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  1. I just wondered if Polly is still on this forum. I have not been active for a long time and had to change my log in details as they would not work.
  2. Mercedes Uk did give me a certificate of COMPLIANCE, which does seem to cover what the coc covers. The prefecture pointed out three areas on another coc which as far as I can make out are missing from the v5 but are covered on my cert. The cert of compliance does state that the base vehicle is compliant with eu directives. So there has been no mention of the conversion yet but I do have paperwork from the converters covering gas etc.
  3. I am not a new member I have had to reregister on the site as password does not work. I did reregister a car years ago without a coc with one trip to the ct station and one trip to the prefecture with NO problem. I would appreciate a reply offering advice from a recent rereg , as requested. The vehicle is a 2009 sprinter based Autosleepers conversion. Thank you
  4. Has anyone reregistered a uk camping car RECENTLY. Yesterday I went along for the CT, so far so good. I had already contacted mercedes UK for a certificate of conformity which they insisted was not available for a UK reg vehicle and issued a certificate of compliance accepted by the CT garage no problem. The prefecture in Angers would not accept this and sent me to a merc garage who want to inspect the vehicle,despite the CT, send forms to mercedes France to issue a coc and charge me 150 euro!!!! This will take EIGHT WEEKS TO SEND!!! I am at the banging my head against the wall stage, please will someone advise. Thank you
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