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  1. Thanks all - I do get it, it's just different here and we always kept a house here too so relate to the English way which means you pay for when you own the place. And, Fr house rates seem extortionate if I compare the relative values of my ex-Fr house with our home here! BUT as I have no longer a bank account in France (closed it as Fr banks charge for the pleasure of having your money) I am trying to pay on line via either a UK bank account or via a c card. Not sure how to do this. and deadline is tomorrow - someone advised me to burn the bills as they did when they left France, but I don't fancy doing that, just in case! FB
  2. Many thanks all It all seems so odd to me- if the the TFonc is proportioned out, which I assume it has been, and the t hab is now only paid by second homers why should I be paying for it when I no longer own it? and only owned it for part of the year? and we are no longer in France and probably will not visit that often - or not at all. Few would pay such large amounts when no longer visiting... Any ideas anyone?
  3. Hello We sold our Fr holiday home after owning it for 16 years, March 2022 - at a huge loss, but it was a relief to get away from the now excessive house taxes and have real holidays and not need to go to France to do cleaning, gardening ... BUT we have now received invoices for both taxes and I cannot understand why the notaire seems to have done nothing to inform the tax offices of the sale. is the seller supposed to sort this - how do I get the buyer to pay - I understand I have a debt for part of this, but only when the owner! In England completion of a house sale can't happen until such taxes are deducted- or proportioned out. The house was sold in March 2022, and the two invoices are nearly 2000 euros - so a huge amount considering the value of the place! and we cannot afford to pay this - husband says to ignore them, but I am nervous at visiting France and being stopped on arrival. Any ideas of what to do ? - is the notaire responsible for sorting this out? somehow the seller must be paying as well? or are they? Many thanks in advance
  4. Many thanks all! Now the buyer want us to empty the fosse- tricky from Devon UK- and it's one of those fosses with a huge lid (originally concrete- we replaced with a galvanised metal lid, (weighs 53 kg) covered in plastic, sand and then concrete slabs. Trouble is the fosse has only been looked at 3 times since 2006 1/ when we had roots in the pipes- emptied - but with little in it 2/ new lid fitted - also near empty 3/ inspection 2019 by water authorities (Siveer in the Vienne) also near empty and not been able to go to France during 2020/2021 - just a week Nov 2021 to get the place ready to sell. Seriously reluctant as accepted 10,000 reduction and lost on 2006 purchase price and spent on new oak kitchen/2 new bathrooms/ dev'ment started for gite - new corner kitchen made plus new carpets, and made new main bedroom on top floor. Estate agent says we must, but yet another deduction from the sale! is this true? usual? he says the emptying company must open it- but no doubt might well leave a mess.. Help! any ideas advice? and hard to get there at present, we have to to empty the place, but not until we know we have sold. With gratitude - so stressed by all these demands...
  5. Looks like we may have sold our French house - paperwork being done at present. But can anyone help with some advice? The fosse does not conform- what usually happens? is it obligatory to be re-done, can it continue longer (it was built in the 70s and has never has any problems) and our buyer can they demand we pay/share the cost to re-build it? As it is we are selling at a massive loss - much less than our purchase price in 2006, and we have made plenty improvements (about 50K euros worth) also lost. And if this sale crashes could the diagnostic be used for a subsequent sale? it was done last week, cost 300 euros (excludes the fosse inspection costs) Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. House is to be sold asap -I hope, so. But after more than 16 years owning it, whilst living in the UK it's got too much. And selling at a huge loss ? It hadn't occurred to me that I should put it into Fr bank account and then transfer it to the UK - is it cheaper to get the notaire to send it to the UK? French banks charging so much for basic services... perhaps that means a huge fee if my Fr bank is involved? Anyone know which is best? Please.
  7. Many thanks for this information. But can the buyer then change their minds? Claim for something they don't like? Rather thought the English system was a bit odd, but this seems a bit insecure for the seller- is it??
  8. Hi All Could someone please tell me when money is transferred to my bank account by the notaire - does this coincide with the handing over of keys to the buyer as in the UK? And what about the tax I have paid- Fonciere and Habitation - are these in arrears or in advance and do they refund if the latter? With many thanks
  9. yes covers 86- price might be an issue of course!
  10. Thanks Richard and Chancer- and also for the llink Betty- looks useful...
  11. A while back we bought an enamel bath (Bette- made in Germany) as it seemed a good idea at the time. In the fitting, tilling etc it was chipped when something was dropped on it (only a glass jar which did not break!) and the enamel was damaged around the plug hole. I have painted, and re-painted enamel paint on it (in a small tube) from a DIY shop, but it is not at all good and I worry that the bath may be rusting out of sight and need someone to fix it professionally Anyone with any ideas- or knowledge of a professional but near Poitiers please? Many thanks in advance. FB
  12. I need a keyholder plus :  to include some gardening, and tidying- and perhaps changeovers for our gite during 2016. Small garden under lawns, and we work in it when we are here. Garden mostly forest. Must live near 86210-  south of Chatellerault.   Here now until 3rd Sept so please contact me ASAP. 0044 7742537931 or   054985 0145 Many thanks
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