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  1. So i have a love of forums!  I even meet my husband 11 years ago via the net.  I don't do anything before i consult the god google! I have found that the french aren't very net savy and they don't frequent forums like us Aussies, brits and Americans.  So i thought i might add a list of french property forums as i found them: http://www.forumconstruire.com/ http://www.aujardin.org/ http://www.savoirtoutfaire.com/ I will add to this list as i remember more! Cordialement Jay
  2. Yeah damn Canadian sites! They have so many good forums!   Thats one complait i have with our francophone friends here in France, they don't know the value of a good forum! Cordialement Jaymee
  3. Chancer:  http://www.linternaute.com/pratique/vos-droits/logement/acheter/357/acheter-un-logement-hlm.html That tells you who and how to buy a HLM Jay
  4. It would be ashame if this post had to be taken down due to mudslinging. I truely feel that social housing has an influence on property prices, either augmenting it or decreasing it.  There is no racism or hidden agenda behind my original post only an honest dislike for the look of HLM towers. I didn't think i would be the only non french person who would agree with that statement but the world is diverse. I think many people thinking of buying in the Il De France would be interested in the in sites of people who have brought property adjacent to HLM residences in order to factor in the price they should pay. People should not judge others or read slurs in simple questions. Jay
  5. Hello everyone, I am wanting to prearrange building permission for a house extension with a roof that is a balcony of the same size as the room below. I don't know if this is called a terrace if it is on the second floor or a balcony? I am imagining a large decked surface. When i ask for a translation for deck i get pont of course.  I know the french have terraces, véranda's and balcons. The room extension will be to enlarge the sejour and hopefully i could get a door put in to replace a window on the second floor so that you could go upstairs and out onto the "deck". Any help on how to explain this or on balcony laws in france would be very welcome The house is in the Bourg style and of course has a slopped roof.  I wouldn't want the deck to be roofed but of course the under section extension will be insulated for all round year use. Kindest regards Jay  
  6. Thanks Will. Yes my problem is the look of the tower blocks not the people in them. I have noticed some graffiti around town but it seems to be tags and not any racial slur. The people that live in the tower blocks are your average french families. Down the road a ways there is Les mureaux which has a large diverse ethic group. I love the town and it is perfect as it is.  It's just the town is under going some major changes.  The house i love and we will have a 25 year mortgage on and at least live there for the next ten years of my live and my children's childhoods has a magnificent view. Just down the road from this house is a large very old furniture factory.  This house is in walking distant to the schools and the centre of town, supermarket,  thats why i like it! It's also where they are trying to putting more social logements because it is in easy access of all town facilities. I have read the town plans saying they don't have room for any large low rent residences and will be continuing to add low density low income housing to provide for maule's needs. There is another house we like across town and far away from where they are currently putting low income logements but right next to the college.  It backs onto a forest and then a field. The house is unloved though and will need worth.  The land size is twice the size.   The First house 30 years old and in as perfect condition as the day it was built. I just don't want a ugly tower unit block springing up beside me even if the queen of England lived there. So does anyone know if i can find out if this is going to happen in the next ten years or no one can tell? Cordialement Jaymee
  7. Thanks Gardengirl i appreciate reading what you said! Cordialement Jay
  8. Actually I am just wondering what other peoples experiences have been buying into towns with large HLM's in them. Sounds like you all have had a great experience which is great! Jay
  9. Thanks everyone I know with Maule (78580) if you want to google map it.  That the marie asked to control the level and density of  social housing in the area but the state denied them this right.  At the moment there is one HLM complex called La cité Dauphine and there is a number of renovated houses with one or two houses flats int he area. The thing that concerns me is this town is 18Km from mantes le jolie the most notourious HLM in Europe and the train link runs directly there. this town is also 18 ks from St nom le bretenche where they place another golf course before a social logement. I like the area but worries me is if they build more hlm cités!  The town has around 6000 people with at least 2000 living in the Dauphine. I have read a lot of french documents also where the Dauphine residence feel they are not welcome and their feelings not taken into the consideration of the town plan. The town has put in a cinema and a stadium with the express purpose of trying to entertain the young people of the logements. So all this sounds like a normal healthy french town to you? I have lived in Boulogne billancourt (92) for 3 years so i don't know anything of french town life. Tony F:  It's my husband that has begged me to settle in France i would choose Australia any day of the week. Jay
  10. I am Australian and in Australia yes i would be worried. Jay
  11. Hello everyone Thankyou so much for all your replies to my other thread! I have narrowed down my property search to the town of Maule and have found a property i love there. However Maule (78580) has a HLM.  A very small one and another low cost housing in blocks of two and three units else where in the town. Is this a reason to not buy in the town?  I can see more social housing being erected down the line.  Will this be detrimental to my life and my property value? a buyers agent told me that social housing was a requirment of nearly every town. I truly love this house. But ..... Jay  
  12. I thankyou all Beaucoup! I am sorry for my late reply but i have had troubles logging in!   Graciously fix by the kind moderators of this site! I truely have hated to be that fly by nighter who never response to good advice so mille fois merci! Since this post i have been searching for a property to buy and have had a 110% loan granted.   but i will start a new thread to explain the new perdicament! Merci beaucoup Jay
  13. Hello everyone, My husband and i have lived in paris for the last two years and have decided to try and buy a house with land from between 300k-350k I was wondering if anyone thought waiting for spring would bring more or less properties to the market (for that price range) Also if anyone knows any good mortage brokers or estate agents for this area i would be glad to have the details. kindest regards Jay
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