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Child Abuse


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Well, should he have the right to walk down a pavement without being assaulted by a load of drunken(?) demonstrators? Of course he should. And the police have a duty to protect his right, which they seem to have done.

For the boy, no worse than a decent rugby scrum!

It was perhaps unwise to take the boy outside but perhaps he wanted to boy to be witness to one of the great political events of our time, no bad thing.

This is no more abuse than the parents who kept their kids in London and other city centres during the Blitz.

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Only for response by people less than 70 yrs of age or with open minds.

Ok not child abuse per se, but was it not a bad thing to drag his 12yr old kid into a photo opportunité and a subsequent opportunity in the house to play the victim. Not many MPs asked for escort and absolutely no problems occurred.

What father would take a child into that environment -

unless for political reasons.

Nb - I have not partaken this evening as per usual.

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