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Do you lot all know each other?!

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[quote user="Cathy"]

This is surreal - did Lavender really post in 2004?  How on earth did that happen?

Are we a clique here?  I think not.  There's too many of us.  It is weird though having all you virtual friends out there - I don't let too many of my UK friends know about this Forum as I'm not sure they would understand!


Exactly the same here Cathy, none of my UK friends know of my secret life on this forum, I don't think they would understand either!

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Agree 100% Saligo Bay.  You can take them or leave them whenever it suits you.  You never have to debate with yourself, "Should I invite them back or not?"

You can have a spat with them and, in the very next post, you can virtually kiss and make up.

I'd never actually thought of it like that but, now that you have mentioned it, I can see all the benefits and none of the downsides!

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