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  1. Sorry for the delay in replying. This is a Sony Vaio model PCG-F403 and I found the website for this model which is: http://support.vaio.sony.eu/computing/vaio/specifications/index.aspx?l=en_GB&m=PCG-F403 It seems that this laptop was loaded with Yamaha controllers for the sound, according to the above site so I've looked for information on those but as there are several different ones and I don't know which ones I had and at this point I was getting rather bogged down in technical stuff! I have phoned the guy who ownes the machine (who lives in Dublin) and he's not sure whether he still has the original disks, but will look.  
  2. Personally I wouldn't give you a thank you for champagne, or any sparkling wine, but I hope you enjoyed it and Merry Christmas!
  3. [quote user="Payrac-man"] Hi Find the device manager in the control panel, it's a sub menu so hunt for it. Look for question marks especially the audio driver If its got one you will have to re-install the driver. If it says the device is working Ok it's something else. Check volume not turned down in speaker settings. If it has USB (will be only USB 1) try plugging in something like a usb headset and then some speakers into that (win 98 will require drivers for such a device) If you now have sound it may be a hardware fault but it is rare. How old and what spec laptop unless it is very low spec it will run XP. Merry Xmas   [/quote] Thanks everyone for suggestions and I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas day; however the above advice I've put in red seems to have found the problem. In the device manager there is a yellow question mark against the 'PCI Multimedia Audio Device' and tells me the Multimedia drivers are not installed, but when I follow the directions to re-install the driver it says it can't do it. Any further advice please? The laptop has 64MB SDRAM, 6.0 GB hard drive and Intel Pentium III processor 450 MHz.
  4. I seem to have 'lost' the sound on this laptop. It is an old one that was lent to me as my computer has died, and is still running Windows 98. Recently I haven't been able to find any way of getting the sound to work - it was fine and I wonder if I have deleted something I shouldn't have done! Can anyone suggest (in simple steps please) what I should do to restore the sound. I've looked at various 'Help' topics, but am still no wiser.
  5. Have a lovely Christmas and if you see my son - who lives in Tooting - tell him to ring his mother.[;-)]
  6. If we are really brave (!) and take the card out will the annoying message disappear from our screen?
  7. Well, what a load of rubbish. Ryan Giggs!!! No doubt he is an excellent footballer (so my OH tells me) but Sports Personality of the Year......give me a break! He hasn't achieved anything this year that he hasn't done other years so why not wait until he retires (which must be soon) and give him a Lifetime Achievement award. David Hay was much more deserving of something, as was Mark Cavendish. I'm pleased for Miss Ennis and Mr Button though. Hiss, Boo, Humbug[:@][:@][:'(][:@]
  8.   [quote user="Edward Trunk"]I've never worn any special clothing when using a chainsaw, and the grimpeur and elageur who took down several large trees for me didn't wear any either. Well more fool them is all that I can say. I'm sceptical about what kind of clothing would protect you from a chainsaw going full blast, The whole point of the kevlar is that it does stop the chain from ripping into your leg and I think it probable that you would be more likely to make an arror when padded, gloved, earmuffed and goggled. The gloves are padded to help absorb the vibration, the ear protectors do what they say - protect your hearing - and the shield attached to the helmet protects your eyes. When you are working all day with chainsaws you are glad of the help they all give. Of course chainsaw companies will sell you lots of "protective" clothing. But they don't make you buy them. You do that yourself if you have any sense. I am sure that in the UK the Health & Safety people will soon turn their attention to chainsaws, and you will be able to use them only having undergone a month's training and be accompanied by two paramedics. Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first drive mad.[/quote] Well, I'm sure you know best
  9. [quote user="Edward Trunk"]What are "chainsaw trousers"? And "helmet, gloves, etc?" Are you a man or a mouse? Squeak up![/quote] Chainsaw trousers have a kevlar lining to help prevent accidents if the saw slips or bounces off the wood. The helmet has an eye shield and ear protectors, and the gloves are large gauntlet style Our son was a tree surgeon and told us some horror stories of mistakes that people had made when using chainsaws. Anyone who thinks they don't need to wear protective gear when using one of these leathal machines is an idiot, so I applaude the OP for his sensible attitude.
