May 2022.docx
  3. I've managed to speak to EDF now and they said, in the first instance I need to contact the Breakdown Service so that's my next call. They will come out pretty smartly (perhaps tomorrow if my call is successful) then they will either fix it, if it's their responsibility, or not even touch it, if it's not. The girl also said that if it's the fuse box then they won't touch it. I gather it matters greatly where the circuit breaker is in relation to the gite fuse box. More after my next call. PS - so grateful for you listening!!
  4. Here I am again. I've registered with FiFocus but I didn't receive their welcome email. However, I presume I'm in as I've managed to find you by clicking on the "L" of members. The "Contact Lori" does not produce a link so I still dont know how to send you a PM. Since I'm here, I'll tell you what has happened today. I went to the Macif office and gave them my initial letter in explanation, a message from my electrician to explain his actions and also his bill and recommendations. I can send these to you once we make contact. My French language is very poor but I understood that she said that I should contact EDF. I am now hanging on to this call waiting for them to respond. I think the Dutch must be as hardy as us Scots!!
  5. That's great - thanks. I'm rather involved at the moment getting alternative accomm. for the guests who were booked in (via a Facebook Gite Owners page). They are coming in thick and fast - info which I'm passing on. It's sweet that they are as compassionate towards me as I am towards them!
  6. OK - have planned to go into the Macif office tomorrow anyway. The France in Focus site looks familiar. Are you using the same name? At least the questions look more up to date than on this site!
  7. Thanks so much for your help Lori!! The site said that an Inspector would contact me - are you saying that I should follow up anyway after a couple of days? I will NOT continue with this site as it's too difficult, too slow, inefficient etc but at least you have given me very important information to help me with this problem. Best wishes
  8. I'm so fed up with this software - I've been trying since lunchtime to get into it to respond to you but I get "timed out"/error/server unavailable etc...... However, I'll now try to answer your questions..... My house is my principal residance (I live here 24/7) and the gite - just 50 yards away is just let out as a gite for 2 months of the year. It has a pool which I maintain for my own use as well. It is locked, water turned off but rarely the electricity as I use it as a garage in the winter. It is open on 2 sides - I'll try to post a photo. Your next question is a bit complicated.......... the circuit breaker (fitted 18 months ago) is in the house. When I returned to the house, the electricity had also gone off. Earlier today I wrote to my electrician to ask him why this happened as surely the CB should have protected my house? Sorry but I don't understand these things. So there is just the fuse box in the gite loo and the CB is fitted in the main house. When he arrived he touched the CB and power was restored to the house, then he tested the gite fuse box with his meter and some other smart gadget to test for power in each one. Also this afternoon, I've done an on-line submission to Macif reporting the problem - didn't realise that I could do this but it saves me from a visit and now it has been registered. Lastly, surely, turning off the electricity does not prevent a strike? Or does this just prevent a fry-up? Now that I have successfully got into this, I'll keep it open!! Now for the photo..........
  9. Now it seems that my message has disappeared and there are 2 photos........... Luckily I saved the message - ha ha!! I'll post again
  10. Thanks - I've asked a friend to phone just a few minutes ago. I suppose there may be a 24 hour number so at least the call will be registered. I was waiting for the electrician's report before I did anything but I suppose that's not an excuse. It makes me wonder though, if Brits are away when their property is hit, how do they make a claim?
  11. Yes, really struggling with this software. I was a member many years ago (Expat France or something like that?) and tried to get back on the site last week but then my password didn't work and I went around in circles trying to change it. In the end, I re-joined with a different email address. It's so slow too. I'm not sure why they "updated" it as it's now worse than before. (Hope they are reading this!)
  12. Lori - you are being very helpful - thanks. It was my electrician who said the wires were burned so therefore, in his opinion, it was a strike. So........... I need to go to Macif and report the problem and they will send out an Inspector who will assess the damage and tell me what I am covered for? Then he will suggest various contractors? In the meantime, I will also have the electrician's report. I'll use the date of the last storm which was last Monday in the early hours. The gite is NOT new - I inherited it - (it's possibly 30 years old). In the loo there is a box on the wall with the main electrics, fuses etc - about 8 of them, also the socket for the water heater which I only plug in for occupancy. All the electrics worked when I closed up last September. I was about to start on the green pool last week but no power. (I think I can see a problem coming here) I'll have to agree these details with my electrician as I can't say for certain when the strike hit. However, whenever the strike hit, I am not surely covered anyway??
  13. Harnser, Of course I need someone qualified but I've had a couple of retired electricians here who just changed a fuse. I need someone with the right equipment - how can I tell the difference?
  14. I don't know how to use this software so I'm making a bit of a hash of it....... Lori, thanks for this lengthy reply. It certainly helps to have a good insurance company. I'm with Macif and never made a claim except for the car windscreen (19 years). All I have so far is an agreement from the electrician to state that I need a complete new supply from my house across the path to the gite. I don't know if it is going to be above or below ground but as I had a new fosse fitted last year, I'd rather not have any more of my property dug up! I think I need this before I go any further?? As it's an unoccupied gite, I have only just opened up (open July/August only), and in fact, I was washing down the floor when I discovered the electricity was not working. The electrician tested everything then said that the wires in the fuse box were burned, indicating a strike and that I would need a completely new supply. I have no idea when the strike hit which may be a bit tricky with the Attestation mentioned above but there was a jolly good storm 2 days previously during the night. I have no idea of contractors or if I need a specialist rather than just a home electrician so I'm hoping they will make some suggestions. I need a lot of help here as I have so many questions.
  15. Harnser - thanks for this but I don't get the Connexion so I can only read the first 2 short paragraphs.
  16. Hello, My gite suffered a lightening strike last weekend. I'm desperate for help with the insurance company as my French is not good. So far the electrician has agreed to do a report to say that the wires are burned therefore indicating a strike. I have no idea what to do next so need someone to help me. I have guests booked into the gite so they have had letters from me cancelling their bookings. I obviously need to get up and running asap so I'd like to know roughly how long this process will take - weeks, months? And what is the process involved. I'm just north of Agen so someone nearby would be really useful. Any advice would be appreciated. Leyla
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