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  1. Have a look for 2nd hand ones here: www.leboncoin.fr  Maybe the seller would deliver for the price of the fuel?
  2. [quote user="Iceni"] [quote user="Rob Roy"]  Edit: what is the problem with this forum that quotes are showing as above? This never used to happen for me - only since I got Windows 7. [/quote] It's not a forum issue - it's you. I solved this prob on my machine by clicking on the "Compatability view" icon in the top row. John [/quote] Great,  found the Compatability View eventually, thanks John
  3. Our village hairdresser is brilliant - she listens to what you want and delivers, much more cheaply than in the UK. She would also like to learn more English so we have rather mixed language conversations! Added to that she's young and pretty - when my husband met her he thought it was time he went back to paying for his haircut, rather than letting me do it with the clippers!
  4. [quote user="Mac"]Is this the same fish that is called River Cobbler in the UK? If it is the when I worked for a large supermarket we sold this fish and it was farmed in Vietnam and not taken from the rivers. We also sold it smoked at it is a very tasty fish and a good alternative to the dearer fish.[/quote] I think it is the same thing, it was used on "Saturday Kitchen" not long ago in a recipe and all the chefs were extolling its virtues. Edit: what is the problem with this forum that quotes are showing as above? This never used to happen for me - only since I got Windows 7.
  5. I also have a clay soil and we are relatively exposed. My roses do well - Pierre de Rosard is a beautiful climber, but I have bought all mine in France. I have a tall blue sage that is very happy, Helenium, Shasta daisy, Iris, Hosta, various Poppies, Perenial Sunflowers and Michelmas Daisy are others that thrive and come up each year.
  6. I'm feeling all nostalgic now, a real trip down memory lane hearing all those old names. I've been on this forum for at least 10 years, but like many others had to re-register with another name when the website went a bit haywire (from what I can remember - or maybe I did!). I always thought Mazan, Dick Smith and Punch, amongst others, contributed 'really interesting observations' that kept things ticking along at a good pace.
  7. Could they be bullace? http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/b/bullac86.html
  8. I've resurrected this thread which I found by a 'Search' because I wondered if anyone could give me an up to date quote of what they pay/charge for change over/cleaning of a three bedroom gite with two shower rooms plus a third toilet/cloakroom. I've looked at the links for the Management Companies, but don't feel these are quite so relevant as paying an individual.
  9. Will, I just wondered if you have changed any of the listed software in your useful 'sticky'. I have a new laptop and will be installing your recommendations, unless anything's changed. Should I also always install all updates flagged up by the various software I have loaded - Adobe Acrobat for instance?
  10. Thank you. That little chap (or chapess?) was snuffling around our garden for 4 - 5 days. It didn't seem a bit bothered by us unless we got very, very close. Unfortunately it was really difficult to try and get a shot of it with it's head up, as it was searching for food all the time of course.
  11. There is definately something funny happening here. As I said I post pictures a lot on another forum and le Bon Coin and have never had a problem. I just tried again with another picture here and it is still not coming up as a photo. I double checked what I had copied from Photobucket and it read as you suggested Krusty, and as I know it should but it doesn't come onto the forum post like that... [IMG]http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i312/Bouillaguet/Garden%20and%20Nature/Newpictures037.jpg[/IMG] Edit: It even showed the picture in preview but not now! Edit again: border="0" /> - What's this? it seems to be replacing [img] at the end of the link between the time I put the link on the message and it transfers to the forum screen.
  12. Lovely photos - I love going to Gimel, although I'm too mean to pay to see the falls so we take the walk by the river through the woods instead. I also really enjoy visiting the small artisan shops, there is one particular jewellery/pottery shop I could buy the whole stock of!
  13. Grrrr! I notice the 'img' at the end of the thread is not showing on the posting, although it did when it was in the message box. Could that be the problem?
  14. OK, lets see - <a href="http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i312/Bouillaguet/Cats%20and%20Kittens/Babyandherkitten.jpg" target="_blank" title="http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i312/Bouillaguet/Cats%20and%20Kittens/Babyandherkitten.jpg"><img src="http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i312/Bouillaguet/Cats%20and%20Kittens/th_Babyandherkitten.jpg" border="0" /></a>
  15. I usually have no problems posting photos on various web forums, or on Le Bon Coin, but getting them on here is defeating me for some reason. I have read the sticky here about how to post pictures - most of my pictures I upload to Photobucket anyway as a back-up measure - but I'm obviously doing something wrong! All that comes up on a posting is the techie jargon about the picture. Help please, it is so frustrating!
