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  1. Hi all, I couldn't really find a particularly relevant section for this post, so I guess this is the best fit. First post here, so just to introduce myself. My name is Jasmin, and me and my partner are in our late 30s, from the UK. I've lived and worked abroad before, and me and my partner both visit France frequently. We're both very concerned about the direction of the UK at present, especially in regards to brexit, but also more generally (minority rights, employment and social rights etc.). As such, we are beginning to think that if it seems certain Brexit without an EEA style setup goes ahead, we hope to move to mainland Europe, and are seriously considering France, as it's a country we've both have a lot of affection for, and have considered it in the past when I was considering post-grad study at Montpellier. We're just starting to look at this - and it may or may not be feasible - so we'd really appreciate some guides or heads up on those who have gone before us. Given we are working age and (unfortunately!) will be for a while yet, work is going to be a big thing for us, so a lot of our initial concerns are in that area, so here goes! * We are considering either the Hyeres/Toulon/Marseille areas, though we'd prefer to live outside the city but within commuting distance, as we aren't big nightlife/urban types. Do anyone know what the employment situation is like in this neck of the woods? * I have previous experience in TEFL, but am currently working in IT (in the education sector) and would prefer to stay in this sector if at all possible. My partner works as a shop floor retail manager. What's the situation like for these sectors in France? Is there anything particular we should be aware of? * We don't currently have much in the way of french language knowledge. Thankfully, my workplace here subsidises evening language classes for staff and family, so I've got that as a starting point - but any thoughts on how to further bolster it, and what sort of proficiency you need to have as a bare minimum to get started with on the ground would be good. * Any ideas or any information any one knows of regarding what the visa situation would be like in a post-brexit scenario would be *much* appreciated!
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