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  1. Well done with the research! My avatar shows my dad on his New Imperial "Blue Prince" taken around 1935.
  2. Thanks for the link, however it's not an official website, one that has "gouv.fr" in its URL. The reference is cloudy (ha ha) to say the least because new cars are governed by EU regulations in any case and cannot be sold with illegal windows. The fuss, as I said earlier, concerns tint film added after market. I note that there is nothing there that says that these look "naff".
  3. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]Idun Wrote 'Wonder IF they will make those with them already, get rid of them' Yep, as understand it. You will have to change them. The police are shît scared of approaching vehicles with tinted windows. Fair point. I would as well. They look tack as well.[/quote] Where did you get this information from? Have you been reading the Daily Mail or was it that Connexion again?   EDIT Just Googled it and my favourite misinformation site came up! I've got a Renault (that's a little bit French too) bought new with tinted windows and the rear side ones are extra-tinted, which is great when we've got the grandchildren in the back in the height of summer (remember that... summer, hot weather?)  Heaven knows why you'd be afraid of approaching my car, because you can actually see inside! It's the OE glass that's tinted. I'm assuming that all this fuss concerns tint film which is applied after-market. Who says they look tack? Surely we don't all want to look the same?  
  4. I suppose it depends in which part of France you live as to whether you enjoy the driving experience; I wouldn't want to drive regularly in Paris but down here in 79 (and 16,17, and 86 too) I find it a real pleasure! Especially when compared to my working journeys in the UK, regularly using the M6 traffic jam from Manchester to the Midlands. I hate it when we go back to UK, and here I can't remember the last time I used "Sorry, bad traffic" as an excuse for late arrival. Yes, people tailgate, take funny routes round roundabouts, always seem to cross the white line on bends... we've heard them all before. Autoroutes, well we use them on long distance journeys and I don't think the charges are too bad, but then I'm not commuting. I'm very much reminded of traffic conditions in UK from 50 years ago! And it's brilliant for motorcyclists.
  5. We use Globelink; they cater for UK citizens living in the EU, single trip or annual, depending on your needs and destinations. Pre-existing conditions need to be notified. http://www.globelink.co.uk/   
  6. Its no wonder this forum has gone to the dogs. Someone asks a perfectly reasonable question and gets a snippet of information as one of the replies. Then a number of other people chime in with opinions, not facts, about how that can't really be true because they know loads of people who do just that. I know loads of people who break the speed limit; that doesn't mean it's OK, they just got away with it. I have a statement in my deeds that says I can't extract water from the river. I've no idea what the penalty would be, if any. I do know people, personally, (not whispers, or someone a friend knows), who have been visited by the gendarmerie with regard to garden fires; we're supposed to get a "note" from the mairie and approval from the pompiers (or is it the other way round?); no-one does... usually. All wells are now meant to be registered at the Mairie; that's because extracting water affects the water table. Who, in heaven's name is going to police that one when they can't keep track of non-complying fosses? Just because you've had a well for 12 years (as we have) doesn't give you any special rights, you've simply ignored the restrictions and got away with it. As the secretary at our mairie once said when I asked about having a garden fire, "We live in the country, we do as we like!" River water may be fine when you analyse it but what about a day later when a dead cow or a run-off of nitrates has got into the water? We could go on for ages with theories and extended myths. Let the guy use the water if he wants. Perhaps he'll let us know what happens; prison or hospital bed. Oh, this forum; on its last legs. Someone chuck it in the river.  
  7. We have a small river (large stream?) alongside our property; our boundary is halfway across the river bed. The notaire pointed out that we own half of the river bed but have absolutely no rights to fish or extract water. I'm fairly sure that extracting water is not allowed in most places.  
  8. Thank you Hereford and idun. We qualify by having been here in France for only 12 years, so I'll get on and register pronto.
  9. My wife and I registered to vote in France a few years ago, mainly to be sure of having a say in the selection of our mayor. I know we can vote locally here (France) but not for national issues; does this exclude us from having a vote in the EU Referendum? I can't find an answer on the websites mentioned above.
  10. Well done Pierre! I buy quite a lot of stuff from Decathlon. When we lived in the UK it was one of the places I avoided, being a bit of a "brand snob" in those days, but since moving here I've found that the quality and range has improved and I'm pleased to say I've lost that snobby thing as well !
  11. I don't know about blaming the government, but I think it's all the fault of the BBC ! When you get weather forecasters called Sarah Blizzard you can only expect bad weather. It's time they employed Monty Sunshine or at least Andy Fairweather!
  12. SPOTY is another rigged show. It even featured a plug on the BBC News today! On the News !!!! We have to choose a winner from a list compiled by the BBC... how fair is that? Now then, do I vote for Lucy Bronze 'cos I'm a ManCity supporter, or Lizzie Armitstead or Chris Froome 'cos I like cycling, or just give in and vote for Andy Murray like everyone else? Reckon I'll watch a DVD instead.
