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  1. Hi Sue Thanks, that's really kind of you to post the piccies of our boys. Jane (Phoenix)
  2. Bingley & Hogan - little cat-brothers looking for love Bingley and Hogan are brothers who were actually born into Phoenix foster care in April 2012, but have been waiting ever since then for a home! They are both friendly, nice cats. Bingley is slightly more confident, while Hogan prefers to carry out a quiet assessment of you first! These two could be homed together, as they make a lovely pair, sharing the same marmalade coloured eyes, but they'd also be happily separated. They'd love to have a nice fire and a lap to sit on this winter….. Bingley & Hogan are currently in foster care in Issac, 24400 Please call Lynda Atkins on 05 53 81 30 44 or email [email protected] Thank you, The Phoenix Team www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  3. PHOENIX ASSOCIATION - URGENT appeal for Brandy – FOSTER OR PERMANENT HOME NEEDED ASAP. Please can anyone help? We’re sorry to bring you this upsetting story but in doing so, we hope we can help him. Brandy is a 6 year old Khortal. He was taken to the SPA at Bergerac a week or so ago by his elderly, frail lady owner, who can't keep him because she's too unwell, (this is why he's overweight - he must weigh 35 kg) but she visits him regularly and each time is distraught. This upsets Brandy a lot. Brandy is very sweet and gentle-natured. They put him in a pen with 4 females who attacked him viciously in the night. He was covered in bites and injuries, where they had grabbed him by the throat. He's now recovering physically and psychologically, but he's in a miserable state and needs a temporary or permanent, calm and loving home ASAP, as the alternative is not good. Photos will be supplied upon request. He is chipped, vaccinated and neutered. If you can help, even if it’s just very short-term, please leave a message on 05 53 54 94 81 or email [email protected] Thank you. The Phoenix Team www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  4. Then please look no further than lovely LEYLA We don’t know why, but LEYLA is being over-looked at Phoenix. She is THE perfect family dog – gentle, non-dominant, great with children, cats and dogs, house-trained and adorable to look at to boot! She’s a young ‘un too, only just over a year old. She’s a hunting breed mixture, but there is no way Leyla would be any good as a hunting dog – she’s way to soft and is scared of loud noises. Leyla really wants her own forever home and in return will promise you unconditional love. Leyla is in foster care near Vergt, 24380 Please leave a message on 05 53 54 94 81 (someone will call you back) or email [email protected] Photos of LEYLA are on: Phoenix website: www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  5. PHOENIX Appeal for the Two Tillys!! Tiny Tilly is an adorable Teckel (sausage dog) cross. She is very small, obedient, bubbly, loves people, cats and dogs. She is 8 years old, but don't let her age fool you! This cheeky monkey has plenty of energy, affection and character and is cute as a button! Please help her find a home: Contact Caroline on 05 55 14 12 43 or email [email protected] Big Tilly, a beautiful Shepherd X Griffon puppy at only 9 months old, is a loveable girl, if you like them with moustaches, of course! She too is great with people and dogs, but not great with chickens, and the jury’s out on cats until we test her further. Please contact Sharon on 05 53 60 73 11 or email [email protected] See their photos, and details of more animal awaiting homes on the Phoenix Facebook page: www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance Thank you The Phoenix Team
  6. Hi Debra Thanks for the info. They have already been homed via a private re-homing. I think they are aware of this information but I will pass it on nontheless. All the best, Phoenix.
