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free flights with ryanair today

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Yes I managed to book Nantes - East Midlands  next Feb half term for €12 return,  €4  connect card charge,   just a little miffed the following day when the same flight was REDUCED!!!!!   to €2 return as no bank card  charges !!



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We booked with Ryanair a few weeks ago and we need to get to Bristol so we are having to fly from Begerac, probaly a good 2 to 3 hour drive from us. We thought the price per person was very good then on went the taxes, baggage charge and they charged us 20 euros for the privilage of booking with them so I for one are not too impressed with this airline.  We could have driven but it is almost six hours to the ferry which is OK going as not far to travel the other side but a pain coming back having to drive all that time after a six hour crossing. We normally fly La Rochelle to Bristol but they stop flights during the winter months. Wish Ryanair would do Poitiers to Bristol that would be great for us but I suppose the volume of people trying to get to the West County does not warrant it.
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