  13. CoinSIDentally, this is the firm I've just ordered a Makita plunge saw from. Ordered Monday afternoon, arrived Tuesday morning. Best price anywhere! It's the second time I've bought from them this year. Another very satisfied customer. Sid
  14. You are correct Norman, but I wasn't saying that my OAP is taxed in UK, merely that I have a fiscal connection, namely I receive money from UK, therefore I'm connected.  
  15. I'm finding more and more French online traders who are really on the ball; price, delivery and general service. It is unfortunately matter of trial and error though. Reviews do help. I've just today ordered a Makita plunger saw from a firm in the south of France; despatched this afternoon and it'll be here in the morning. At least 100€ cheaper than the next best trader. I've used this firm before and had excellent service. I've got 2 good electrical suppliers, a site for washing machine/dishwasher parts, a supplier for my ancient motorbike's parts, and of course Amazon.fr I now hardly ever buy from UK (so no need to replace the plug on electrical items either).  
  16. I really don't see what paying UK tax has got to do with this. UK citizens, resident or not, should be allowed to vote on this question as it directly affects them. As it is, it's simply a way of excluding a large number of people who may be more inclined to vote to stay in the EU (or at least to stay half in, as we are now!). People with a fiscal connection to UK surely includes those on state pensions, probably the larger percentage of those living in France for example. I feel really miffed that having paid my taxes and NI (and in my case my company taxes and NI contributions too) I will be excluded from having a say... that is, in another 4 years, since the rule incudes a 15 year limit. People who keep banging on about us having made a choice to live abroad need to get real ! The whole point of the EU is about freedom of movement.  
  17. Yep, I'll second that, I like the store (Soyaux - Angouleme). I've had excellent service from Castorama (Niort) too this last couple of months, ordered a kitchen and was advised to wait 10 days for a 25% discount, and after-sales service has been good too. At last, a couple of stores where they don't just shrug their shoulders.  
  18. [quote user="Quillan"]Just to say, and I know this is off my topic a bit, "Windows 10 is available free for the first year". This means if you want a copy after 29th July 2016 you will have to pay for it. Those that have already updated will pay nothing even after the first year till it's "end of life". Windows 10 is the last and final version of Windows as we know it and a brand new product will replace it. The next operating system will be what is called a "servicing " product which means you will pay an annual subscription to use it and a lot of it's features will cloud based, a bit like Chromebooks. So it may pay to turn back on your updates in Windows 7 and get the update (if your computer can support it) before the end of July next year.[/quote] Are you sure Q ? I understood that W10 would be the final version, and that from now on there will just be updates to it, not a brand new product? I'm very happy with my PC running W10, which I converted early on and reported on here. One exception though... I've ditched Edge and resumed using IE11. I liked the "bare bones" that Edge provided, it seemed faster, but it does not support Java. I found it impossible to print orders from web pages too. No problems so far with updates.  
  19. [quote user="Théière"] Ah, maybe the real reason they drive 5cm off your rear bumper [:-))] [/quote]   Now don't get me started on this again!  [:-))]  
  20. I remember Seamons CC, I used to ride your (their) 25, a middlemarkers event from memory, so that tells you how fast I was. I was a member of Glossop Velo. I'm a little older than you, and indeed it is harder work now. I've retired my Dave Lloyd "Special Lightweight" with Campag and have bought a Giant road bike with straight bars for the more comfy position. Jury is still out about whether it was the right choice.  
  21. [quote user="vette"]I take it you remember Tommy Simpson then Sid. 1966, in those days I used to ride every day from Peel Hall to Trafford Park engine sheds where I worked. Happy days indeed. Les.[/quote] But of course!! In many of the photos of his last minutes you also see Harry Hall who was a mechanic on the Tour at that time. Harry had a bike shop in Gorton and then in the city centre; do you remember that? Bike shops all over the place then though. I lived in North Manchester then. Happy days, yes indeed.  
  22. My usual advice: come and visit during the winter!  You may be surprised by the cold snaps.  
  23. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]The closest to me next year is Saumur. A couple of years ago it went passed my house and have lots of cadeaux to prove it. Seen it in Alpe many years ago and was in Alpe this year but decided to leave the day it was due to arrive. Apart from Alpe, Paris is the best stage.[/quote] Paris is the one stage I would never go to watch. Simply a parade round and round that same old circuit! I've followed le Tour since 1966, but I was only a lad then and never actually saw it in the flesh! Reports were hard to come by too, relying on 2 or 3-day old copies of l'Equipe from the main WH Smiths in Manchester centre. I used to get le Coureur (Sporting Cyclist); lovely magazine with fantastic B&W photos of my hero Jacques Anquetil. It was another 15 years before I saw the race in real life (Nice 1981). I digress!  The Tour rarely goes to the Alpe d'Huez on consecutive years. I have ridden that climb and Ventoux, and a couple of the Pyrenees climbs. Disappointment here about the route too, but it looks as though the Saumur to Limoges stage will be within reach; I just need to see the detailed route when it's published next month(?). The crowds on the big climbs are very rowdy these days, not what I like to think of as "proper" supporters. Most of them just seem to want to drink for 2 days and then get on TV.  
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