  7. There are loads of really stunning cats and kittens waiting for homes in Phoenix foster care right now! Please see our full album on http://www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance Thank you The Phoenix Team
  8. Christine Endres from the Dordogne, is setting off this weekend on Phase 2 of her 1800km sponsored challenge, ‘Santiago de Compostela or Bust!’ – a 900km walk along the Camino de Santiago. It’s expected to take her 6 weeks to complete. Christine successfully completed Phase 1, a 900km cycle across France, in June this year – it was much, much tougher than she expected. If you would like a copy of Christine’s diary, including photos, from Phase 1, please email [email protected] Christine is raising money for Phoenix Association, who rescue and re-home animals. Phoenix has dedicated a webpage to Christine, where you can track the funds raised, watch her progress on a map, and sponsor Christine online, if you wish. http://www.phoenixasso.com/challenge.html We hope that Christine will have some internet access on the trip, and that she will be able to update her album on the Phoenix Facebook page, as well as receive any messages of support! http://www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance Thanks to all who have supported Christine so far. The Phoenix Team
  9. JACK is currently being fostered in the home of an animal trainer and psychologist! Jack is a beautiful Beauceron cross. He is a lovely dog, loyal, obedient (you would hope so, as he’s living with an animal trainer!) and very loving and will make someone a fantastic dog. Jack responds better to males, he's a man's man, and would most suit somebody who will challenge him actively. He loves to go out for runs and cycles, where he will happily trot on a lead by your side. Jack is, however, food possessive, so would need to be the only dog in the pack, and for this reason, will suit a child-free home and an experienced owner. We just know the right person is out there to offer Jack the chance that he really deserves. Jack’s foster carer is waiting for your call. In the first instance, please contact: [email protected] or telephone 06 24 07 69 33. Thank you, from Phoenix Association & Hope Association, both rescuing and re-homing animals in need.
  10. Phoenix Book Sale The next Phoenix Book Sale, the biggest bi-annual Anglo-French charity event in the south of France, will be held on Saturday 27th October. Over 15,000 well sorted English books, CDs, DVDs, refreshments and home-made cakes will be on offer for only one euro each. It'll be money well spent - all of it will be used by Phoenix Association to rescue, foster and re-home dogs, cats, horses and in fact all animals in dire need. So have fun, do good and grab a bargain between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm in the Salle Municipale, Campsegret - on the RN 21 between Perigueux and Bergerac. All contact details are on: www.phoenixasso.com
  11. Three little pygmy goats were found abandoned in the woods in July and taken home by a kindly person. They are currently in the Haute Vienne, 87130. Phoenix (www.phoenixasso.com) is now helping to look for a home for them, and needless to say, we wouldn’t like to receive any offers of ‘disposal for meat,’ thank you. They are a mother, approximately 2 years old, her billy, about 5-6 months old and another young female, approximately 6-7 months old. They are all very sweet and affectionate. All enquiries please to Vikki on 05 55 37 97 26 or on [email protected]
  12. Hi Paul All I can say is, bureaucracy. Our treasurer has looked into this, and the subject has been brought up again recently. I don't know the ins and outs personally, but I can try and find out. Jane
  13. Thanks for all your replies. I will investigate the Rescue forum as it looks interesting for us. Paul, you're right. This is something (legacies) we have looked at in the past, but it's not a 'go-er'. Jane
  14. Hello Thanks for your reply, and all you do for the animals. I say "pound" so that most Brits, who perhaps don't know what the SPA is, will understand. Please advise, what is "Rescue"? Do you have details please? Thank you.
