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Selling 2nd home after 25 years ....

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sadly we have decided to sell after 25 years due to age/illness and inabilty to manage gardens these days...

so we have a house full of furniture etc to dispose of. we are planning a short trip over next month to deal with this.

any pointers on usual routes to sell the more valuable items ? some of it will go to charity organisations or some to local tip.

our house is in the miramont de guyenne/lauzun area



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Many recommend advertising on "Le Bon Coin" as a way of selling unwanted stuff.  Not sure how easy that is if you are only there for short periods, to deal and haggle with potential buyers.

Is it possible that the buyers of your house may want any of the items?   It doesn’t sound as if you have any lined up yet, but when I sold my last holiday home my (French) buyers wanted the "white goods", plus an antique wardrobe, sideboard and a couple of side tables. Not that they paid a great deal for them, but it did make a few less things to get rid of. 
The rest I either took back to England on various trips in my car, or gave away to friends, neighbours and the local Emmaüs.

The previous holiday home I had was sold to English buyers, and they wanted to buy EVERYthing that I didn’t want to take!



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We went through this when we sold our house in Bédoin.  We kept a lot, but we had a large house and an entire two bedroom apartment on the RDC that we needed to empty.  Used a combination of options.  Advertised a huge amount on Le Bon Coin (with pictures of the items).  Managed to sell almost all of it to a lady who was setting up a gite.  Sold a huge amount of items to nearby friends and neighbors.

Called a local charity (actually had to call several before finding one that wanted the items) and they sent out a truck to pick up the remaining items.  Emmaus could not do it as they said they their depot could not take anymore items (it was full).



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38 minutes ago, dejavu said:

Thank you for the replies.

buyers saying they don’t want anything ... perhaps hoping we will just leaving it all for nothing !

i will have a look at Emmaus and le Bon coin ( no internet at the house though !)


We had buyers like that. So we kept what we could shift in our lorry, gave the rest to our farmer friend across the road, and left absolutely nothing, as they wished.

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Well, when we bought this house last month, we wanted the house and garden emptied.  We did purchase some garden tools, a mower, two dressers and an armoire, but we paid the asking price for them.  The rest we really DID NOT want. 


However, they still left a fair amount of things that we will now have to haul off (at expense).  So, sometimes when people say they don't want anything, they really do mean it.


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