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  1. I know the situation re internet etc changes rapidly and is dependent on local circumstances, but I thought I'd post this question, anyway, and would be really glad for any responses, even if they point us to another source of info! My (French) partner and I are moving permanently to France this summer - to 86 Chauvigny or, rather, a village about a mile from Chauvigny. At the moment, there is no telephone or anything in the house and no one (including helpful neighbours) seems to be able to tell us what the previous occupant's telephone number was, so we're starting with a blank sheet. Have any of you recommendations for best options for: Fixed line telephone Reliable broadband Mobile telephone contract (we each have UK mobiles, in good condition, and wonder whether we could take those with us and 'unlock'(?) them?) ? We would like the possibility of: Free/cheap international calls - especially in Europe and to fixed lines; Watching BBC television (although this is not essential) We're deeply ignorant - here in England as much as in France - about what goes with what and what possibilities there are, so forgive me if the question isn't well formulated! With thanks and best wishes Paul
  2. This is posted on behalf of friends who do not have internet access and are in the process of moving to Plouray, where they already have a property, with 11 (yep, ELEVEN) cats! If anyone knows of a good vet (and they don't speak French, unfortunately), they would be very grateful for the information; any other feline info also welcome! With thanks and best wishes Pabster
  3. Hi In process of retiring to France (permanently resident in 86 from Summer 2012) and am attempting to stave off ageing - and greatly enjoying it - by cycling in the UK. Would like to buy a road/touring bike in France, for use there, before The Final Move. My present UK bike (bought 2010) is brilliant and was quite cheap: a Specialized Roubaix base model at £599. Does anyone have any recommendations for ANY cycling-related websites, including, most immediately, any recommended online retailers of bikes? My eventual location will be 86 Chauvigny. Thanks and best wishes.
  4. Thank you to all the previous posters: I'm really grateful to you for taking the time to read and reply. To Val d'ouest: Yep - sensible suggestion and I had posted in the 'West' forum, which covers Poitou-Charentes and got one good recommendation, although it's a long way from home (well over an hour's drive, I'd say.) To virginia c and Robbie34: It's reasuring that we should be able to buy medication: he's on Atopica and on a monthly immuno-suppressant injection which the consultant dermatologist supplies once a year (at £350 a pop!) Our big worry is that he needs loads of vet visits to prevent cysts developing and then 'bursting' and bleeding, since that leads to lameness, pain and potentially serious infection. And you're so right: it's awful seeing them suffer - from a bright, affectionate, vocal and very funny little dog, he lapses into a whimpering, lethargic shadow of what he was. Anyway, once again, a very sincere thank you (and more suggestions/comments still welcome!)
  5. My (French) partner and I are moving to Chauvigny next year and are spending longer periods there more frequently now. We have a Cairn Terrier who has multiple problems and just wondered whether anyone knew of any particularly good vets in the region (Poitiers and Chatellerault would be within feasible distances)? Thanks and best wishes Paul
  6. My (French) partner and I are moving to Chauvigny, next year, and are spending time there increasingly often and for longer periods. We haven't yet taken our dog -an 8 y.o. Cairn Terrier who suffers from really severe atopic dermatitis. When this flares up - 3/4 times a year - his paws bleed severely and he's lame and in intense pain. A few questions: 1. Does anyone know of any particularly good vets in the area (Poitiers and Chatellerault would be within easy reach)? 2. Does anyone have any recommendations for good pet insurance? Realistically, no one is going to insure him for this pre-existing condition, I know. Any thoughts or shared experiences would be very welcome. With thanks and best wishes Paul
  7. Hi Frank You posted this a long time ago, so probably have an answer. However, if not, I've been in contact with Abeille de la Vienne, who have given me brilliant information and seem very friendly indeed: http://abeille.vienne.free.fr/main.php I'm an amateur beekeeper, making a move (eventually permanent) from Lincolnshire to 86 Chauvigny. Would be good to meet you some time, if you are setting up or already have done. Paul
  8. Stupid me! Just looked him up in Pages Jaunes and he's in the Deux Sevres. Sorry for posting previous query.
  9. Would be really interested in knowing Ian Parrington's whereabouts in Poitou-Charentes, as we are in the process of moving to 86 Chauvigny.
  10. THAT's the name that escaped me! MAny thanks to you AND to Clair for the ING suggestion. Any more new suggestions welcome... Does anyone have experience with ING or Boursorama? Thanks again Paul
  11. Does anyone know of (and, if so, have any comments on) any French banks which are roughly equivalent to the First Direct model? It works exclusively by telephone and internet and has served us brilliantly in the UK. My (French) partner and I have just purchased a house in 86 Chauvigny, with a view to making a permanent move there in 2012. Between us, have a current a/c with the Caisse d’Epargne (Nord) and Credit Agricole (Poitou-Charentes.) C d’Ep have been utterly rubbish (and not just because our a/c is in the wrong region) and CA pretty good, but we miss the service (and lower charges) we get in the UK. I dimly recall a conversation with a French person last year, in which he said that there were already some ‘telephone banks’, but they were still not popular; stupidly, I don’t remember any names. Any thoughts gratefully received…..
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