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  1. The Aboriginal people, were here long before the "white" settelers, they claim 40000years, but with only some finger paintings on cave walls, it a bit hard to tell, IN MY opinion! And thats a touchy subject, over here for most people, wont go in to it on here, but the traditional Aboriginal people who still live their traditional ways are a fascinating and unique part of Australia and worth the effort if you have the opourtunity.
  2. Hi thanks again to everyone for their input, we are going to go with the wife uk passpot option at thi stage and see if we can make that work for us, it been good to hear from people who have been down this road and actually live in france, some of the websites i have looked through just dont have the right sort of info. and i have to fly across australia to get to the french embassy in Sydney with an appointment to get any info from them. For all those whowant to come here, Oz is a very big place, lots of wide open spaces, and you cant drive around it in three weeks in a hire van, as we see alot of EU people try to do. The scenery changes from state to state as does the climate, it has a lots of natural wonders, but as a civilisation our history is only a couple hundred years old. Cheers mate.
  3. My kids are 10, 9 and 6, which is why we keen to do something next year, before it too much disturbance to schooling, it looking like we go for the wife uk passport option, and see how we go from there. But as i said above we do have english speaking relatives in NL and wife cousin, Auntie and grandmother all still live in UK. Exploring our options. Whaat problems are there coming to OZ as some on this forum have mentioned???
  4. Hi thanks all for your input, at no stage have we assumed this would be a walk in the park experience, yes my wife speaks french, and yes we are still reasearching lots of stuff, but finding the info we want is not easy, hence i joined this forum and thank you all again for your input. On a even longer shot, my mother is dutch, but immigrated when she was a child, but my grand parents have been back a couple of times, and we had relatives who live there come to OZ for a holiday late last year, im trying to contact them at the moment, Whats your views of the Netherlands? Thanks
  5. Its looking like that might be the easier way, i think its easier to move to uk and visit France and the rest of europe, but i would be looking for a job in vehicle restorations, as thats what i do here at the moment, just dosent sound as exciting moving to uk as we were after the whole culture/lifestyle experience of moving to a foreign country. I ve been trying to find car restoration businesses in france on the internet but cant seem to find any, suerly with all the wealth in the south of france there must be some collectors of classic cars? and someone to restore them? Any body know of any? thanks.
  6. Hi we are considering a change of lifestyle for a couploe of years, and looking at up and moving to france, i just found this site and looks helpful. We only have australian passports (yet to use them). we been looking for info on how to go about it all, i would need to find a job, and a place to live for family (wife & 3 young kids). From what i have found out its a complex process getting a long stay visa,as you have to have booked plane tickets etc, before you find out if can get Visa to get there!?. The other possibility lies in that my Father in law is a pom, but been in oz for 35 years, but still has family living in England, so that might be a easier way in?
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