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  1. Hi My form this year has 2042K as number and the 8ta is on the back page, maybe its the same and they changed this yr?? Paper version received in post!
  2. Many thanks Parsnips, will check them out!
  3. Hi everyone I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but will ask. I am trying to find a template for a basic French contract that I can change as and when for a small property maintenance/cleaning business. I have trawled the internet can't find any info on contracts. If anyone knows of any site/links or has a contract they would be happy for me to use as a template, it would be much appreciated. I need one for the insurance company as I am trying to get my insurance finalised for the business (it's tuning into a right nightmare!!!) Any help/advice much appreciated and many thanks in advance. Josie
  4. Hi Quillan, the answer is yes! Many thanks everyone for the advice, need to give it some thought before I take the plunge!
  5. Hi all, sorry if this has been done to death, but, I have been asked to provide wifi for guests and would like to know the best way to go about it for security! I have an orange box and my main concern is if I give them the code, they can access my home page. This happens whenever I have had a code for wifi in other places I have stayed in who have an orange box and can access their emails and account info!! I don't know if this is because I am with orange, but for obvious reasons, I don't want this to happen to my info. What is the best way to set up a system that protects my personal/private info but keeping others happy! Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance
  6. Many thanks for the replies. I spoke with the Chambre des Metiers and they too say 'tis complicated! Going to see them with a different job title after a search of what other business of this type are registered as! Thanks again
  7. Many thanks for the link Foxie. Having looked at it, I understand it to be for someone offering work within the home as a cleaner aide domicile etc, (unless I have missed the main point!) but I am looking more at property and gite management . Will dig further into it and hopefully come up with a job title that is simple to explain! Thanks again
  8. Hi, hope someone can help. Having got an existing siret from a previous business, I am thinking of setting up an alternative business doing occasional property maintenance/gite cleaning etc as I am sure many others do. Can this be done as an auto entrepreneur and if so, how do I go about it please. The chamber of commerce seem to think I can only do it via the chamber de metiers, but I think they are misunderstanding what my plan is and I think they think I want to be an 'aide domicile' and paysagiste! Any pointers or advice much appreciated, cheers
  9. Many thanks for your quick reply Idun
  10. H everyone, just a quick question ( I think I know the answer!). Do you need permission (declaration prealable) to add a room on the downstairs of existing house? It would be direct into an adjoining garage (door already there). I have heard people mentioning 30m2 without permits etc, but not sure. Any pointers much appreciated, thanks
  11. Many thanks all, food for thought there!
  12. Hi everyone Not sure if this has been asked before, but here goes and apologies if it has! Is it possible to buy vehicle in the UK and leave it registered to a UK address whilst insuring and using it in France (resident) or, if not, is it possible to leave it registered in UK whilst trying to sort import papers? I only ask as I have heard many horror stories about importing motorhomes, especially hgv ones and don't want to get stung!. Any advice/experience or links much appreciated
  13. Many thanks for your Benjamin, food for thought there! Didn't cross my mind about two CoC's, will have to have to dig deeper!
  14. Hi Has anyone bought and imported a motorhome from the Republic of Ireland/UK please, and if so, did you have any problems etc?? I have done the registration process with an old car I moved over with, but not a potential purchase of a second hand motorhome. Trying to weigh up the costs etc before I 'jump in' and buy! Any help much appreciated, thanks
  15. Many thanks Chancer, will check it out
  16. Hi Not sure where to ask this question so starting here! I am trying to find out if there are any websites that deal with repossessions of motorhomes/cars (looking for a good value for money deal lol). Not sure if they exist as I have tried various searches on the internet, but unable to find anything. Has anyone purchased a vehicle this way or if anyone know of any links etc, it would be much appreciated, many thanks in advance for any help
  17. Many thanks for the replies everyone. I was asking as I thought I read on one of the many sites that from 2015, AE will have to pay a minimum of around 1500e in cotisations regardless of turnover. I may have got it wrong (which happens often) , so will go and speak to the chamber of commerce/impots this week and see what they have to say. Thanks again for all advice
  18. Hi everyone, I am looking for a spot of advice please. I have a siret number from a micro bic professional which is now closed and has been for some time. I am trying to find out if I can declare any adhoc earnings from cleaning/maintenance etc as a bic non professional on the tax form or if I would have to re register as business? I don't envisage earning a great deal, as it would be 'adhoc' and to help friends etc but I don't want to work on the black. If anyone does the same or knows of any links that would explain it, it would be appreciated. I have had a look at the auto entreprener site and from what I can see, there will be a minimum payment for social charges whether you earn anything or not (seems high at around 1800e) any help greatly received, cheers
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