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Gingeur (trade name) or a gluggable non alcoholic wine


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Bought some lemon sirop here last week. It's Lidl own brand. Absolutely no sweetener in the ingredients of any kind. If you want "sharp", I'll post it to you. I've never liked sweet drinks, but you can practically feel this stripping the enamel off your teeth. I tried it once....
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No, I don't like sharp.  Betty, do have a try of the Antésite, concentré de réglisse, whose link I posted a couple of posts ago.  First on left, second row of pictures.

Sans sucres, sans édulcorants, aromes naturels......tastes like a grown-up's drink and not unsophisticted with fizzy water, colouring it a pale yellow!

I could get properly addicted BUT it's no good if you don't like anise.

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Good that people have different tastes - trying different drinks is probably the only way to eventually find your favorite.

As an anecdote my brother, a couple of years ago, bought a small farm (UK so non-viable) and in the first summer the water from a local source dried up - his OH was definitely not impressed. That lasted for several weeks and eventually, given that the local farmers around were wanting crazy amounts to put mains water pipes under their fields (poor people -not!), the best option was to drill a well. Fortunately the contractors were aware of the farm as the person he outbid at the auction had already asked for a quote and knew the lie of the land. Brother was at the time totally ignorant of the problem but knew that it was off the mains!

When the water finally oozed out from deep (very deep: drillling like oil wells!) my brother just drank it but his OH was very skeptical. It did taste "different". It was tested and confirmed OK. His OH was happy to drink it after that and now its treated as "potable".

Moral of the story - depends on taste.

Can I perhaps just add that the area in which his farm lies is within an area that produces perhaps the UKs most prestigious mineral water. - at a very high premium to the consumer.

NB Personnally when in France its normally alcoholic - Pastis and various aperos being favorites closely followed by wine. But when its very hot and needing hydration then cold/iced water through the fridge with a touch of the cordial from those metallic bottles in supermarkets. One of our neighbours goes absolutely doolally at the suggestion of cold water - bad for the throat apparently!!
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Mint.....I'm not a fan of anise/réglisse...☹ my default non alcoholic drink is probably tomato juice, but not with meals.

I ordered a glass of rosé at the bar a couple of weeks ago and so confused the patronne ( who has known me for years and never seen me drink alcohol) that when she brought my order, she brought me a grand crème. It took us both some minutes to realise her mistake....
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Grand crème.....ha! ha!  At least it wasn't a grand marnier, I suppose.

But do look on the site, as there are various other options and the quality of what I bought is excellent.....it does what it says on the bottle, the operative word (whose meaning I had to look up but which you won't) being désaltérant!

It's the shape and size of a hip flask, so discreet for secreting on one's body or in one's handbag.  Oh, oh, I've forgotten, you wouldn't know about hip flasks[:-))]

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