  15. Hi All Phoenix Association is currently over-run with cats and dogs. Yesterday, we had to witness several animals being put to sleep at the SPA (pound), and we had the awful task of picking which ones to save and try and re-home. This is a weekly, horrific reality for us, which is why we are making a huge effort to advertise and spread the word of all that we do, and all that we believe in. If you are looking for a new furry friend, then look no further than our website www.phoenixasso.com. We thank you for all of your support. The Phoenix Team
  16. CREAM TEAS with Phoenix – 19th August! Do you have a yearning for a ‘proper’ cup of tea and a freshly made scone, with a nice dollop of real clotted cream and a smothering of jam? If that has got your taste buds tingling, then come and join us at our Phoenix Summer Fayre on 19th August, at Le Soleil Couchant, Charente. The day is going to be fun-packed and we invite you to enjoy your cream tea and have a giggle at our fun dog show, or browse the classic cars, and many artisan stalls on display, including: Jewellery, art, traditional beer & cider, English sweets, pottery, children’s clothes & shoes, spices, ironworks, and SO much more! It will be a really great day, with tasty food and live music – hope to see you then. ALL proceeds will of course go towards animals in need. ALL details on the News & Events page of our website, www.phoenixasso.com or please contact Linda Hill on [email protected] or 05 55 78 75 22
  17. Phoenix Seeks Forever Home for Loveable, Bouncing Goofball! - please ask for photos - he's gorgeous!! Tango, quite simply, has been very unlucky, and we want to change that right now! This funny looking fella (only joking Tango!, he’s actually quite striking, with odd coloured-eyes) is only 2 years old, barely more than a puppy, but the poor thing was dumped at the SPA (pound) for reasons we do not know or understand. Our Phoenix Foster Carer rescued him, and now he’s happily bouncing around with the other dogs in the boarding kennels that she runs. However, this is a high-energy dog, and we think he will be much better off in a home, his permanent home, where he can get lots of exercise and fuss. Tango is the result of the pairing of a Shepherd and a Great Dane. He’s Shepherd size, so not as big as a Dane, but still has their distinctive markings and characteristics. Tango is so adorable. He loves people, and will lean on you until you cuddle him! He craves human attention, but would happily live with other dogs too. His only real 'fault' is that he is great at agility, meaning that he can jump quite high fencing. If and when he does, he doesn't go any where, it's just that the grass is greener and smells of more interesting things, and besides, he likes bouncing (who doesn’t, he says?)!!! Tango has developed well in his Foster Home. He has been thoroughly assessed, and he has learnt a lot. He does, however, require an experienced owner who can keep up his training, give him the exercise and stimulation he needs and continue to work on his lead-walking. Overall, his obedience and recall are very good. His character is superb with no aggression at all. Tango shows a little too much interest in cats, so we would recommend he goes to a cat-free home. Tango is tattoed, fully vaccinated and castrated. EVEN IF YOU CAN HELP EXERCISE TANGO IN THE MEANTIME (HE'S NEAR NONTRON) PLEASE CONTACT US. All enquiries please to Sharon Lee-Chappell at: [email protected] 05 53 60 73 11
  18. The countdown is now on to one of Phoenix's (www.phoenixasso.com) biggest fundraising events of the year, the Phoenix Summer Fayre, on 19th August. This is a not-to-be-missed event, because it's rather unique! The event is being held at the magnificent lake-side setting of Le Soleil Couchant, which is in Verneuil, Charente 16310. We managed to pull in some very exciting attractions. Highlights are: The Dog Show - not quite Crufts, more life Scruffs - a bit of fun and a chance for your pooch to show off and have fun. Dog Agility Exhibition - will probably put our bunch to shame! Children's activites Classic car exhibition Meet "Wonder Woman" Christine Endres, and ask her about her 1800km sponsored challenge. Music, dancing, food and drink (including real English cream teas!) Archery SO much more! We can't wait, and we're looking forward to seeing as many of you there as possible on the day - please come and show us your support! All questions please to Linda Hill, Phoenix Fundraising Coordinator: [email protected] 05 55 78 75 22
