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  1. Aldi's mum and dad have split up and he is homeless from Friday 6th September. Aidi is chipped and fully vaccinated. He is, however, entire and so does not get on with male dogs. He is a family pet and fully trained. Aldi is in Dep't 17 For photos, and if you can help or have any questions please contact [email protected]
  2. THE largest Anglo-French fundraising event in South West France will return on Saturday 26th October 2013 at the Salle Municipal, Campsegret, 24140 from 9.30am to 3pm. Over 18,000 well-sorted and recent books, CDs and DVDs will once again be available to all for only €1 a piece! The popular crime and non-fiction sections will be even bigger than before and even a good assortment of French books will be on offer for those who wish to polish their language skills. Brand new, high quality books will be available for a steal at €2.50 each! As if many thousands of books, CDs and DVDs isn't enough, there will also be stalls with our famous Tombola, family puzzles and games, bric-a-brac, specialist antiquarian and children's books and lots more! Delicious home-made €1 savouries, tasty cakes, scones and other assorted goodies, along with hot and cold drinks will once again make it an unforgettable 'British' day in France! So come and make a day of it, browse, meet new people, join friends, have lunch and enjoy yourself. If you are a Facebook user, and would like to share a lift to the event, please join this group and follow the instructions at the top of the page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LiftShare/?fref=ts Please come along. You'll be supporting Phoenix Association to help care for and re-home animals in need. www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance General enquiries to: [email protected] Book Donation / Collection enquiries to: [email protected]
  3. MOXIE - 5 month-old Phoenix cat needs a home "I am Moxie, and did you know, I wouldn't be here in my comfy pen if it wasn't for Phoenix? They saved me and my brothers and sisters, as we were with our mummy in the pound and we were going to be euthanised. It makes me very sad to think about that, especially as now my mummy and all my siblings have been adopted, leaving just me.  I feel a bit lonely without them now but I do enjoying playing, so if you think you can provide me with a lifetime's supply of ping-pong balls, then I promise you I'll be a good girl." Moxie is microchipped (no. 250268730194829) and vaccinated and she is in Issac, 24400. Please Contact Lynda on [email protected] or telephone 05 53 81 30 44 Moxie is one of many kittens at Phoenix, so please have a look at our selection on our website, www.phoenixasso.com, or join us on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance. Thank you The Phoenix Team
  4. Hello, Thanks for your enquiry. Bella has found a home, but as Sue says, we have plenty more looking! Regards, Phoenix.
  5. Pepito and Chippy are the loveliest little ponies their Foster Carer has ever looked after! They are sweet, easy going and very affectionate and at 1.10m tall, are are almost small enough to fit in your pocket! We are baffled as to why they haven't been snapped up yet. Pepito is a 20 year-old gelding, who worked for many years in a riding school. Chippy is a 10 year-old mare, and although she's never been educated, she will happily have a child on her back.  Pepito and Chippy have both had laminitis. They are both fine now though and love to gallop and play with their equine friends. They do need to follow a strict diet though. Contact Patricia van Baarlen Tel: 05 53 50 40 76 Email: [email protected]
  6. BBQ in aid of The SPA (Société Protrectrice des Animaux)  - Friday 2nd August Bussière-Galant, 87230 - 12 noon. Opens midday, with Auction of Promises at 3pm Phoenix is delighted to have been invited to attend this event. Also there will be a cake stall, bric-a-brac, book stall, plants & preserves, live music, juggler and tombola. So, please come and see us there! All enquiries please to: Jenny 05 55 77 35 30 Annette 05 55 78 80 32 Thank You The Phoenix Team www.phoenixasso.com
  7. FLY - Adorable 10 Year Old Male Labrador Cross Needs A Home - Dordogne Fly (AKA McFly) was originally adopted from the SPA in Bergerac and was then abandoned. A neighbour took pity on him and gave this beautiful, loving dog a stable home. Tragically, she recently died, leaving poor Fly homeless again! He's now being fostered by a Phoenix volunteer. He's a smiley, happy boy. He loves being around people, is super with children and loves his walks and travelling in the car. He's excellent with other dogs, so would love a doggy companion/s to play with, but not good with cats or other small animals such as poultry, although he's fine with horses. Fly has had reasonable training already and is eager to please. He loves affection and he deserves to be loved because he gives so much back in return. Fly is in good condition, although does suffer from arthritis and so needs an ARA injection every 3 to 4 months (€46 per time) Fly is tattoo'd (no. 2 CTP 489), vaccinated (including against rabies) and neutered. If you can offer Fly a home, please contact Christine Korzaan on 05 53 24 38 08 or email [email protected] Thank You The Phoenix Team (Please see all of our success stories on our website, www.phoenixasso.com)
