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  1. Hi All,

    If anyone is interested in moving some rolls of hay (three at a time or more if you have space) from Lauzun to just outside Monflanquin, every few weeks plus now and again collecting sacks of sawdust every eight weeks or so from St Sabine to the same address, can you drop me a line with a price and I will pass it on. I have a friend interested in this service. This would suit someone with a large trailer.
  2. Thank you for the reply Norman. I'm a bit late in responding, but it was well attended.
  3. Carol singing again (will she give someone else a chance?!!) Monflanquin Saturday 23rd December from 1800hrs?

    Mulled wine, cakes, mince pies.

    All welcome.

    In the square. Plenty of car parking available.

    Bars and restaurants are generally open afterwards.
  4. I posted on another site. He responded via email directly to me, but I have somehow deleted the email. Not knowing where this English chap is makes it rather difficult to know where to start.
  5. Don't forget about the increased electricity bill that you will incur!
  6. I borrowed a Union Jack Flag for a funeral from a chap that also plays the bugle. That was last year. I must have deleted his email address as I can't find it. He met me outside of Beaumont-du-Perigord. I believe that he lived some distance from there. I tried posting this before, but had no response. I dearly want to return it.
  7. Not only leboncoin, but ebay too. The 'purchaser' will send you a very good imitation of a Paypal transaction made in your favour, asking you to click on a link. A simple check of your Paypal account, not going via their link will show you that you have not been paid.

    We had someone that lives 15km away from us that tried it. When we pointed out to her that it was a scam, she wasn't at all worried that we realised.

    Generally, if someone offers to send a cheque, I accept it as it will be stolen and I would prefer that it went to someone that is aware of the scam, rather than an unsuspecting individual. Upon receipt of the cheque I take it and a copy of the emails to the respective bank for them to do as they see fit. Paper is an excellent item for obtaining fingerprints.

    When the 'purchaser' contacts me to arrange collection, I agree and tell them that I am easy to find as I live next to the Gendarmerie. Needless to say, I hear no more.
  8. The taste might not be to anyone's liking. Apparently, the owners had two (according to their neighbour) and ate one. The reason the other one was left behind could be that it isn't as tasty as you might think!
  9. We have captured an abandoned Pot Belly Pig that was left to wander by its previous owners. We caught it due to the fact that it kept returning to a friends land and worrying her horses (apart from one that seemed to enjoy the company!)

    We can't keep her as our horses are upset by it too.

    Z'Animo Land, Le Chaudron Magique and Le Ferme des rescapés are not interested. Our vet is trying to find a home. It appears to have a hole in one ear, so we think that she might have been tagged at some point.

    She is fairly large and seems to enjoy a stroke when she is in the mood.

    We have her in a horse trailer at the moment. We live in Monflanquin.

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