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  1. @alittlebitfrench In actual fact, we are are looking to buy in Evian, which is something were always planning after finishing the contract we have now (1-2 years). Brexit means we don't have time to wait (or to buy) potentially so this is why we are looking for somewhere to rent, as close to Evian as we can but basically we are not fussy about where in France as we could move anywhere and then buy where we like in 6 months.
  2. I'm not so naive to think that everything is amazing just because we have had some good holidays there, and I imagine that some things (that we don't yet know) we won't like. For example, my wife is not keen on having some documents in her maiden name as she does not consider that her name anymore. We have always planned to try a few years in france to see if we really do like it, so Brexit is only bringing forward existing plans rather than creating new ones.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes lots to think about. We are looking at Haute (Savoie).
  4. Thanks, I have applied via garantme.fr
  5. Thanks. We've spend a lot of time visiting flats and have submitted applications for two now only to be pipped at the post in favour of French people. Hence turning to the expat community. We even offered to pay all the rent up front (as we didn't have a french person to guarantee) but still missed the apartment we really wanted. Unfurnished is totally fine.
  6. We are looking to rent a house or apartment in France as soon as possible. Requirements - 2 bedrooms - Self-contained - Ideally furnished - Parking - Happy for dog - Near-ish a school Reasons We are looking to move to France permanently. We will buy but we don’t have time before the Brexit deadline. So, we are looking for a house or apartment to rent while we find and buy a house (about 6 months – 1 year). Work We are planning to start a micro-enterprise to get in the French system and exercise our treaty rights before Brexit. You would need to be happy to give us a rental contract, and we would need our own EDF agreements etc to start this business at the property. The business is online only (I am a web developer) so no visitors / noise or fuss. Essentially this would be out primary residence until we buy Who We are a couple (38 & 37) with a child (7) Where We are flexible on location Rent Under 1,500 euros a month Income We run a business in the UK which is managed by our staff. We have an income that will continue in France.
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