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[quote user="cooperlola"]

Thanks Mrs Bb.

I'm seeing they gynae who did my op' this afternoon and tomorrow should be able to discuss the results of the mid-chemo scan with the oncologist (although she is nothing like as approachable, sadly) so it will be abit of a landmark.  Just hoping that all is going according to plan since the last treatment is just before Christmas (no turkey this year, methinks!)


Good luck. I bet it will be 'Turkey beware'in fact. [:)]...strange about those oncologists though  isn't it?

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It is maddening that my gynae' tells me so much more than the cancer specialist about what is going on.  She looked at my blood and other test results and said that everything is clear so far - I've had no feedback re the cancer for the onc' from the blood tests before.  I await her opinion on the scan tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath.

I have more surgery booked for 10th Jan if all goes well to remove some nerve ganglions which are known to be sites for the OC to return so it's precautionary but still so great that they are trying to do so much to stop the thing coming back.  I'll have three surgeons, one of whom is the top neurosurgeon in the place. I do feel that they do all they can.   Once that's over then with luck that will be that unless and until it comes back again.  Fingers crossed.

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Don't fall over on my account, Sue!

The scan was clear - no sign of Margaret so that's a relief.  All is going according to plan so two more chemos, a five hour op' in early Jan, guestimated 1 month to recover and hopefully the remission will last a bit so I can have a holiday or two in 2012.  Itchy Feet Tour Part II might well be on the cards.  I optimistically bought tickets for Fairport in Tunbridge Wells in late Feb and it looks at the moment as if I might make that so will be able to catch up with some mates even if I have to go by train (a bit tedious with the chair but do-able.)

I even raised a smile from the grumpy onc' today (I think part of the problem is that neither of us is speaking in our native language - she is Romanian) and I think she may have solved the lobster problem.  Iodine seems like a strong contender for villain of the peace since it was the main component of the injection I was given for the scan and it set me off again the moment I got home.  It is of course extensively used to "scrub up" so I've probably been coming into contact with it over and over again without its being singled out as the cause.  Let's hope so because the itching drives me crackers and stops me sleeping properly so if we've got shot of that it's another plus.

Onwards and upwards (and downwards for Margaret!)

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I am fine, thanks for asking.  I had a filthy cold before the last chemo and just kept my head down for a bit but recovered enough to have the 5th session just over a week ago.  It does bring me down for a few days but still isn't too bad.  Last one just before Christmas then another op' on Jan 10th (delicate but preventative rather than curative) then hopefully that will be that as I have a concert to go to in Tunbridge Wells in Feb!
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Hi Sweet 17,

Thank you for the enquiry. Firstly just a note to say I am so pleased Coops

is okay. We do miss her when she keeps her head below the parapet, don't


I am fine thanks. Back to keep fit three times a week. I go to see my

breast surgeon in early January to confirm that I want a prophylactic mastectomy

in April with immediate reconstruction. This drops my chances of breast cancer

from 87% to 2%, so a no brainer really. The surgeon has been highly recommended

to me by previous patients who have the same BRCA mutant gene and also by my

gynaecologist.  He pointed out the nasty side of the op (as he must, so I don't sue him and stated that it is in effect a mutilation of a perfectly good pair of breasts) but with a threat so high I want to get rid of them before this bloody disease gets me (my cousin having died at the age of 46 from BC.

I will keep you posted.

Joyeux Noel et bonnes fetes de fin d'annee.



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So, that's two bits of good news; Coops on the mend and Sue being her usual breezy and brave self.

As you say, a no brainer to have the op, Sue, and at least you get to choose a pair of boobs that you like the looks of.  That's the upside, right?[:D]

Yes, indeed, enjoy the festivities!  I might have a glass or two of the vintage champagne that the French neighbours brought me back last summer.

Summer?  Can't remember what it feels like to be "too hot"[:-))]


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Fairport, JJ, need you ask?

Oh, and Swan Lake with full orchestra etc at LM for my birthday at the end of Jan but I'll make that come hell or high water - great to have met a bloke who loves sports cars and the ballet (even if he does prefer jazz fusion to folk but you can't have it all ways now can you?)

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Actually Sweet 17, the breast man said I will have the breasts of a 20 year

old!! Problem is I can see that in thirty years when I am in my eighties, I'll

be all wrinkly with these two perky breasts that knock my false teeth out when I

run!!! [:P]

Sue x

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