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Yup, all my pet technology is set up and operating. 3g connected, mp3 player full, Kindle packed with books and today's paper - and I've even got a copy of Sport Auto to drool over.  Going to settle down and watch Creation (about Darwin) now  then hopefully drift off to sleep as I can't eat much now and nothing after midnight.  Happily, I'm first in the morning.

I'm picking up the good vibes from here.  I'm sure Mr C will keep you posted,

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[quote user="Théière"]

Tell the surgeons they Aorta take care of our Coop's [Www]

Good luck with the next bit, you are the 6million Euro women



Hey, Coops, where'd you get that blonde wig?

THREE surgeons, well, three heads will deffo be better than one!

All the very best [kiss]

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 More from Mr Coops : Deb is wan, as the op was quite major, and extended by two hours due to undoing what the team had done last time. Nevertheless, the anaesthetist came and sat with her for 10 minutes this afternoon, and said he was amazed at how well she had already recovered. She is on morphine, a couple of drips and a drain, catheterised etc. The tube up her nose and down her throat is particularly tiresome. Most of this will disappear tomorrow, which can't come soon enough, as she is thirsty and starving, but may not eat or drink! She has to make do with a water atomiser.
Apart from some very poor nursing in the recovery room - another part of the hospital and apparently understaffed, with a right grumpy cow refusing to ring me, despite the hospital admin having asked for my cellphone number for that purpose! - things have gone well so far. I hope to be there again tomorrow - and will post if the site allows me to!
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Blimey Norman, you're up early!

The surgeon came in this morning and I'm now down to just one drain and am allowed to have a drink at long last!  Apart from the grumpy cow in the recovery room whom I'd happily have lamped if I'd been in better nick, all has gone very well with the usual excellent treatment and service.  I have about 100 staples and a lovely V-shaped scar in a place that only Mr C and the medical fratenity ever set eyes on these days but I feel remarkably good considering, and made it to the bathroom this morning with the nurses following behind me and my crutches with an array of tubes, trolleys etc.

Thanks for all your good wishes and very kind thoughts as usual. [kiss]

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