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why would your cursor/arrow not move?


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I seem to be unable to move my cursor or arrow for minutes at a time.  Then, all of a sudden, it would be mobile again.  It's very annoying if you are reading something and it all comes to a standstill.

Just minutes ago, the thing stopped completely and no amount of jiggling the keys and changing programmes got it moving again.  In fact, couldn't even shut down.  And this is with the brand new computer about a week delivered.

Any has any suggestions, svp?

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Not that it really helps with your mouse problem Sweets but if it stops working you can shutdown and restart the computer from the keyboard.

Press the Windows key + M

Then press Alt + F4

This should give you this screen: (works the same in Windows 7)


Use the left/right or up/down arrows to choose between Shutdown/Sleep/Restart/Log Off/Switch User.

I couldn't say why your touchpad is freezing, it's quite possible the machine is faulty, but as a backup get yourself a cheap wired USB mouse.

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Do you mean a touchpad at the bottom of a portable computer, what I am using now as i dont have a mouse?

if so then mine locks up every time that my pinky strays to the top left where there is a tiny micro-dot, touch that and it lights up orange and the cursor is blocked, took me months to find a way of getting it to work rather than forcing a shutdown, now CTRL ALT DEL will bring me back to the windows log in and the cursor will work again.

I would love to know how to disable this stupid feature, it did it today while a freind was here, he has the same problem and didnt know how to overcome it, maybe thats two people in one day!!

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Thanks, everybody, in my desperation to shut down before going off to the gym, I did the unforgiveable and closed down using the on-off button![:-))]

When I started it off again, it did some updates and was perfectly fine after that.

I googled the problem and, apparently, if you press FN and F9 or F7, the mouse will move again.  BUT, I haven't had to resort to this so can't say if it will work or not.

Erns, I have noted your suggestion; got it written down on a bit of bright orange paper and should be able to find it if, probably WHEN, I need to.

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