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  1. [quote user="Yonner"]I'm ok for a lift thanks Sauce, but am staggered by the cr4p you've been given over this, but then again...maybe I should just adopt a "what did you expect" shrug.

    ALBF, your posts have come on leaps and bounds recently. Balanced, entertaining of course, genuine even. So much so I was considering lifting the "ner ner nee ner ner" sentence. Alas, parole denied.

    If I were you Sauce, unless you get a kick from it, don't feed the attention seekers.[/quote]

    I'm afraid all I expected was only anyone who might want a bit of transport would respond?

  2. That's about it sid, I've not been here for a few years until now as I was quite happy, am quite happy, prepping for retirement, enjoying the sun and pool. Its incredible the thread led to the assumption based comment that's been posted, some as a direct result of reading what's not actually there.

    Not sure I mentioned bringing French paint, or English, except I won't bring it because its a bugger to clean if spilt on the family heirlooms! (mixed loads). My only preference, having tried many, very expensive French exterior paints, is for exterior Sandtex gloss which works out about half price, and has good resistance to extreme heat (on shutters) given proper back to wood preparation.

    The plasterboard I'm using, for a French plaque/platre system for outer walls (which are not stone, but wafer thin brick) is from Leclerc.

    I have a friend who gets UK trade on insulation, so bought enough 75mm Celotex to insulate loft spaces in a re-roofed grenier (which introduced Tyvek TLX uv25 to our French roofers),and our gite, which is already paying dividends in retained warmth and reduced energy costs. The roof is tuile canal, so the membrane prevents leaks making it through, should we get any slippage, and gives a small degree of insulation. The 75 mm C.Tex between rafters, and 100mm wool between joists in ceiling, mean I control almost all energy loss, from living space, down to virtually zero, and who wouldn't unless you win the lottery every week, as energy cost will continue to rise and the pension we'll get is fixed. Like I said insulation support net at low cost is easier than most to install wool into joists while spaces are open.

    Boron paints and injection into timber are a reasonably environmentally friendly cure all for wood boring insects and dry rot mycelium. we've had the termite treated but I'm belt and braces here - everything that lives eats wood!

    I don't really have a language problem, after 17 years owning and prior stints working and hitching France; but there are things better in France, and those better in England.

    The Thermalites just happen to fit between joists above wall plates, with minimum cutting, where replacing rotten wood beams has loosened the original old brick and mortar infill atop wall plates. Beton cellulaire wasn't right sizes or thickness's without dusty days cutting and cementing. Extra noggins will help too.

    No additional heating, bar the chiminee, so 3 bites on the heat - direct into room, for water via back boiler, and from forced warm air out of chiminee air space. I have half a hectare of woodland, coppiced and mixed timber, so aim to cut bought in energy to as close to zero, after dropping a big b*****k running the gite off tank propane which nearly bankrupted us prior to insulation.

    Electrics and plumbing, all French, lady artisans too.

    I've posted - the rest is French, and very pleased with quality and price too.

    I've done my research, priced every bit with 3 or more quotes on stuff (we work too hard to give it away), checked with trades here and in France for availability etc.

    This is why I'm not rammed full every trip, and ergo my offer.

    I didn't want an epistle, just trying to help, so hope its now clear, its all been thought through, and I'll avail myself of French "liberte", and do my gaff the way I please, while letting others do the same.

    Now, space anyone?
  3. [quote user="BritinBretagne"]He might be starting with lovely stone walls but he’s renovating. That will mean covering all that lovely stone with insulation, plasterboard, British plaster and British paint. It’s much easier to buy a new estate house anywhere in the UK if you’re after that sort of ambience.[/quote]

    and you may as well live in Cornwall or Wales if Brittany is your "ambience" (wtf is that anyway).

    You don't know me, the area, the house, my plans, but the bile still flows. None of your business really, so please, respectfully, butt out.

  4. A shotgun shack in the forest. Miles from any stone walls but tonnes of cheap fuel on cold winter nights.

    I did do normal, once. Didn't like it.

  5. But not here as Forum rule 3 clearly says, please keep to the original topic of the thread.

    I think you might start a new thread with title "My self built and much improved French paradise, for comments" might draw all the attention you need. Go on, be a devil.
  6. Please, oh please post some photographs of your exclusive and no doubt superb refurbishments to your properties. I'm sure we could all deal with our inferiority complex once we've virtually visited your perfectly hand built examples of paradise you wax so lyrically about. Please, pretty please.

    Oh hang on, I thought you said that's a mugs game? Er, slightly confused.

  7. I do yes, and really enjoy to-ing, not so much fro-ing.
  8. Oh, and if I want to start an in depth discussion of merits or otherwise of various French v English building material, or techniques, of entirely no relevance to transport, I will of course go to the forum section on building. There is one I believe.
  9. Meanwhile...... I'll have a bit of space in my van, trip down, mid Jan. If anybody has got past the distraction posts, and is interested, not too far off my beaten track (see OP) I'd be pleased to help.

    Most things bar paint.
  10. Er, underpriced "pigeon netting" actually. 100m roll of 2m wide at £23.