  19. Puppies Doe-eyed LILY and her sister LOLA are Labrador X pups, part of an unwanted litter on skid-row. They are currently in the tender care of fosterer, Julia, just waiting for that ‘special someone’ to walk into their lives. And we have others! Coco and Grace, two Border Collie X girls, plus a litter of healthy mixed-breeds (found abandoned at 10 days-old), all waiting in the wings. So if you have a yen for cosy cuddles and warm puppy-breath, please contact Sheelagh on 05 53 54 94 81 (leave a message) Email: [email protected] Kitties Yes, it’s the kitten season and we have lots of gorgeous purring little bundles, just waiting for you…..it’s cuddle-time! They’re all genuine ‘rescues’ and if you’d like to adopt one, please contact Phoenix foster-carer, Lynda Atkins, on Tel: 05 53 81 30 44 Email: [email protected] All of our animals are microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and de-flead. Other Phoenix animals available for adoption? Check out our ADOPTION PAGE at www.phoenixasso.com
  20. Phoenix Association www.phoenixasso.com In order that we can maintain our success at re-homing animals, we are appealing for more foster homes for dogs/puppies and cats/kittens at this stage. From time to time we lose our Foster Carers due to relocations and circumstances beyond our control, and now is one of these times. Being a Foster Carer, as we can vouch, is a fantastically rewarding and enjoyable experience. You have the satisfaction and thrill of knowing you are literally saving the animal’s life. However, it is also a great commitment, the same as taking any pet into your home, but with added responsibilities and challenges. Many of our existing Foster Carers already have their own animals, and some don’t. This doesn’t matter either way. We would really love to hear from you if you are interested, but first, please take a look below as we have compiled a list of what the role consists of, and ways in which we will support you. Requirements of a Phoenix Foster Carer: • To live within 1.5 hours drive of our administrative centre in Vergt, 24380. • To have a fully fenced, secure garden (for dog fostering, please note, Phoenix may be able to assist with fencing reparation and renewal where necessary). • To have an enclosure or secure area for some cats / kittens • To be around most of the time – obviously there are holidays and emergencies, but in principle, you look after the animal until it is homed, which could take from a week to several months. • To be able to observe and assess the animal (which may have come directly from the pound or even from the streets), and to feed, clean, exercise, socialise, medicate and monitor the animal. • To write a summary of the animal for the website (Phoenix PR team can assist) and to take photos to send these to the administrative centre. • To transport the animal to and from one of the Phoenix vets for sterilisation, vaccinations, micro-chipping, medication, treatments etc (costs are covered by Phoenix – see below). • To deal with enquiries from potential adopters, in order to assess their suitability - training will be given. • To accurately and efficiently complete re-homing forms upon adoption of the animal and to return these swiftly to Phoenix with the contribution (that you will secure – guidelines will be provided) made by the adopter. • To be prepared to take the animal back from the adopter if the adoption doesn’t work out (we try and avoid this unusual circumstance by thoroughly assessing suitability). • To have plenty of love, understanding and patience, and to be able to be strong enough to part with the animal to whom you may get attached! Phoenix will provide: • Expenses – you may claim monthly for animal-related food, transport, pharmacy purchases, care items, phone, heating and damage to property or possessions. Vet bills are settled by Phoenix directly if a Phoenix vet is used. • Funding to cover renewal or repair of fencing where required and in the case of cats/kittens, funding may be found for the construction of pens and runs, or for the conversion of existing buildings. • Support and advice given by The Manager and other experienced Foster Carers. If you are interested, and if you feel that you have what it takes to carry out the role, or just to ask any questions initially, we would really love to hear from you. In the first instance, please contact Lynda Atkins: Tel 05 53 81 30 44 [email protected]
  21. ADOPTION Kittens…kittens…kittens! Yes, it’s the kitten season and we have lots of gorgeous purring little bundles just waiting for you…..it’s cuddle-time! Microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and de-flead, they’re all ‘rescues’ and if you’d like to adopt one, please contact Phoenix foster-carer, Lynda Atkins, on Tel: 05 53 81 30 44 Email: [email protected] Other Phoenix animals available for adoption? Check out our ADOPTION PAGE at www.phoenixasso.com
  22. Phoenix Book Sale - Duras All Books only 1€ !!! Plus plant stall, bric a brac, tombola & refreshments ALL proceeds raised on the day will go to Association Phoenix (www.phoenixasso.com) Le Cabri Holiday Village, Duras 47120 Lot-et-Garonne There will be directions once you enter the village or please e-mail : [email protected] 10.00am to 14.30pm Donations of books, plants, CDs and DVDs gratefully received.
