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Ive given it a while to settle but I am finding the new software impossible. I expected to be able to see new posts in context but just see an endless list of posts and who/what just signed up. The spam is ridiculous and from what I can see mods have only just been able to "moderate". A bit of a lost cause sadly.

Not for me, sorry.

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20 hours ago, Saint-Quentin said:


The last revamp took place without the slightest warning, discussion or consultation and lost 3/4 of the membership.  What a good idea to repeat the experiment.  What was is that Einstein said… ?




Would you be the same Gengulphus who would post on the now defunct 'Motley Fool' financial investment site?

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14 hours ago, anotherbanana said:

Isn't Motley Fool still going?

Thread Drift.

It is indeed j. Now it is just another subscription investment advice and financial report site. I did, by mistake, omit to add the word 'forum boards' to the title Motley Fool.

Their excellent free investment forums covered all feasible styles, topics and investment opportunities available. I started viewing in '98 and signed-up at the beginning of '99. It was frequented by the best most knowledgable and clued-up private investors around.

Unfortunately in November 2016 the boards were closed. I suspect this was due to financial unsustainability.

Within a month, two previous members, Clariman and Stooz had created a new forum platform which goes under the title of Lemon Fool and is still live today.

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