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  1. I would be grateful for any information on the subject of registration of a chambres d’hôte with the RCS. I have just 2 chambre d’hôtes and take around 6,000€ per year gross. We have just entered the figure on our tax declaration every year and paid tax and contributions after the on the 29% that is left after the 71% ‘abattement.’ We consider this a supplementary income to pensions, of which my husband’s constitutes our main income. I understand now that, if chambres d’hôtes are let on a regular basis (albeit not that regular) then they have to be registered with the RCS. So how do you do this and what does it mean? It has been suggested that, as I run the ‘business’ I should register as an autoentrepreneur. Well, I don’t mind doing this, but I don’t want my husband’s pension to be affected by extra charges, etc. What would be the best course of action to take? Thanks for any advice
  2. Hello Scooter I don't particularly want to do the course but I understand it is obligatory now.  I understand the licences required and how you obtain them have changed in recent years so, if you have been operating for some time I don't think you need to do this course but, as Quillan suggests, you probably had some other licence when you started which is still valid.
  3. Thinking about it then no, I have never stayed in a French B&B offering tables d'hotes that doesn't offer wine with the meal either
  4. Thanks for advice Catalpa - the course I am thinking of cost 324€ so, although expensive, I think I should do it. Having thought about it I don't think you can really offer 'tables d'hotes' without offering wine. I can't imagine drinking a glass of wine with my meal and not offering any to my guests!
  5. Many thanks for your response Quillan - I have subsequently found a place running the course and gave them a ring. They said there was a test at the end but it was easy - I did ask if I had to serve wine or could the guest bring their own. This seemed to be a grey area and frowned upon - so, I think if you offer a meal you should be able to offer wine and therefore you have to do the course - as you say
  6. Has anyone undertaken this one day course recently? I would be grateful for some information on the course content, is there a test at the end? Also, I find it impossible to find information on possibility of not serving wine with food - can the guest drink there own wine or is a licence obligatory Many thanks Nicola
  7. Lou I am sorry for the delay in responding to your kind post - yes this makes sense and helps!
  8. Parsnips, I see you have answered my main query - I would hope that my husband's pension in left untouched (apart from income tax) Thanks  
  9. Many thanks for responses so far. I suppose I am more concerned at the moment that my earning any money doesn't affect my husband's pension as far as social contributions are concerned.  Also, I have a very small government pension and hope that I wouldn't have to pay social contributions on this either.
  10. Sorry, this may have been covered before but I can't find exactly the answers I am looking for. My husband is retired (over 65) with a UK pension on which he does not pay social charges.   I am not yet of pensionable age.  If I earned money on which I payed cotisations  could I  assume that my husband's pension would not be affected?  I have read somewhere that if one starts earning any money after retirement on which cotisations are paid, then UK pension becomes subject to social charges too! Any information greatly appreciated 
  11. I believe it's a Renault 'Clio' van and the certificate of conformity from Paris is only partial because there is a lot of info missing on it because it doesn't conform with French standards?
  12. Thanks very much dave21478 - I will pass this information on
  13. Hello I am trying to help a friend in getting his vehicle registered in France.  He only got a 'partial' certificate of conformity together with a letter informing him he should go to DRIRE.   I found the local DRIRE number and phoned them.  They said they would send him a dossier to complete and, when they received this they would contact him - either to see him or to let him his dossier was not completed fully.  What sort of information will he need to give for this dossier?  If the certificate of conformity is only partially completed - where does one obtain all the specifications required for the car -I did ask, but the lady I spoke to didn't know and I don't understand these things as, when I registered my car I didn't have to contact DRIRE.  Any one with experience of this situation who could answer my question?   
  14. Having contacted CPAM  I now think that my particular query has been answered as  it seems working less than 60 hours per month or 120 hours per quarter  is possible without affecting  “ l'ayant-droit” rights to healthcover.  Thanks for all the help and advice.
  15. Reading these posts it would seem that in my particular case CESU may be the best system to use.  However, if I worked, say, a couple of hours a week, would this mean I was no longer covered for health care with CPAM via my husbands S1? Even if I was still dependent on him financially?
  16. Many thanks for your responses and advice.  Are there not a number of hours a week that one can work without changing healthcare affiliation?  If one is still a dependant and any income earned as an autoentrepeneur or under cheque d’emploi system is a very small part of the household income, can one still remain affiliated to CPAM?
  17. Hello   I am living in France as a dependant on my husband.  He is retired (over 65) , I am 55 and our income comes from his pensions and a little rental.  We pay tax in France.  I am covered for health care with CPAM affiliation through his S1.  I would like to teach English privately for a few hours a week.  Should I register as an autoentrepeneur for this?  Are people willing to use the cheque d’emploi system, for this sort of thing?  Can I remain with CPAM as I would still be dependant on my husband and only working very part-time.  I wouldn’t want to jeopardize his status and rights. Thanks for any ideas
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