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  1. Isn't there a difference between new installations and merely adding a socket to an existing installation ? Why would the insurance company need to approve? Only if there was an incident, surely ? Are you thinking the house might burn down ? 1.5mm cable can be use for individual sockets unless there has been a fundamental change to the regs. I've just looked in my "Installation Electrique" bible. I'm not saying that what the OP proposes is the best way to proceed but I don't think it's necessarily wrong. I would prefer to continue with 2.5mm. What may be frowned on is taking 1.5mm form a 2.5mm "boite de distribution". I can't find that in the book just now.
  2. Sorry, deleted. Duplicated what Lori posted.
  3. sid

    EHIC post Brexit

    I've just gone through the rigmarole to renew our EHICs. Initially I got through to a "foreign sounding" woman who hung up on me as soon as I mentioned living in France. Infuriating, so I tried again... with the same result! Apart from swearing at the phone there's not a lot you can do. The various menus that you plough through lead you to believe you are about to get the renewal and then there is a statement you have to agree to which says you are a UK resident ! The whole point of the phone service being that you are NOT a UK resident. I left it a few days and tried again, but this time I pressed the button to say I was UK resident and got through to a real person and I explained why I had arrived at her extension, and how contradictory the website and phone menus are! Then there was a conversation about our EHICs no longer being valid ! She even wanted me to send ours back. I had to argue with her about this, and she suddenly realised that S1 might be relevant, and she checked on her system to see if there was a registered S1 (which there is, 10 years ago when I became eligible for state pension) and suddenly everything was fine, "Yes, I can renew your EHICs". Phew ! Our S1s were issued by DWP whereas the EHIC is NHS, so this may be an issue with some of you. The EHICs arrived today, only a week since this conversation. The phone call lasted 29 minutes, so be warned!
  4. Mint "Being in the Dordogne, we will be a département vert and I am keeping my fingers crossed that all déroulera smoothly." The green departements haven't been decided yet, but I hope you're right. We are in the extreme south of 79, within a few kms of the boundaries of 16 and 17; I'm hoping that we will be able to cross into the neighbouring departements, but nothing is finalised yet. I'm so longing to get back on my bike (vélo, that is !).
  5. This thread relates to a question posed one year ago and pre-Brexit. I suspect the people concerned have made new plans, as there haven't been any updates (or thank yous) in the intervening period.
  6. It sounds as though the keyman recommended by Nomoss is a good first call. Loads of experience with the same problem and probably the cheapest option. Otherwise a call to a Citroen dealer; I'm fairly sure that for "modern" vehicles (no idea how old yours is) the key details are recorded with the vehicle sale and should be available online. A new key with transponder is expensive, over 100€ I think. You could start with your nearest Citroen dealer. You'll need your carte grise. Good luck.
  7. Possibly not, as exchanges used to be done at the Prefecture and you just got your new licence and the old one was taken off you (unless it had been lost), and now it's all done online and sent by post. However, it has always been the case that you may not have more than one licence; anyone who has another and knowingly uses the superseded one is breaking the law; it's an international agreement.
  8. When your new licence is issued the accompanying letter says: "Ce permis de conduire est maintenant le seul qui vous autorise à conduire. S'il remplace un ancien permis, cet ancien titre est maintenant invalide et vous devez le détruire. En cas de conduite avec un titre invalide, vous vous exposez à des poursuites".
  9. "Thank you Sid. I can't go to a CPAM office because I don't live in France and I don't speak French." Apologies CT, I missed that fact that you are in Germany. I doubt that you'll be able to access an Ameli account unless your father had already created one and given you the password. Everyone has tried to explain and help and point you in the right direction; I don't know what else we can do. When it gets down to the nitty-gritty of an individual's details they can't be sorted out on here, you have to do it yourself. You need to contact CPAM and I'm sure you'll find them helpful. There are the odd one or two awkward characters but keep calm and be polite. Good luck.
  10. I think Nomoss has covered this pretty well and I doubt very much that there's any dishonesty or scam here, who would benefit ? We often see items on the Amelie statement that appear long after the event. This business of the accumulation of forfaits is something that has puzzled us, but we've concluded that it's the 100% ALD situation that's causing the problem; the forfaits accumulate but never get settled, whereas someone on the standard 70% basis pays the forfait as part of his/her cash payment... I think ! As Idun says, a visit to the CPAM should clear it up.
  11. I've answered my own question! I rang HMRC this morning on the off chance that there might be someone on duty on Saturday morning, and indeed there was. The form has been updated (Jan 2020) and is now simpler and shorter, but it is all in English. The notes (separate pdf) refer only to the new form. The old form is still acceptable. The suggestion from the helpline is to use the new form but to take a copy of the old one along to the local tax office; if there is a problem, for example they refuse to recognise the new one, you can fill in the old version (whilst politely suggesting that they contact HMRC, which obviously they'll be happy to do... I don't think!). So, a bit more work but there's only a few boxes to complete for my particular claim, it's just the amount of paper required that's annoying.
  12. In order to reclaim some income tax paid in UK in need to complete a "France Individual" form. I've found 2 versions, but I wasn't aware that there had been any changes. The familiar one is called "Form France-Individual" with ref (SI 2009 Number 226), it's 17 pages long, and is in 2 parts, English and French dated Jan 2014. The other is called "Form France Individual DT" (presumably for Double Taxation) and is only 4 pages long in English only. The form ref at the bottom of the page is HMRC 01/20 suggesting that this is a new version. As it's only in English will it be accepted at the local tax office? Online I can't find any other reference to a new form. I can phone HMRC next week but if anyone has completed and actioned the new version I'd appreciate hearing how it went at the tax office, please. Or indeed if you have taken the old version to the tax office this year and it's been accepted.
  13. The best defence is to sit behind a FAX machine.
  14. It's better to concentrate on one thread rather than posing the same question in two different places. I've replied in the other thread, but this topic is over 10 years old here (15 years in your other thread). Why FAX ?
  15. This thread is 15 years old. Does anyone really need to fax now ? I can't remember the last time I needed one, although some banks and legal offices (eg notaire) sometimes used them. Far better, in my opinion, to send a scanned document by email, and at least you don't have to be there to receive a reply.
  16. We had our windows replaced with uPvc units for much the same reasons, keeping warm. The fitters made hardly any mess at all and very little redecoration was required, just a little paint touch-up in places. Generally these guys are very experienced; I wouldn't worry about that aspect too much.
  17. https://www.airlive.net/exclusive-former-air-france-a380-only-10-years-old-is-on-its-final-flight-to-be-scrapped/ What a shame. We flew on this plane from CdG to San Francisco and return in 2014 (I've got the reg no on photos). We thought it was brand new at the time, as the A380 service to SFO had only started a few weeks previously, and it certainly felt new on board, but apparently it was built in 2010. Fabulous plane and great AF service on that flight, contrary to what we were expecting according to reports. These planes are too big to fly economically apparently and never fly at full capacity. Air France has 10 A380s and will retire all of them by 2022.
  18. No-one has answered, but if there is a ban in place you can't fill your pool, end of story.
  19. Mr Wiggy posted his message 2 years ago; I doubt that he's still mulling it over.
  20. sid


