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mains pressure regulator


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I have a regulator on my incoming cold mains which chokes the flow pressure down to 3 bar, which is fine in terms of flow given that it's a big house with miles of 16mm PEC (which is therefore 12mm i.d.). However as soon as the taps are closed the STATIC pressure returns to the incoming 6 bar which makes both groupes de securitie dribble.

All the pressure regulators I can find on line seem to be variations on the same theme.

How do I get round this problem?


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I had some fixed pressure regulators that worked exactly the same way, even worse they had a weep hole that let out a drip every few minutes, if I blocked that then the pressure rose in the system which was not a problem for me, just meant that the taps initially spurted.


I was making a multi-flat distribution system on the cheap and wanted to limit the pressure on the lower floors to priveledge the flow on the upper floors, the regulators that I used were intended to go on a garden tap for a hose so any drips would not have been a problem, proper regulators would not let the pressure bleed through and will have calcaire on the seat as others have described.



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