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  1. Sorry just to clarify ....both my GP and my Hospital Specialist have provided medical certificates saying I am unable to work. Will that cut any ice?
  2. Dear All I came to live in france 4 years ago with an E121 which gives me the right to a carte vitale. I am in my 40's but was retired early on grounds of ill health. I am in receipt of an employers pension which means I do not recieve any IB but retain an underlying right to it. I have an ALD which requires treatment costing more than 1000€ a month. I have been called for a medical exam next week as part of the transition to ESA. It seems the main thrust of this change by the UK government is to remove as many people from the statistics as possible and I am very concerned having seen the unbelievable harsh & rigid criteria. I am absolutely at my wits end. Does anyone have any experience of this process? Has anyone lost their right to a carte vitale as a result? Have you then been successfully accepted into the CMU if you have been resident in france for under 5 years. As this is completley unforseen would this count as a life change? I would really appreciate hearing from others who are in a similar situation to me. Please only helpful responses!!
  3. thanks I'll give him a ring and see what his charges are
  4. Thanks for the lead. I've had a look but he is a long way from me in the north of the Department. Shame as his service looks interesting.
  5. Sorry forgot to mention ...will of course be remunerated :)
  6. Hi All I'm looking for a man with a van who would be able to help me collect a large oak table from Cahors and deliver it to Ste Alauzie (between Montcuq & Castelnau Montratier). The table is around 7ft long and 3ft wide. It's also pretty heavy. If you or anyone you know could help please let me know.
  7. He's lovely!! If i didn't have miserable Mona I'd take him like a shot. I'm used to escape artists with my old border terrier who was the artful dodger ....I was forvere getting calls to come to pick her up from the local school when she had wandered into a classroom!! Good luck...I'm sure he won't take long to home ♥
  8. Thanks Jouals...really it is only possible because things have improved significantly...there were a few hisses from Mona yesterday but nothing like before and they both seem to have far fewer scratches on their heads these days :). I was getting very worried as the weather got colder. We now have my partners teenage daughter living with us fulltime as she tragically lost her mother quite recently. Its really tough for her and Brian seems to realise that she needs cuddles and has been curling up with her which is lovely. So often animals can do what us lesser beings can't. A simple purr and and a little nuzzel, and a tousled head to ruffle really helps when you are down. Lots of love to everyone who has offered help & support in Brian's search for love....I guess it was always just under his nose :D
  9. These are red spider mites and they are probably gathering on the tiles because they are warm. The problem is their larva as these bite and embed themslves into the your skin and then itch like mad. The larva are known as Aouters here because they are at their worse in August. They are microscopic so you don't see them. They tend to embed themselves in warm areas like around waistlines and under clothing straps. At first I thought I was getting bitten by mosquitoes but when I consulted my Doc he nodded sagely and said "aouters". You can buy products for them at the parmacy but generally they advise to keep out of long grass in the late summer....hope that helps :)
  10. Hi All who are following this thread, today a decision had to be made! After all this time a lady phoned in response to our announcement for Brian on le bon coin at the beginning of September. So we had to decide whether to let him go and....we couldn't do it. We have both grown to love the big softy and now that things have definately improved between him and Mona we really want to try to keep them both. I don't think they will ever be best mates but if they can tolerate each other then they can both have a happy warm home with lots of love & cuddles.....and Brian can stay stretched out on "his" bed!! :D
  11. Hi I know how stressful and upsetting it can be especially when you as a human being knows that there is no need for it as there are enough cosy spots, food love & affection to go around. I can't tell you how happy I was to find them together this morning and I haven't even made the bed as I don't want to disturb them...yes they are still there :D I hope pheromone spray works I used to use something like that for my dogs (when they were alive) when we travelled and it seemed to work really well. Good luck with finding a home for Sid. I haven't had any luck...everyone says how gorgeous Brian is but everyone wants a kitten. Can't think why...a loving well socialised & sterilised cat is far better than a mad thing that tears around the house ripping up the soft furnishings! Good luck and I hope the truce here continues as the nights are getting colder now.
  12. Thanks Val. My partners daughter is french but she is a student living in a small bedsit so 2 cats isn't practical and plus Brian is used to having the freedom to roam. However I have got some good news that in the last few weeks there seems to have been a thawing in relations between Brian & Mona and this week they have been passing within a few feet of each other without fighting. Then this morning a miracle happened! I just went into the bedroom and found the BOTH curled up on our bed within a couple of feet of each other sleeping peacefully :D perhaps she has finally accepted his presence after all these months of fighting. I do hope so because they are both such lovely cats but very different and I love them both ♥
  13. Thanks Jo, we still haven't found a home for him and the fighting continues which is really distressing for both the cats. I must post some more pictures because he's bigger now and everyone says how beautiful he is. The problem is not Brian it is Mona our existing cat. My partners daughter has been here for the last 2 weeks with her young cat and Mona has been agressive with him too and yet Brian and Lico (the young cat) have played together wonderfully and have been inseperable. Now they have gone back home Brian is really missinghis new pal and looking everywhere for him. Brian really does need a good home before the winter as Mona will not tolerate him anywhere in the house and she attacks him :( There must be a place for him in someone's heart ♥
  14. Thanks so much Jouals. We're still looking but it seems everyone just wants tiny kittens. We're still spreading the word.
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