  8. TOY – 1 and a half Year Old Boxer x Labrador Boy - Phoenix Association.   Toy has been with Phoenix for a while now and is being over-looked. We're pretty sure people wouldn't be put off by his facial "feature" (read more below) as in our opinion, this makes him even more endearing!   We think it may be that people assume he's rough, just based on his appearance, but if you knew Toy, you'd know he is anything but.    Toy is ALWAYS happy - he gets on really well with other dogs, and is living with a ever-changing pack of animals, some of whom have issues - he didn’t even growl or retaliate at poor old blind Polo who snapped at him and bit his face after bumping into him, or when Shadow (who gets stressed) bit his waggy tail!   So, about his facial "feature" - sometime in his past he must have had a swipe to the head which has left him blind in one eye and deaf on that side. It has not affected his behaviour at all and he requires no treatment, except for eye drops and eye cleaning.   Toy would absolutely adore another lively dog to play with - all he wants to do is have fun, fun fun! Toy is very friendly with cats too.    Since being at Phoenix, he's been responding quickly to training. He's housetrained and he comes when called with a clap (provided he can see you or knows where you might be as he is unable to tell the direction of sound). He is not inclined to run-off but does like to explore, & does get distracted easily, so would need to go to somebody with an enclosed garden. He walks nicely on a lead but has also learnt to walk off lead.    He travels very well & loves going out in the car. Because he's such a fun-loving, lively and healthy chap, as soon as his head hits his pillow, he's off into the land of nod, no doubt having happy dreams!   There are plenty more photos of Toy, as well as some fun videos of him, on our website, www.phoenixasso.com - he is in Thiviers, Dordogne.   Toy is castrated, chipped, vaccinated, wormed & de-flead.    We know that the perfect owner is out there for Toy, so if you are interested in adopting him, please call Jackie & Andy on 05 53 52 06 23 or email [email protected] 
  9. POITEVAN PUPPIES - Born 17th March - 7 Boys and 1 Girl Seeking Very Good Homes Doggy mum Cindy, herself in a rescue home, was about to be adopted in Germany, when they found out she was pregnant! She gave birth to a whopping 13 pups! Katharina and friends stepped in and are looking for homes for them. These are fabulous pups. They were brought up by Cindy for 14 weeks and are very well socialised and have been very well cared for by Katharina and friends. The Poitevin is a tri-coloured Anglo hound. It is believed that these pups are pure breed. They are very, very sweet with people and despite misconceptions of hunting dogs, will NOT chase other household animals - they have all grown up with cats, a swan and ducks and they are all friends! Having said that, their breed does mean that they will follow scents and so a secure garden is a must, as well as training both on and off the lead. The puppies have had their first car rides and are walked with a harness. They are about to learn to be house-trained, and this work will be continued by their adopters. They are de-parasited and will leave with their microchip in place. Vaccination will be done according to the new owners (rabies or not etc.). A contribution towards costs will be required. The puppies are near Limoges. Contact Katharina for more information: or [email protected] Mum Cindy is happily adopted, and the remaining pups looking for homes are: Cherry Blossom: She loves contact with people but can also be on her own. She is very intelligent and thoughtful. She is very self-confident but sweet and just incredibly beautiful. She knows exactly how to work her charms… Chester: He is a very balanced little boy. He loves to cuddle! Hector: He is he biggest boy of all, he is very laid back and relaxed, and very playful. Herkules: He loves to rumble around with his brothers, but the next moment he will turn and look at you with his head on one side and his big eyes that say "butter wouldn't melt" - a charming boy who is very drawn to people. Hermes: He is he slimmest of them all, he was the first to walk and to explore everything. He is a very witty guy. He knows exactly what he wants, he is curious, wants to know about everything – he is just a cutie. Leon: With his beautiful big white collar, he is a handsome guy, and he is very balanced, playful and has a very healthy self confidence. He loves the company of humans and his animal pals. Noel: He is a very soft guy. He can often play and think for himself, a little philosopher, maybe the puppy who is he most likely to be happy as an only dog. Odin: He is very balanced, plays with his siblings but can also occupy himself. Seeks out the company of humans
  10. Thanks to all of you who support Phoenix Association. You may not be aware, hence this message, but we post all of our adoption stories on both our website and our Facebook page. Go to: http://www.phoenixasso.com/ and click on "Success Stories" in blue on the right hand side. or, http://www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance and click on Photos-Albums-Success Stories. If you "Like" the page, you'll be automatically notified when a new success story is published. We keep these updated on a daily basis, or as soon as any animal is successfully adopted. Thankfully, there are plenty of stories to share!
