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  1. The boy done good! (with a bit of luck and thanks to Glock[kiss])
  2. We have used the following kennels for our three dogs and can highly recommend them: http://www.limousinservices.com/    
  3. I booked a return ticket for OH last night for December so he can go and see his mum before Christmas (I'm working so can't go) and it was only 20 euros return; even though his La Poste CB card says it is Visa Electron the Ryanair site wouldn't accept it - only as a Visa card so charged 10 euros. We are still well chuffed though with that, and his mum (a very lively 81) is now very excited, bless her [:)]
  4. KLM, Air France and BA all fly from Bordeaux to Dublin - any good?
  5. I don't know if this link is any help: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2004/jan/25/gardens
  6. The new presenter on GW reminds me of the guy who presents the nature section on 'The One Show', can't remember his name off hand, but they are both as soppy as each other! I wasn't into gardening when Percy Thrower presented the show, but I loved Geoff Hamilton, and to a slightly lesser extent Alan Titchmarsh. I like Monty Don, but OH can't stand him or Carol Klein OR Joe Swift, so watching the previous series was difficult with all the mutterings in the background [:@]. Sarah Raven gets on my nerves, the new girl, Alys, though is lovely; as is Rachel deT (funny there were never any mutterings when she was on [;-)]). What's happened to Chris Beardshaw, he would be a great presenter for GW (if he can bear to be parted from his helicopter![:)])
  7. To me that looks more like a young blue tit - could it be? It looks as though it is still getting it's feathers, which would make it a very late hatching, although perhaps with the good weather we've had the parents had another brood. As far as I know Goldcrests do not have any blue on them, but I'm no expert.
  8. Look just like Stag Beetle lavae to me. We have quite a few in our garden, and there were some shown on 'The One Show' last night as the Stag Beetle is in serious decline in England at present due to people tidying up their gardens too much and not leaving any old/rotten wood around for the lavae to live in.
  9. [quote user="Ron Avery"]    However, I think orange has problems as the speed has been variable for a couple of week or so, plus lots of E mail access problems. [/quote] Glad you happen to mention that Ron, I thought it was just a problem with my e-mail connection, very slow at the moment.[:(]
  10. "The only thing was that at night, the dad said " he's hungry, he needs his mum !! " " You mean he he woke up!! My OH used to sleep through the whole night feeds/nappy changing even though I had the bedside light on! But I do agree that as he was doing physical work all day I didn't mind as I could catch up when baby was asleep - usually after lunch. This also continued with the second baby as well, but with the third I went back to part-time night duty when he was six months old and as No 3 never went through the night (not crying, wanting to play at 3.00 am [:-))] until about 18 months old OH used to have to get up to him [:)]
  11. My mother advised me when I was expecting our first baby to scrub my nipples with a cold flannel every day whilst pregnant in order to 'toughen them up' ready for breast feeding - I must admit it certainly helped. I fed him for six months during which time we visited London on a day trip where I fed him in one of Harrods 'Ladies Rest Room' - whilst sitting in a corner in a very comfortable chair an elderly lady came up to me and said 'well done, dear, it is so nice to see a mother feeding her own baby in this day and age'! This was 1972[:)]  Mind you I found that no-one warns you of the contraction pains you get when you first start to breast feed while the uterus shrinks back to normal size - I found that almost worse than the birthing pains![:'(]
  12. I would have no problem in making an offer on anything in either a Troc or Emmaus - they can only say no after all! When we bought quite a few items from Emmaus (about 6 years ago) we bargained for all of them, got a good price and everyone was happy. Although Emmaus is founded on charitable principles it is not quite the same as giving to a charity directly, so I don't think there is any reason why you shouldn't try and bargain a bit.              
  13. Local Motoculture/agricultural dealers will often have a good deal on secondhand re-conditioned machines. Three years ago we bought a secondhand John Deere from our local place - sold with a 1 year guarantee from them, and we have found them very helpful if we have had a problem or needed spares. The chains are not always the best place in France to shop!
  14. What Network ID ? unless it is 0002 you are aimed at the wrong satellite What transport signal id does it show. Unless it is 07d4 you are aimed at the wrong satellite You were absolutely right - although I had done some more searching after posting my question and found the same information on a site for Caravans/Mobile homes. We were on the wrong satellite - well OH was, I was just shouting up the ladder what I could see on the screen[:)]. Many thanks for your prompt reply (as always).    
  15. We have just moved house and have been trying to set up our Sky satellite dish again. We get perfect Signal Strength and almost perfect Signal Quality on the Signal Test screen, and the Lock Indicator says OK, but this only lasts for a few seconds and then disappears. If we try to get a channel it (not suprisingly) says no satellite signal is being received. We have used a satellite finder meter and get a good strength of signal off that. Can anyone suggest why we can't get the signal to hold and lock in?
  16. I think, but not sure, that Emmaus at St Priest Taurion open at 2.00 pm on most week days, but all day on Saturdays.
  17. Thanks, I'll look into it, it sounds a better bet than PAYG for us.
  18. My M-in-L kindly bought my husband and myself PAYG mobile phones when she was here last October, as we only wanted them for occassional/emergency use. However, I didn't realise that, unlike the UK, there is a time limit for using the credit you buy and we've found that we are not using up what we put on the phone, so wasting money. Can anyone suggest the simplest and cheapest/cost effective tariff  (presumably monthly direct debit?) that we could change to so that the phones were available for use at any time - rather than wanting to make a call and find our credit time limit is up!
  19. Well, if it's not the site I'm not sure what it is! (see my posting above this evening)
  20. I was in the UK for three weeks after Easter, due to family bereavment, and ever since I returned to France I'm having trouble with the forum. Either I have to sign in, or if I'm shown as signed in it is not recognised when I want to reply to a posting and I have to sign in again. What on earth is going on? I've never had this problem before - I've remained signed in to the site for several years without any mishap.
  21. I would have thought that as a CdH is essentially staying in a person's private home, then the smoking ban would not apply. If the proprietor of the property is a smoker, who smokes in the house, then you can't expect visitors not to smoke inside either!
  22. I worked in the NHS, and for years have said that if people were given an itemised account of the cost of their treatment when they left hospital (not to be paid, but for information) they would then, perhaps, appreciate how much it actually costs to treat and look after them. Perhaps it should be extended to their visits to the GP and A&E!
  23. Rich1972 wrote: "I'm completely in support of the 'free at the point of use' ideology"   .........."As I said in my first post, I was planning on having a year off to fix my house up before working (I haven't got two-years NI contributions as I've been studying and have only worked for the last 12 months so I'll have to get full cover) but no problems are insurmountable!" You also stated in the other post that you are now 36 - never mind non-British EU residents, what about a few years contributions from yourself?[Www]
  24. I found Evening Primrose helped a lot with PMT. The worst thing for me was that for the last 6-7 years I got a migraine every month about a week before my period was due. Luckily an understanding GP gave me an Immigran injection pen so I could treat myself as soon as the migraine struck. Thankfully they have disappeared since the menopause, although the hot flushes still occassionaly occur, how long do they take to disappear? By the way, I think the PMT symptoms have transferred to OH - anyone heard whether this is possible?[Www]  
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