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  1. [quote user="pomme"] the forum software is upgraded to a later version [/quote] [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]
  2. Better cancel your subscription to Paris Match and Bild then [:@] http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/germanwings-plane-crash-magazine-insists-video-showing-screaming-passengers-in-last-moments-before-impact-is-real-10149878.html
  3. A few years ago we bought a polytunnel from eBay - 2 x 4m £65. After one season in the windy garden we moved it to a more sheltered area and erected in with the sides dug in to the ground. Even then the cover chafed on the frame and started to rip. After one season we 'repaired ' the tears and gave it another go, but this winter it self-destructed as it was no longer fully secured. I guess you get what you pay for - there appear to be lots of 'pro' qulity ones around here that last for years [:)] Our tomatoes never had blight in the tunnel, so this year we're going to try in growbags (terre universal bags, actually)
  4. When I lived in the UK, I used to buy my flour from here - looks like someone has a solution [:)] http://www.wessexmill.co.uk/recipe/freezeyeast.html
  5. [quote user="GeoffatMM"]Hello debiphysio, Are you still travelling regularly to France and offering local (Cognac) physio services. If so is there a way to contact you for a discussion please? Geoff[/quote] Sorry to say that 'debiphysio' last visited the site on 19/1/2013 [:(]
  6. Having just seen a picture of the happy couple with Elton dressed as Marie Antoinette, I think you were right first time [:D]
  7. [quote user="woolybanana"]Isn't Elton John's husband called Matt Varnish?[/quote] PC (Politically Correct) mode on; No - that would be his spouse (google either wife / husband the answers the same [:D]) PC mode off
  8. I suspect money is a factor. After all you never see news about the 'sport' in which the most people in the UK take part  (fishing), do you?
  9. [quote user="dave21478"] Look, this is how it is and you have to do it this way or you will be reported. ok.    (reported to who I wonder? the recycling police?) [/quote] Nope - the Gendarmerie [6] http://www.lepopulaire.fr/limousin/actualite/2015/01/17/juge-pour-avoir-jete-un-carton-dans-un-bac-a-ordures_11293685.html "Des habitants de Châteauponsac ont été verbalisés pour avoir déposé des déchets inadaptés dans les bacs à ordures communaux. Jugé au tribunal, Bernard Gauthier ne décolère pas. Il a laissé l'étiquette avec son nom et son adresse sur le carton, et c'est comme ça que les gendarmes l'ont retrouvé. Bernard Gauthier, 64 ans, venait d'installer une nouvelle cabine de douche dans sa salle d'eau quand il a décidé de déposer l'emballage dans des bacs à ordures de la commune, près de la salle des fêtes. Un geste anodin qui l'a pourtant entraîné devant le tribunal de police à Limoges."
  10. [quote user="Jay"] "No problem", they said ,"we will send the appropriate form in the post." [/quote] It will be interesting to know; 1. If you ever receive the form 2. The account is opened after you have filled it in I suspect the help desk person was not fully 'aware' of your situation [Www]
  11. [quote user="crakpot"]CSV I am trying to understand your wrath in having a go at me re" I'm trying to understand the situation of a French neighbour" is he/ she in France of any nationality or a French national neighbour in any part of the world next time you ask a question I cannot be bothered[/quote] Great. [:D]
  12. [quote user="crakpot"]As a resident in France from August 2015 you can opt for a British Will I am assuming that is your nationality if so you can do as you please in your will, ie your spouse can inherit all your worldly chattels[/quote] As I said in the OP "I'm trying to understand the situation of a French neighbour, who now appears to be embroiled in some sort of legal process." Thanks for all the replies - I have what I need [:)]
  13. Thanks for that - most informative [:)]
  14. As I understand it, please correct me if wrong; When one of the parents dies, the ownership of a house passes to the remaining parent 50% and the rest is divided between the children. What happens if the survivor cannot remain in that house (perhaps far from services, cannot drive, etc) and wants to move, possibly to a smaller house? I'm trying to understand the situation of a French neighbour, who now appears to be embroiled in some sort of legal process.
  15. Sorry, I can't answer your question, but the Maire has the power to revoke it (in this area 87 - your circumstances may vary) 2 plots away from our house, there stood a sheep barn on 3000 sq. m with CU. he plot was sold to someone, with the intention of converting the barn into habitable accomodation. It was not possible due to the condition of the structure and demolition was in order. However, the Maire said that if something was not built on the land, he would revoke the CU, making it a fairly expensive field. So now we have a hamlet of 100 year + houses and a 7 year old 3 bed detached.
  16. [quote user="mint"] How innocent those jokes sound these days, not an F word within hearing[:)] [/quote] Never seen their Derek & Clive sketches then? No F word but an awful lot of C
  17. [quote user="bili"]Can anyone help? I've got pics but don't see how to post them here.....[/quote] You need to put your photos on a site like flickr or photobucket , then link them to your post
  18. No idea about a 'single'tunnel - they wouldn't build both would they? Info here about the duplex - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A86_autoroute http://tollroadsnews.com/news/french-low-ceiling-tunnelways-of-duplex-a86-comfortable-to-drive-not-claustrophic
  19. Whilst serving in the RAF in the 70's one of our Chief Technicians had a wife named Wanda. Unfortunately for him - at the time there was a comic strip running in a magazine popular with the lads. (Penthouse) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wicked_Wanda
  20. Nutella? I think it's just nuts! [:D] (sorry)
  21. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-30993608 A French court has stopped parents from naming their baby girl Nutella after the hazelnut spread, ruling that it would make her the target of derision. The judge ordered that the child be called Ella instead. He said in his ruling that the name Nutella was the trade name of a spread that is commonplace in Gallic homes. "And it is contrary to the child's interest to have a name that can only lead to teasing or disparaging thoughts," he pronounced. French parents are usually free to choose the names of their children, but local prosecutors are empowered to report what they deem to be unsuitable names to a family court. The parents in the case on Monday did not attend the court hearing, so the judge decided in their absence that Ella was a more appropriate name.
  22. We have an annual contract for our oil boiler.  This link is to a PDF which describes the responsibilities on our heating engineer's website http://www.berrand-sarl.fr/files/Ramonage.1428.pdf
  23. [quote user="Hoddy"]When I first suggested Ebay yesterday you could get a pdf download for £4.95. The market is obviously volatile. Hoddy[/quote] Very - checkout this link for an Italian version LINK £5000 [blink] (no bids at this time [Www])
  24. [quote user="mint"][quote user="Frederick"] The prophet took a wife when she was six and into his bed when she was nine[/quote] So paedophilia has a long history?  As they say, there's nothing new under the sun. [/quote] Probably not. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/belief/2012/sep/17/muhammad-aisha-truth
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