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My heart is sinking [:(]

We must be the only people in France who cannot tune our TV to TF1.

We don't have sattellite, so no Freeview.

We have a Freebox, but non of the channels on that are showing the footie. (Canal + Sport showed the first England game but since then it's been Golf or Badminton [geek])

We've fined tuned the TV, but to no avail.   We can just about pick up M6, so we get some matched through a snowstorm-

Has anybody got any ideas what we can do??


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Check your neighbours houses to make sure you have line of sight to the sattelite then spend Euros 39 for an analogue dish and decoder at Castorama system and 15 Euros for a ground mount and block on concrete ?

Find a bar with a grand Ecran ?

Post where you live in France and ask if anybody local will be watching and can you peak from behind the sofa

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so gutted that we didn't get to see it, but I had text messages coming out of my ears, and we did as you suggested and kept up to date online.

At the weekend we'll be heading down to the pub to watch!

My dad, ever the voice of optimism (not!) has now written England off.  Now, this could mean good things, because my dad usually gets it horrbily wrong [;-)]

Let's hope so hey!


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You mentioned a ground mount and block on concrete.  What is this, and where do you buy it?  It could be very good for our holiday home where we are not allowed to mount satellite dishes on the outside of the house.  At present we have an 80 cm dish mounted in a plastic parasol stand, which we take in every night, but the dish rotates in wind.



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Basically the are a pole welded to a flat plate say 30 cms by 30 cms. If you put four bolts into the terrace you could probably attach at with wing nuts and washers. Alternatively a couple of concrete blocks form a Brico ( Castorama - Leroy Merlin etc) would also work but make it harder to put away each night. Link below to Castorama site but most of the French sheds have them. 


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Wonderful hubby came went to L'Eclerc and bought and internal amplified arial for 19 EUROS, now we can pick up all the terrestrial channels!  Yipee!!

Goodness knows how other folks in this block manage as the main arial is obviously rubbish.


I'm happy now [:)][:D][:)]


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