  11. Well, you're right, it is! But if you adopt one from Phoenix, we can help you. This is how: Firstly, every kitten adopted via Phoenix is microchipped and vaccinated. (In France, it's a legal requirement to have your cat identified, not to mention a reassurance should your cat get lost, and of course, who wouldn't want their cat vaccinated against disease?). If you visited an average vet in France, it would cost you anything from €100 to €130 to microchip and first-vaccinate your kitten and additionally, anything from €50 to €80 to second-vaccinate. At Phoenix, due to our favourable rates provided by our "Phoenix vets" it costs us much less. To cover our costs we ask, upon adoption, only: €80 for a cat who has been microchipped first-vaccinated. €110 for a cat who has been microchipped and first & second-vaccinated. This means that to adopt from Phoenix, it is significantly cheaper than adopting a 'free' kitten. What's more, you have the assurance of adopting from a reputable, experienced charity and should the adoption not work out, the right to return the kitten within 28 days. (It's our strict policy at Phoenix that all of our kittens are sterilised where age-appropriate. Similarly, this is done for us at favourable rates, and should you adopt a sterilised cat, we ask you for a contribution towards these; this nonetheless works out much cheaper for you than via a standard veterinary practice.) Please visit our website or Facebook pages for photos and description of the many cats and kittens we have needing homes. Thank you. Incidentally, you may wonder how Phoenix covers its costs? Phoenix is not state funded, and the only way we pay for our rescue animals to be rescued, vaccinated, identified, sterilised, transported and fed is through donations and fundraising. None of us at Phoenix are salaried, but we're all passionate about making animals' lives better. If you don't want to adopt an animal, but still want to help animals in need, then please visit our website and consider making a donation towards our ever-increasing costs - thank you. www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  12. Phoenix Book Stall at Foire de Monteton, 47120 If you missed the Great Phoenix Book Fair, then here's your chance to stock up on your summer reads. Phoenix is holding a book stall at this event - all books are for sale at only €1 for paperbacks and €2 for hardbacks. Also available are food and drink and artwork / artisan displays and sales. All enquiries please to Jenny on 05 53 89 59 35 or email [email protected] We hope to see you there. The Phoenix Team www.phoenixasso.com
  13. Spare a Thought for the Phoenix Kitten Team…! 12 tiny little hungry mouths, and imagine the noise. Our principle cat and kitten Foster Carer here at Phoenix, along with her husband, are currently bottle-feeding 12 abandoned kittens every 2 hours. As if that wasn't enough, they have 18 other foster cats and kittens in their care. We're not able to take in more abandoned cats and kittens until we can get these ones into loving, permanent homes, and so this is where we hope you can help us. If you'd like to adopt a cat or kitten, please contact Lynda on 05 53 81 30 44 or email [email protected] If you'd like to donate to Phoenix, to help us in our work in rescuing and re-homing animals, please visit our website www.phoenixasso.com and click on the 'Donate' button, or send a cheque, payable to Association Phoenix, to Les Jabauds, 24380, Vergt. Please note, Phoenix is not state-funded, we are all volunteers from the Président down and the only means of covering our huge costs is through donations and fundraising. No cat leaves Phoenix until it's microchipped, vaccinated, de-parasited and where age-appropriate, sterilised. A big thank you to all of you who support us - it means everything. The Phoenix Team www.phoenixasso.com
