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  1. Yes, I guess this won't be a simple one to answer!

    Thanks for the warning!
  2. Hi,

    We have just learnt that my wife is pregnant. We are in a bit of a complicated situation in that we currently live half time in France and half time abroad outside the EU (I am european and she has a carte de residence). We have decided that we would like to have the baby in France but I notice that for us to get the full benefits (child birth payments, coverage for health insurance, etc) we need to attend mandatory appointments. We have scheduled the first (12 week) checkup, which involves a flight back especially for it, but is it necessary to perform all other checkups in France? We obviously will be doing all the needed checkups but it would be good not to have to come back specifically for them...

    Perhaps I am getting confused but are the medical expenses only covered by my carte vitale if we have all the checkups (not just the first mandatory one)?

    Any other advice would be welcome!
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