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Hi everyone,

We'll be staying in Antibes for the first couple of weeks in September. If anyone is familiar with the area perhaps they could give an answer to our queries?

Having never been there before we were wondering what the climate is typically like at that time of year? We're hoping hot and sunny without being scorching! While I love really high temperatures we have a couple of sensitive souls who prefer low to mid twenties. Also, would we have to take anti-mosquito measures or will we be fairly safe from those beasties?

We would like to visit some of the villages perché while there. We weren't planning on hiring a car so we were wondering if there are regular bus services or would we need to rely on taxis?

And finally, two in our party are vegetarian. I'd imagine the area is going to be heavily biased towards seafood but does anyone know of any good restaurants that are veggie-friendly?

Many thanks


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We've only visited in May, and found the temps very pleasant. I imagine it will be like Nice in September - sunny and pleasantly warm - I'm not too good with temps once they reach 30!

This site has transport links etc in the area:


This next site might be useful, if you look at past posts; if what you want isn't covered, you could join and ask the helpful people on there:


There are useful buttons on the left as well, including one for restaurants; but take any comments as a guide only.

It's a lovely area, have a lovely trip. [:)]

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I am not too far from Antibes and I would describe the weather as variable, in that the rain fall increases quite sharply that month. Very often you will get several lovely days followed by two or three days of heavy rain, as the summer weather pattern breaks. The last couple of years September has started hot and dry and by the second week heavy thunderstorms, rain and much cooler, so luck of the draw really.

In regards to restaurants France generally is not veggie friendly, as they don't understand the mentality!
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