  23. Dear All This is your final reminder for our book sale taking place at Le Bourg, Rioux Martin, Chalais, 16210 on SATURDAY 16TH JUNE. 10:00hrs to 14:30hrs. ALL BOOKS, CDS AND DVDS WILL BE ONE EURO ONLY!!! Come along and support Phoenix Association and have a great day. All proceeds will go directly to helping animals so desperately in need. Direction signs will be erected in the village on the day. Food and drink and human jukebox available all day! Thank you Phoenix Association For more information contact Derek or Jane on [email protected] or telephone 05 45 98 93 50
  24. One Woman from The Dordogne’s 1800km Challenge for Phoenix Association – Santiago de Compostela or Bust! It was with a large amount of courage and determination that Christine Endres, from Lanquais in The Dordogne, set off on Wednesday 30th May on a tough sponsored challenge in aid of Phoenix Association, who rescue and re-home abused and abandoned animals. The challenge consists of a 900km cycle from the Médoc to the Atlantic coast of France, followed by a 900km walk along the famous pilgrim trail, The Camino de Santiago, from St Jean Pied de Port in south west France to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Jane Hunt, Public Relations Manager at Phoenix, interviewed Christine just before she set off: Christine, why did you take on this challenge? I completed a similar challenge two years ago to raise money for Phoenix, which turned out to be a real success. This year, I have become even more involved with Phoenix as I joined a new initiatives group, in which we have been brainstorming ways to support and sustain the organisation. I feel really motivated to have another attempt. Why did you choose these particular regions of France and Spain in which to carry out your challenge? As I am taking the first part of the challenge (the cycle) alone, I wanted something that was do-able, enjoyable, off-road as much as possible, and safe. A friend of mine had already walked the Canal Du Midi, and it sounded appealing, so I decided to extend the cycle along the Canal du Midi just a little bit by starting in The Médoc! In so far as the second part of the challenge, the walk, I’m completing this with a friend who asked me to go with her – I didn’t need asking twice! You’re walking the pilgrim trail - does this have any particular religious significance for you? Not exactly, but you really have to walk it to understand it. It definitely makes you feel very spiritual, emotional and aware of your surroundings and their history. What is the reaction of your friends and family to your adventure? I’ve always been adventurous, so they are not really surprised, but they do think I am mad! I completed my first sponsored event aged 12, when I did a 12 mile walk. Since then I have taken up various challenges, including the London Marathon, and I am always looking for something new. There will be some tough times on the challenge. What will be motivating you to keep going? Yes, it will be tough as I’m covering long distances in hot weather every day. I’ll have to camp wild on some parts of the cycle if I can’t find a campsite, and on the walk, I’ll be sleeping in basic hostels and carrying my possessions in my rucksack. Thinking of the animals in need is a great motivation. I also don’t like to fail. I’m fit and well and life is short and I believe that I have to do these things now while I still can. Why is Phoenix your charity of choice? I am an animal lover; I have 4 cats myself, and chickens! I often used to look at the Phoenix adoption page, and I first got in touch with them in 2010 to ask if I could raise money for them on my first Camino de Santiago challenge. They accepted straight away! I’m now very involved with Phoenix and I know, for example, their vet’s bills alone were €47,000 in 2011. I hope to make a difference. How do you think you’ll feel when you reach the end of your challenge? Emotional! I know I’ll cry! When I last walked the Camino de Santiago I was so exhausted, I was numb. Once I have recovered, I’ll be thinking about my next trip – probably Rome! To view a live map of Christine’s progress, please log on to her page on the Phoenix website at http://www.phoenixasso.com/challenge.html You can sponsor Christine online - every cent will motivate Christine throughout her challenge and will go to towards animals desperately in need. To find out more about Phoenix and how you can help, please visit www.phoenixasso.com
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