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  1. Had a note from the buyer to say she has received the carte grise. Then I have an email from ants asking for scan of cert de cession and new buyers ID. I've sent those so hopefully that is the end of it!
  2. Saga continues. Another visit to Sous-prefecture this morning. (Sunny morning at last, good excuse to take the bike out) Was seen in the "Point Numerique" and helpful lady got me to log in on to the Ants website and then, I kid you not, the internet went down in the building! Helpful lady then phoned somebody (3400 number?) and they said my revision to the certificat was logged but there is a one month waiting list. Apparently there is one room where they deal with all the queries for all of France... Stay tuned folks!
  3. Thanks, I'll have a look at that. Went back to sous-prefecture today, waited for 10mins at the (unmanned) welcome desk to then be told that there was "fermeture exceptionnelle" for that afternoon of the office I need to go to....Hope that number works!
  4. Latest update. Visited both Norauto and Feu Vert. Both say they can only handle basic transfers etc, can't make corrections. I was directed however to a new office opposite the Sous-Prefecture which they have set up to handle Carte Grise changes. So went there- one lady with a laptop in a bare office. She couldn't help and said I need to go to the Sous-Prefecture, which was........ closed 4.00pm Monday. I've heard some motorists are taking the government to court over the new system?
  5. Had some advice today along the lines of approaching a garage- That was to to try one of the Feu Vert chain of garages. They advertise a service on the Carte Grise on their website.
  6. Thanks again, still nothing back but we are in the month of bank holidays! I will suggest the new owner try the garage idea, otherwise I might have to try the prefecture.
  7. Still no response and sadly the phone number doesn't connect!
  8. Many thanks, I did eventually get a message through and a reply to say it was under consideration. That was 2 days ago..... I may have to use that number! I let you know what happens. cheers
  9. Hello everyone, I've just sold a motor bike, everything fine but the buyer went to register for carte gris and got message to say the name was wrong on the certificat de cession. I double checked my submission and sure enough I had written the new owner's name incorrectly by one letter! I have tried all round the Ants.gouv site to find a way to correct it. I used a contact page and attached a corrected version of the form but got a generic reply sending me to FAQ's which I've been all around already. Has anyone got any ideas or directions? Phone numbers? I'm feeling bad for the new seller who is being very patient so far!
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