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Spare parts for Lidl stuff.


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As well as my quality tools I also have a selection of Lidl stuff, cordless hammer drill, cordless regular drill, multitool, jigsaw, cordless circular saw etc.
The battery pack that powers the hammer drill is also interchangeable with the circular saw, so when the circular saw battery failed I was able to use the battery from the drill.

Now that is ok until that battery packs up. However, I was able to overcome this possible situation having found THIS German company that stocks spares ( not the actual tool) for all Lidl goods, Parkside, Florabest, Silvercrest, Biffnet etc.
The new battery pack was €20, ordered last Monday received Thursday with NO delivery charge.

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Another plus 1.

And just as an added comment, if a machine breaks during the guarantee period, I have found the Lidl and Aldi service centres (as shown in the back of the manuals) exceptional in the work they do. In the two failures I have had, they have not only repaired the fault but also changed some other components which were worn - perhaps they just replaced the whole unit, but either way one satisfied bunny here.
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