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Small corner of van/var needed, E.Anglia(ish) to SW France in January or February


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A long shot I know, but is there anyone out there who is travelling from the UK to SW France in late January or February and has some small space in their van/car/whatever? We're moving from north Norfolk to a rented house near Castelnaudary and although most of our worldly goods will be in store until we buy somewhere, we need to transport a few bits and pieces that we can't live without but won't fit into the car! Basically we're looking at something like a couple of boxes and maybe 4 or 5 suitcases.

Happy to transport to where you are (anywhere in E.Anglia/SE England/Midlands) and collect from you in France, and obviously will contribute to costs. Any suggestions/offers gratefully received! Thanks.

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I will probably be coming back to France in both Jan and Feb with an empty Espace, so should be able to fit in what you need.  I am in the Vienne, on the border with the Charente if that is of any use to you.  I could meet you somewhere around London area for the pick-up.  If that's any use, let me know and we can wok something out.


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