  10. Sweet Peas are readily available over here, so not too exclusively British. You can buy parsnip seeds here but most French people don't know them as I was told they are considered an 'ancient' veg that went out of fashion and are only just now returning. Runner beans sound a good idea but perhaps make sure he knows they will be climbers and need some space. (And don't forget to tell him how to cook them too!)
  11. Suninfrance said it was a nut that was planted - the castor oil plant grows from a bean, I started three off this year.
  12. We moved house last year and have a mature peach tree in the garden that is north facing, and not particularly sheltered from east or west. This year it was groaning with peaches, we had so many I didn't know what to do with them all.
  13. Thanks Will, that was not wanted I wanted to hear, but I think you might be right! Getting a new one is not too much of a problem as even if I can't order for delivery to France we have friends coming over soon who could bring one. Thanks for the link too. AnOther, thanks for the information - I had found that when I Googled, but as the light on the remote is not flashing it won't help me in this instance.
  14. Our remote control for the Sky box has suddenly stopped working. I have changed the batteries to no effect. We can change channels using the controls on the Sky box. I have Googled the problem and read various suggestions for re-setting the remote, but all the solutions presume that the infrared on the remote is working, which ours isn't. Has it died permanently, or can anyone suggest what might be wrong? (I'm finding it frustrating not being able to get the TV Guide up on the screen!)
  15. Chancer - as I said we only had to get the CT before re-registering. The repair was not as extensive as many we have had in the past in the UK! (Husband is a panel beater)  It was front end damage and from what I can remember there was a new wing, front panel, bonnet etc. It was only a Metro and was just for a 'run around' for me although I was not impressed with having come all the way to live in France and be bought an English car, particularly that one as I never liked Metros anyway!
  16. Chancer wrote: "I keep looking longingly at the damaged repairables in a yard that I pass on the way to Brico-depot, i am not sure what the system is in France but bringing one over would circumvent it if there is one." Several years ago we bought a damaged car from our local salvage yard, and buying the parts needed to repair it as part of the deal; they held the CG which they passed to us when we bought the car. Once my husband had repaired it we got it CT'd then took the CG to the Prefecture for re-registering in our name (we also had to change the department number as it happened). There were no problems with any of it.   ,
  17. Yes, a real gentleman and a talented manager. May he rest in peace.
  18. [quote user="Pierre ZFP"] You could be a little late for pickled walnuts. You have to catch 'em before the shell of the nut has hardened and you should be able to pass a needle or similar right through. I make the mistake of getting them too late once and nearly broke my teeth on the result. Sorry if you already know this, not trying to teach you to pickle eggs [;-)]   [/quote] Alas, I think you may be right [:(] Oh well, always next year.......
  19. Thank you Polly, and everyone else for the various links. I had Googled but didn't find those links! I'm also going to have another go at pickling some walnuts. Last time I tried them I used Hugh F-W's recipe but made the brine too strong and it made them too salty. It suprises me that pickled walnuts are not done here considering everything else they do with them!
  20. I am growing my first lot of cornichons, but now wondering what to do with them regarding their pickling. Can anyone help?
  21. Carrots are, suprisingly, one of the more difficult veg to grow. They don't like stoney ground, as it stunts the growth and that might be one of the problems your friend has. As Andy says if they feed the soil in the autumn for next year it will probably help.
  22. As Tony says I think it is comfrey you are thinking of for a feed. I have been wondering where to find it in France.
  23. You will be very lucky to buy a cheap van in France! Secondhand vehicles here are a lot more expensive than the UK, and tend to have much higher mileage (kms!), and have been driven quite hard usually. You would be better to look elsewhere in Europe if you want LHD (Netherlands or Spain perhaps) or buy RHD in UK - where you could get one already converted with a kitchen.
  24. One of the things I have noticed when you get the 'pub' for the various supermarkets is that they always have the same things on promo - for example if SuperU have pork as a special, so do Intermarche or whoever. The fuel prices are always the same as well even when they are about 500 mtrs apart along the road. There does not seem to be the same competitive merchandising here as in UK. Another thing I wish they would do is have a reduced shelf for things near the end of their sell by dates rather than just clearing the shelves - the only thing that seems to be sold off are the stale bread and pastries!  
  25. Yes, I agree that Massa was a real gentleman and I did feel sorry for him especially as he must have thought on the last lap that he had probably done it.
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