    Hmmm, I've never had a bad experience with them, but I haven't ordered in the past couple of months. Last time was for wiper blades, 8€ each instead of the ridiculous 51€ (pair) from Norauto. They did arrive in a box about 10 times too big! I think a local garage man is likely to encourage the rumours about a possible Oscaro downfall; he wants you to order through him, pay full price, and let him do the work! I use a local guy for many jobs, but I wouldn't dream of getting him to change my wiper blades, or my disc pads, or my spark plugs (ou bougies).
  21. sid


    Any confirmation on this ? I've Googled as instructed and can only find rumours from months ago and the company denying the problem as "fake news". I've used them many times and I need some parts now so I'm going to risk a small order and see what happens.
  22. Break out the champagne! My friend's French driving licence arrived today ! We were really getting to point of giving up altogether, but a couple of weeks ago an email arrived asking whether she wanted to retain the HGV-type groups (which she doesn't, never having driven anything like that previously anyway). We replied to that confirming "no thanks" and then it went quiet again. Anyway, this morning's post has delivered the long awaited licence. November 15th I think was the date of the first application and then a second attempt with DVLA D737 in May. So, be patient all ye who seek therein ! :-)
  23. Late reply, sorry. No, nothing yet. She has got the Accusé de Reception, that's all. We think the application will be at the back of the queue once more, so may expect a 5-month or more turnround.
  24. I promised an update on the application I prepared for a friend of ours back in November. Nothing ! In May I composed a letter for her to send to Nantes, recorded delivery, asking whether the original application had been received (we know it had, just testing, we got the AR by return in November), and whether there was any progress on the application. She got the AR for this latest communication but no other response. Since she hasn't got a driving licence, and the need is now pressing, (the original licence having been sent in to Nantes in November), we now contacted DVLA, as advised earlier in this thread, and have received very quickly (4 days) a D737 (cert of entitlement). I've now put together a new application using the D737 (copy !) and that's been sent recorded delivery. I'll report back if there's any further progress.
  25. You're replying to a thread from 2011.
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