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  1. yea you make some great points, everyone stuck on social media nowadays though wherever they go has not allowed them to truly 'let go', ofcourse you make the great point where you might as well use devices only when you really need to and we should be in complete control .. anyhow, if you were to make advanced bookings for next year, do you happen to know any website to look into? there are a couple i know that would be great if i do make the trip in Greece to the islands and i found some boats at great prices but im open to know if there are any other ones for france and Greece to look into!
  2. Do you guys love sailing or yachting or atleast have ever been on a boat trip that was memorable? Wanted to go combine sightseeing with hiking, swimming and exploring new bays and coves 1) either in the Calanques 2) or in Greece 3) i am experienced with driving bareboat but wouldn't mind a skipper if i was to visit Greece next year and try something new!
  3. i heard that Da Vinci took shrooms to enhance his visual trip and creativity, he's been my idol since i was young and it makes me ponder on whether i want to try such a trip apparently you are more connected and "everything makes sense" has anyone experienced anything like this and what is it like.. also i don't just wanna try it without a clear purpose!
  4. yes it is true that they can always come in handy but checking the weather and finding out local information when you're on a yacht with a captain is something i thought might not be so necessary. Just wanted to experience the best form of slow travel with everything planned beforehand so that when we are actualizing the trip, the sound of the waves and the scenery is breathtaking, just need a camera and a skipper as my guide!!
  5. yes it has! i almost feel like i'm trying to instruct someone on how to be extremely careful when im speaking in english now..i think this happens to everyone who moves out and learns a new language, i guess we all adapt.
  6. i know some of you like combining your leisure and fun in nature by taking your mp3, ipod or phone with you but what about going for a month without wifi at all, that complete disconnection with technology and connection with nature should be life-changing ! next year i am planning with a group of friends to go on a boat trip with a catamaran for 3+ weeks. We are still deciding where we will do it.. either from Cannes to Antibes while we get to swim, tan and read when bored or the next option is go to Greece for a month on a yacht to the islands - Milos, Santorini and Mykonos are just a few in mind... i love writing about things i observe around me so if anyone has visited Greece before would be great to know which are some jaw-dropping sights!
  7. the best thing you can do is get the app called busuu thats what i did for language learning and for italian check out the book called short stories for italian learners..for spanish check out the website called spanishdict it has grammar lessons, vocabulary, books as well on the site it is [email protected]!
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