  16. I get my eggs each day - sometimes three, sometimes four. Someone somewhere isn't pulling their weight as we have five chickens. Mind you we are getting our own mini egg mountain so perhaps it's not such a bad thing!
  17. [quote user="chrisb"][quote user="JandM"]Goats.[/quote] or Eeyore [/quote] Eeyore was a year old on Monday, he might be a bit small to cope with the whole paddock! [IMG]http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i312/Bouillaguet/Eeyore%20birthday%20pictures/BirthdayBoy.jpg[/IMG] You might need his mum, Mabel, and friend, Mack, to help too - [IMG]http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i312/Bouillaguet/The%20Donkeys/MabelandMackgrazing.jpg[/IMG]
  18. [quote user="AnOther"][quote user="chateaubriant"]I have a hobby of repairing and restoration my collection of Italian cars[/quote]A full time occupation then [:D][:D][:D] You will of course need Certificates of Conformity for all the equipment and have to convert it to LHD [blink] Gas for a MIG will be a big problem, even C02, (and doubtless you'll be needing a lot). It's not freely available here and because of different connectors it's practically imposible to get UK sourced cylinders refilled. You can buy the tiny throw away bottles but they are impossibly expensive for anything other than the occasional hobbyist - no good for you then [Www] I have no idea what I will do when my full size Oxy/Acetylene bottles run out. I brought 2 full ones over (don't ask how) and hopefully they will last a few years [blink] BTW, given their ages (30 years +) you should have little difficulty registering them as Vehicule de Collection throught the FFVE. [/quote] My OH tells me that our local builders yard stock Oxy/acetylene bottles and argon. I used to drive a Fiat 124 Sport many years ago, it was several years after I sold it that I realised how much I liked it! Nearly as much as my Renault Gordini.[:D]
  19. [quote user="Callie"]We suddenly found ourselves in the France Telecom annuaire, under our listing with a mobile phone number and Mr Callie as being an estate agent !!!! Heaven knows where or who made that one up. Must get on to Orange and make sure it's deleted next year..... Kas33 - you could always ask them to send you a copy of the 'signed contract' by registered post ![/quote] We have just received our new annuaire and the delivery person insisted there was one for each of us. When I looked up our name and private address my name was down with our home number, which is fine as I'm the registered person with France Telecom, but my husband was also down with a '0962' number listed. We have no idea where this has come from and have never been asked for any payment for it. However after registering as an auto-entrepreneur in 2009 he received a bill for over 200 euros (can't remember exactly) for a Pages Jeunes listing, which we had never asked for. From previous experience in the UK when I worked for small companies that also used to get bills for Yellow Pages without signing contracts with them I was not too worried about this, and have just ignored it. Should I try and find out where the 0962 number comes from? I tried ringing it and suprise, suprise it went to answerphone! I think perhaps I should ask France Telecom where they got the number from, what do you think?
  20. We had Monkfish in Mussell and Saffron sauce for Christmas dinner - it was delicious[:)] Sweet, you said something about Mascapone pastry - where did you find the recipe please?
  21. OK, when I download and the little screen comes up asking whether to 'open' or 'save to computer' etc what do I do and where to I save it to? After saving it do I have to do anything else? Sorry to be such a computer idiot.[8-)] I'm OK using the software, but coping with the 'workings' is another matter!
  22. Sorry for the delay in replying. This is a Sony Vaio model PCG-F403 and I found the website for this model which is: http://support.vaio.sony.eu/computing/vaio/specifications/index.aspx?l=en_GB&m=PCG-F403 It seems that this laptop was loaded with Yamaha controllers for the sound, according to the above site so I've looked for information on those but as there are several different ones and I don't know which ones I had and at this point I was getting rather bogged down in technical stuff! I have phoned the guy who ownes the machine (who lives in Dublin) and he's not sure whether he still has the original disks, but will look.  
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