  14. Baz and Molly – 8 month old kittens looking for homes Baz (black and white boy cat) and Molly (black girl cat) were both born in autumn 2012 and both had bad starts to their lives. They arrived into Phoenix care thin and terrified, and although they're not related, Baz, the braver of the two, has led the way for Molly and helped her realise that life can now be fun! Baz loves to be stroked and he purrs and purrs when is tummy is rubbed! Molly has started to 'chat' and will now sit in her Foster Carer's lap. They both need a special, loving home, someone with patience who will continue to rehabilitate them, particularly Molly, and allow her to personality and confidence to thrive! Although they don't have to be re-homed together, it might be nice as Molly looks to Baz for confidence. She'd otherwise benefit from being in a calm household with perhaps another confident cat. Both cats are chipped and vaccinated. Baz is sterilised, Molly not yet, but she will be. If you're interested in finding out more, please contact Lynda Atkins on 05 53 81 30 44 or email [email protected] Thank you The Phoenix Team www.phoenixasso.com
  15. Please come to the Fête des Plantes at Jumilhac-le-Grand, Dordogne. It's on Wednesday 1st May from 10am to 5pm. Phoenix Association has been offered a stand on the day, in order to spread the word of the work we are doing to rescue and re-home animals in need, and we would love to have your support. There are, of course, plants galore on offer, so it's the perfect day to get stocked up for summer! We hope to see you there. The Phoenix Team www.phoenixasso.com
  16. Introducing the Phoenix Advice Centre In order to improve the welfare of animals in need, as well to enhance our service to the public, we at Phoenix have created an Advice Centre on our new website. Please visit: http://www.phoenixasso.com/ and click on Advice Centre on the right hand side of the home page. Topics covered are: - what to do if you lose or find a dog. - what to do if you lose or find a cat. - what to do if you find an abandoned litter of kittens. - what to do if you want to re-home your animal. as well as some useful dog training advice. You are also now able to join as a Member of Phoenix via the website. Phoenix is formed of a team of hard-working volunteers, and is always in need of your support. Thank you, The Phoenix Team
  17. Bella - 5 Year Old Golden Retriever Cross Girl seeks lady owner! Hello, my name is Bella and as you can see from my picture I am a healthy 5 year old golden retriever cross and I am in lovely foster home at Phoenix. I have been looking for a home for a while now as I have one major problem, I am still very scared of men. I have tried, but I just can't seem to get over it so it has put couples off that have come to see me. It has been difficult for me to adjust to normality but I do so love living again and having fun. Phoenix has decided I should live with a lady only, hence my appeal to you. So if you are on your own then maybe I could live with you? I have fears when you first meet me but with a little time and patience I promise you I will be a good girl and love and care for you just like I do with my foster family. In saying that, if you are a couple and have the patience of a saint then you could still come and meet me. People tell me time is a great healer, I hope so because I really would love a family I could call my own. I just want someone who will love me for who I am. I have not had an easy time in my life... in fact I had never been happy until now. I like to play with toys, especially balls and teddies, either on my own or with you. I also like to go for walks or a ride in the car but I don't mind just sitting and watching telly. I like to play with other dogs and I have lived with lots of other animals. I like cats as well as dogs and in fact you can introduce me slowly to all animals, as I am a very gentle girl (I really do understand the meaning of No, as I have heard it all my life!) For more information on me, please contact my foster mum Yvonne on: [email protected] (we live in Département 87) or call 06 02 38 20 70 Phoenix has a new website - perhaps you'd like to see more photos of me on it at www.phoenixasso.com Love, Bella. xx