    Compares favourably with all net for bird control, (at least that I could find on Google) except better on a roll as its easily rolled out across the chantier. I tried French bird netting but gave up as its in a shite pack, all screwed up, a pain to unravel and work with while teetering on open floors. If they'd got Netlon on a roll as I use for my fruit cages I'd have used it, but again I'd rather be insulating (French wool) or laying floors than doing a nationwide brico search.

    Too much tea not good for the brain.
  11. OK, this ones gonna run and run Its "today" and yes its nice here after a frosty start.

    Using/used French roof tiles, timber (lots), double glaze windows, cements and mortars. French chimney boiler insert, and warm air system, plumbing, immersion (not rads).

    Stuff I'm taking (already mentioned) is readily available in UK so I don't need to visit umpteen outlets getting a "non", wasting valuable down time, it fits the spec and is much cheaper even than UK builders merchants if bought online.

    Oh BTW don't feel stupid, Jewsons hadn't heard of ISN, despite it being a building regs requirement in UK now.
  12. Thankyou Betty. I've got that from previous posts I made, which is why I've not been here for a while. It was just a thought, and offer of help!

    You are of course closest. It is in fact, netting, which supports.... wait for it - insulation.

    I have dropped ceilings and am replacing floorboards above, so rolling out and then stapling this inside and across joists allows the roll out of wool insulation into the spaces between, nice and tight, without the itch, before replacing boards. It can be used as you suggest too on uprights between studs, though I'm using French metal plaque system for walls and ceilings and it fits snug - mostly.
  13. If you need a travel agent any time, van costs 190E return with cabin each way, 95E fuel so 380E return in comfort.

    Are you familiar with the "now you don't want to do it like that" chap off Harry Enfield?
  14. Its also "they're" and "hey".

    Since I'm not able to transport myself a la Star Trek, I drive. I drive a van, and bring materials I need which are not (I checked - several times) available near me in France. I also use the van to pick up materials which are available near me in France or to dechette stuff (hope that meets with approval).

    I bring my furniture too sometimes, as I largely live in the UK for now. Hence the route - down!

    Perhaps you need my advice if you pay 600Euros. Well over the odds mate, nearly double, but not free hence my offer of mutual assistance to people, who don't have a van.
  15. Looks like yer missing a lot mate. Brain cells, manners and humility being a few, reading and comprehension looks a bit poor as well as geography. Can't you go bother someone else if theres FA on TV?
  16. [quote user="Théière"]Oh might as well put my oar in [:)]

    Insulation support netting, is that render mesh? if so I have seen it.  Brico depot were also selling a reflective breather membrane not unlike TLX silver a while back and that was a good price as I ran out on my TLX from the UK [Www]

    It's still a kind offer of van space less we all forget that is what's on offer not a life coaching session.


    Good guess, but nope. Don't need mesh for render if applied right. Think I'll offer prizes next. As for transport, beginning to wish I'd not bothered.
  17. Agreed on plaster, French stuff's sh1T.

    Had to laugh at "artisans" doing a small entrée insurance job for us.

    3 blokes, bloody huge plaster caked machine, umpteen bags, loads of mess, and walls looked like an ice rink post Torville and Dean, that many float scrapes.

    British gypsum every time.
  18. Nope, beton cellulaire is different in thermal values, and dimensions available.

    You can google the rest. You build with it.
  19. Eh? Guess you must be an expert then? Thermalite blocks; not available in my bit of France. Insulation support netting. Unheard of in all my local builders merchants. Boron - rods and paint (no not being rude begins with a B and is also not stocked). Kingspan insulation bought wholesale here. Hard to get at my mates rates. TLX breathable membrane. SFTV foil vapour etc etc. List goes on. I buy plenty of French materials, and pay my taxes, but thanks for belated heads up, we've only been there 17 years.
  20. Having decided (at my age) to renovate another part of our gaff for the kids, I'm up and down with a van part filled with materials or nearly empty (mainly up). If you aren't too far off the Cherbourg, Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux, Landes route or vice versa, and have need of transport, in return for a small contribution against fuel/tolls, please feel free to PM me. I have 2 trips planned, in Jan 2018 return early Feb, and another down end of March/April 2018. Pleased to help, just need a bit of notice.
  21. Er not so actually. Just after our purchase of the house I had a rather nasty appendix burst, septicaemia et all and was off for a considerable time, and the bank paid mortgage repayments twice, from the insurance.

  22. Its a cross Channel ferry for heavens sake, as cheap as chips, not a World Cruise. Frankly on the night ferry I want to kip, not listen to anybody except the safety announcement, as I have a bit of a jaunt, either side. For a third the price of Brittany it could be Capn Pugwash for all I care.

  23. Thanks for input.

    Of course if there is no infestation ( and the house doesn't appear to be disappearing) then I'm not about to make a fuss, as we would be re-treating one anyway. Its a different ball game I would think if it was noted that termites were eating at point of sale and nothing was done about it, as, correct me if I'm wrong but since 1999 its been an offence not to treat if you knowingly have the little so and so's?

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