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  1. K Rend is used extensively now in the UK - we are just about to K Rend a student accommodation building on the Portsmouth Hard. It's a durable through colour finish for external walls
  2. Check the gate in your stop cock hasn't dropped
  3. We are Charchigne...I was a plumbist in a previous life,
  4. I would far prefer to buy a house in France that has been rewired in the French way. Twenty different types of cable, exposed conductors, panel pins through fabric sheathed cables, paper and lead, and earth spike rotted to nothing. Yeah far safer than our new cabinets with a proper rated French breaker and correctly sized cables, routed properly in containment.
  5. Phew that's ok then ..lets hope the Tories don't put forward a euthanasia for the over forties vote and stand against it.
  6. What has ruined all our chances are the 'Chiselling Classes' When I was young (so oooo last century) we had public services, streets got swept, gas lights (really) got lit, Police walked the beat, nurses and doctors were respected members of society and to work for the corporation was a job for life. We, nowadays live our lives vicariously, hanging onto social media and the like as though it's the truth ...we question the Bible (other 'holy books' are available) Yet are creating a modern day 'truth' which just isn't 'true' Corporate greed has chiselled away at the very fabric of our existence..somewhere in this post it was mentioned that some have 'gold plated' pensions from their employment ...we know that they only exist for the mega wealthy now..but why? 'We can't afford it, the National Debt, we need to be competitive...la la la..It is all ovoid meaty nonsense! All these terms mean is that the guys at the top want our money to pay top their shareholder chums to keep them being the guys at the top. Get rid of the chisellers, take back what was ours in the first place - not the chisellers..and those days of man on the beat and junior doctor not pilloried can return..but then 'we need to be competitive....Hang on..that guy has got uncomfortably near the truth..QUICK!! who can we demonise or start a war with??? Every time I hear Cameron's now widely adopted 'Our Britain' I would cheerily choke the vacuous idiot spouting it.... So back to the original issue...protest vote...why would we have a protest vote 'to hell with the consequences'? Because, dear readers ..if you haven't fallen asleep yet...because our young, our old, our services dependent, our poor, our working class Northern neighbours have all been Royally shafted by the chisellers and that is the real reason for Brexit. Sadly had our Brexit voting friends really thought about it..one of the steadying hands on the throttles of corporate greed was the EU..It gave us human rights, it gave us health and safety...welcome to the workhouse..you voted for it and the Tories are secretly delighted.
  7. I am a Scot and can't stand Cameron ..with every fibre of my being I hope that The Scottish Nation sh17s on him and his record with the same contempt he has treated them. 'His West Highland Forebears' have created a new mountain range and source of thermal energy by virtue of the amount of grave spinning they are having to do. Goodbye Cameron you and Gormless George are not missed.
  8. Very , very bittersweet moment this. My day by day life has seen me away from these corridors for quite a while and I don't think I was aware of the passing of such an indomitable and utterly charming lady. As I dwell on tomorrow which will be my 8th Wedding Anniversary when I raise my glass I will be doing so in celebration of an event which has shaped my last 8 years and in thankfulness for the gracious and gentle humoured Coops who made me smile so many times..probably without realising so. Here's to you Coops x
  9. Mrs May appears increasingly less credible with every indecisive day that goes by IMHO The idiot Tories dragged us into this mess and a General Election would either ive them a full Parliament to sort matters out or kick them out and perhaps allow a Cntrl Alt Delete referendum.
  10. There is a very nasty element in the UK at the moment of people who voted Brexit and can't justify it in any way shape or form but getting quite militant about their right to be wrong. Another distraction as the Tories suck the last of the marrow from public service and kick the cold corpse of a once united kingdom. Cameron's legacy is the destruction of a Country.
  11. Well I got over twice and loved it. If anyone wondered who belonged to a black Yamaha FZ6S2 on UK plates and being driven by a thoroughly nice chap with a Saltire Helmet..... In other news 'France bike' nears completion for next summer. Does anyone UK or France have a CD175 they would sell cheapish? Trev
  12. Always screed first and the pipe matrix avoiding the wall positions this gives a level floor from room to room and as the great man says .you don't need a massive fixing to prevent sideways movement, By the time board, skirtings and floor coverings are in place you are pretty much locked in but I would recommend shoving an offcut of montant into the bottom rail near door openings an putting a 2 inch ten in each side.
  13. I am intrigued about the assertion that the existing need be dry when I was watching French guys re pointing they blasted out the cleaned out rebates then hosed them letting the wall remain definitely damp pre pointing..this to slow down the cure rate I believe.
  14. K Rend is extensively used coloured render and can be used on many substrates. I believe the system originates on the continent but no matter. Does it work ok? yes Is it suitable for use in France yes Doe sit fulfil your needs..only you and possible your Mairie can decide that
  15. I would suggest simply buy the materials - get the artisan to advise that he wants the supplier to provide materials at trade prices. No-one wants to pay VAT on VAT and this way means that the contractors bank aren't funding the work and costing him money.
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