  18. Hi, Thanks for the advice regarding the postings, and that's what we'll do! Regards, Phoenix.
  19. PEPITO & CHIPPY - Phoenix Ponies Looking for Homes Pepito and Chippy are very sweet and easy going ponies, who are looking for a home where they can stay together. Pepito and Chippy have a long history of severe laminitis. They are both fine now and can gallop all around with the other horses and ponies but of course their diet has to be strictly followed. Pepito is a 20 year old gelding who worked for many years in a riding school. Chippy, a 10 year old mare, has never been educated but you can put a child on her back without a problem. They are both about 1.10 high and need a lot of affection! Both ponies have been microchipped. 250259806035267 Pepito 250259806035164 Chippy Please more photos and more details, please contact Patricia on [email protected] or telephone 05 53 50 40 76 Thank You, The Phoenix Team www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  20. Spring Fayre - Saturday 20th April - 47120 Restaurant NostalgAir, 47120 Levignac de Guyenne From 10am to 4pm. Please come along to this fundraising event in aid of Phoenix Association, caring for and rehoming animals in need. On offer are clothing, produce, bric-a-brac, books, jewellery, consumables, toys & cakes, as well as hot lunchtime snacks and drinks. For details please telephone Vicky on 05 53 84 95 21 Thank you! Phoenix www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  21. Hello. It's Phoenix here and we are responsible for many of the animal related postings. The reason in the upsurge since last year is that Phoenix at last has a PR team! We're sorry that some of you feel that this regional section is being taken over by us. It's not our intention at all. We don't choose this forum due to restrictions elsewhere either. Phoenix complies with the law on identification of animals, so we are also able to use forums such as AngloINFO (which are restrictive to animals without ID). We advertise in as many forums as we can out of necessity. We post in this regional section deliberately and this is, of course, to reach local people. There is no point someone in Alsace getting excited about adopting an animal, to find out that the animal is in the Dordogne. We don't want to be a pain, and so we'll ask the Administrator for advice. THANK YOU to all the very many of you who support Phoenix and our work. Please feel free to email Phoenix PR directly on [email protected] Phoenix.
  22. Thank you Sue - it's Jane posting today - I don't know how to do the photos and have no time at the moment to work it out. Thank you so much.
  23. Haddock has been looking for a new home for some time now, but there's nothing at all fishy about him! At 2 months old he arrived on the doorstep of a family who took him in. Since then, he grew and grew. The family claim he's too cumbersome and they don't invest much time in him, so now he now spends too much time sad and alone. This is particularly sad for Haddock as he's a bouncing goofball who would love to charge about and have fun all day! He adores people, gets on well with dogs and cats and is chipped and sterilised. His race is mixed - probably labrador crossed with something bigger! Haddock lives in Gers near Valence-sur-Baîse. Please contact : Isabelle 06 11 89 63 65 or email [email protected] - Isabelle is a neighbour who is helping to look for a new home for Haddock. She is French speaking, but please contact Phoenix if you need translation assistance. Thank you Phoenix wwww.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance (PHOTOS OF HADDOCK HERE IN PRIVATE REHOMINGS ALBUM)
  24. MISTY - 20 year old pony - home needed URGENTLY!! A kind and brave Phoenix team member, Jenny, was horrified to find out about a local shetland-type pony suffering from terrible neglect. Poor Misty had been found alone in a field with terrible curled up hooves. As she could hardly stand or walk, she spend most of her days just laying down, waiting for somebody to care. Thankfully, Phoenix and ASHA were called on for help, and meanwhile Jenny did an amazing job in negotiating delicately with Misty's owners for permission to treat Misty. A farrier was called out straight away and made Misty's life a little better by giving her hooves a good trim and issuing painkillers and medication. As Misty's owners are ill and incapable of doing anything for her, we are now URGENTLY looking for a new home (we have the owner's permission to release her) where she will have people to care for her (she does have laminitis) and with other equines to keep her company. Once bought as a pony for children, 20 year old Misty has been neglected for many years, but still has a very sweet temperament. Who can offer this courageous girl a loving forever home? Misty is in Pompadour, 87700. You will need to arrange transport to collect her please. Please contact Patricia on 05 53 50 40 76 or email [email protected] Thank you Phoenix www.phoenixasso.comwww.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
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