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I like french mayo, just about any make will do, I like the mayo I make. What I can't stand is anything I have yet bought in the UK especially the worst of the worst, Hellmans. I have no idea what that sickly cream is about but it doesn't taste like mayo to me and I don't know how they can call it mayo either.

What I don't understand is that when I got to France the mayo I bought  when I first arrived was no different to the ones I used to buy in the UK, with the exception of Hellman's which always used to be different to the others and equally sickly as it is now.


Have I missed any decent french style ones in the UK.


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I like Hellmans and really dislike most of the French mayos I've tried. I find French mayos overwhelm most of the lighter flavours - seafood etc. As Alexis says, too much mustard. Although I must try Leclerc's Eco mayo as apparently there's not so much mustard in that. In the meantime, I panic buy Hellmans each time I'm back in the UK. Or make my own - but raw egg yolks are considered a scary ingredient nowadays.
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Amora do a wide range of mayo, which I really like.

I can't abide Hellmans either. How the Dutch can have it on chips - well it's just a waste of a good chip!

But Amora tomato ketchup -that is awful according to my daughter who is a bit of an expert on such matters.

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I like the LeClerc Eco brand very much.  I don't taste any dijon in it.

I think it is probably all a matter of what you get used to.

I still miss the much lower fat versions of ANY mayo.  I have seen the lighter versions they sell here and they are okay...., but still a bit sweet for me and still too filled with fat.

Would eat chicken salad or potatoe salad more often if I could find a lower fat mayo..

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It just goes to show that it takes all sorts etc.

We dislike Helmans too and we always bring back from France Benedicta mayo in the handy squeezy bottle, along with the booze etc.

One word of advice avoid any french mayo with Dijon in the title it will really be loaded with mustard and is an acquired taste - and not by us


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