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Hello ladies out there and maybe some gents?

For anyone who is a fan of FU like me for gifts for friends/family & of course for the OH oh and not forgetting for myself, I have recently discovered AB which is cheaper and delivery is free if you spend over £20/E25 compared to FU which is free for purchases over £30/E40 euros.

If you are not aware, it's necessary with FU to check out the price for the same article on their .fr .com & .uk .eu sites as the normal price can differ for the same item and the special offers differ from site to site as well some being much better than others. So for me, it's farewell FU and hello AB.

Mrs KG
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EDIT  deleting original post

My internet keeps going on and off, on my tablet I couldn't see the heading and just looked up FU, with trepidation and couldn't find anything.

Just looked at the sites, and they look OK. I suppose a decent idea for gifts for the UK, but in France, I never found prices OTT for such items.

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