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[quote user="woolybanana"]Visitors are cleaning the hull out of my house. I did it before they arrived, apparently it is not enough. Who the heck does more than pass the vacuum cleaner under the beds.

I shall emigrate to grubbier climes![/quote]

As Alf Garnett once said, everyone had their own bit of dust and it's no use trying to get rid of it, it just follows them around.............

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Woolybanana : Visitors are cleaning the hull out of my house !

Yes. That is, naturally, extremely unacceptable.

And (frankly) extremely vulgar. I would not have peepol like that in my house.

But as a two-generation-older friend wisely said of her ghastly, abrasive, Canadian sister-in-law, 'If she wants to stick her hand down my lavatory, LET HER GET ON WITH IT'.

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