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Bringing secondhand furniture to France

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Hi all, we have had our holiday home in southern France for 17 years and our sofa, beds etc. need replacing. As our ones in the UK are in really good nick and we'd like a change, we thought we'd bring them to France (or actually a "man with a van" will). Have scoured the various customs websites and just can't a definitive answer to how to calculate any duty we would have to pay at the border (if any). The sofas are around 8 years old and the mattress and beds are less than that, so how do we calculate their value? Secondhand in UK they're probably not worth more than a couple of hundred. Has anyone transported furniture since the new rules came in and if so, any advice please?  I did email the French customs website which aims to clarify the rules, but surprisingly no response!!

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Good grief almighty !!!!  What is with all the spam recently???????

That's nearly all that shows up these days.

Nice sunny weather over here.  Mob scene in town all day v o t i n g ...  I'm directly across from the Mairie..



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They are a bl**dy nuisance, Lori; by and large we manage to keep on top of them but cant be here 100% of the time. Not sure if there is a filter at a higher level.

It is the **** that annoys me.

Big changes may be afoot at Archant at the moment with out usual contact seeming to be on holiday or gardening leave so  not much we can do.

Will we even have a forum soon? Who knows.


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