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[quote user="woody234"]someone told me that you can do deals with the creditors in the uk and they said if your on a low income you can offer to pay a pound a week[/quote]Yes, this may be possible if in the UK, you can offer whatever you like but whether a creditor will accept it or not is another matter.

From abroad I doubt they would be so accommodating as they can have no way of verifying what you say your income is and whether you are telling the truth or porkies. Personally, if someone had already demonstrated their dishonesty by running away without paying, I'd assume the latter [blink]

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I thought this was an interesting thread and wanted to share our experiences as a UK based Debt Recovery and Outsourced Credit Control Agency who operate worldwide.

France is a particular case, as 'cultural differences' come into play far more than in any other country we operate in (currently 26 countries around the world). First and foremost, in France, the debtor is afforded more protection than in the UK and the costs associated with chasing a debt there are a lot higher than they are at home. So there's the cost/reward aspect to consider as well. Nobody is going to spend 1500.00 GBP in order to recover a debt worth only half that amount. Secondly, we've had to set up a France based company in order to do business there, as we've found that being an English company will only generate a typical Gallic shrug of the shoulders, followed by an "...and?" from the companies we first dealt with.

Just to be clear, we DO NOT chase individuals, only corporations and are never heavy handed by threatening litigious action at every turn. That's an outdated, unethical and, quite frankly, lazy approach to the business.

My advice to anyone living in France being chased by a UK debt recovery company is this: buy a beret, stick a baguette under your arm and when they come calling shrug your shoulders and say "...and?".

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I'm intreagued by the first tenet of the companies ethics;

"Where the debt allows, we will always use people to collect.


experts have proved time again that people are more

effective than all

other methods in the first instance."

The imagination runs wild [blink] [:D]

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